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D. Eric Beckles
• 09.30.11 12:27 pm

There’s nothing I love more than watching a shitty overrated band pick the pockets of shitty never-bothered-to-rate-them people.

I’d rather look at this than another bullshit picture of Radiohead.

There’s nothing I love more than watching a shitty overrated band pick the pockets of shitty never-bothered-to-rate-them people. By this logic, I should love Radiohead right? Wrong. It’s sort of like watching a guy you hate kick the shit out of some asshole who fucked you over — just because he delivered a beating to someone who had it coming, it doesn’t make him any less of a shit smear.

First of all, the music isn’t even that good. People are gonna fight me on this, but trust me, it’s just not. It’s the perfect soundtrack to smoking weed in the basement for the first time or driving out to the woods to eat mushrooms when you’re 17, but once you get past the “oh man, we’re so fucked, the world is such a fucked up place, man” that accompanies your mid-to-late teens, you should have moved on.

It’s not even the mediocre music that really bothers me, it’s the cult-like aura surrounding them. Their fans insist they’re infallible, they can do no wrong, that Thom Yorke has never even sung a flat note. They’re so unwilling to hear you out or make a single concession, you’d think I was trying to discuss the benefits of omelets to an egg. This type of disturbing devotion should be reserved exclusively for the Sex Pistols and Michael Jackson.

Finally, it’s all the bullshit things these bullshit people are willing to do to get there: trade soiled undergarments, blow a dude at the venue, give a kidney — it’s a sad state of affairs. People are buying scalped tickets for upwards of $600. Are people out of their minds? That’s the equivalent of $600 dollars of cocaine — am I the only one who can do math?

So here’s what you do: Make a Last.FM account, join the Fuck Radiohead group, and in the meantime listen to this:


  1. Joe Queer says:

    Groundbreaking. Fuck the Sex Pistols too.

  2. Joe Queer says:

    Too, as in addition to fuck Radiohead.

  3. I understand where you’re coming from man. I feel the same way about Propagandhi’s new stuff.

    End of the day hate the fans not the bands.

    sex pistols is for children tho

  4. pogi says:

    I liked Radiohead during their grunge period. Creep was their only one good song for me. Then they became all electronicy and pretentious.

  5. Don't Quit Your Day Job says:

    “If you agree with me that this band is overrated and doesn’t deserve the adulation they receive, listen to this song by a overrated band that doesn’t deserve the adulation they receive.”

  6. poopsee says:

    yes fuck them. yes. i could make radiohead grade music but i dont because im not a asshole/have taste. well no i cant but thats not reeeally the point

  7. I Will says:

    Lol @ Don’t Quit Your Day Job. So very true.

  8. Kara says:

    People always seem so shocked I don’t love radiohead, infact fucking hate them .
    Thank you

  9. jakeonyourface says:

    music is subjective, and every popular band has fanatics who like them too much. also, radiohead and tripping in the woods are things you are never too old to enjoy.

  10. the truth is out there says:

    you know how i know you’re gay? you care about music that you don’t like or listen to.

    i liken your distaste for radiohead and your analogy of them being cool if you’re still 17 to your $600 cocaine analogy. one day you’ll realize how 22 you sounded right there.

  11. Tool says:

    OK Computer was all right. What year was that?

  12. Lunchin' says:

    I sometimes enjoy a random Radiohead song but I really was nauseated by this documentary about the album OK Computer.

    This is fun:

  13. WaxWingSlain says:

    Yeah and fuck Cerebral Ballzy too. now those kids really suck!

  14. redape says:

    funny that everyone seemed to miss the point/joke

  15. taco fingerhat says:

    @redape: just because no one is laughing, doesn’t mean the joke was missed.

  16. ONLYMERK! says:

    little know fact, Thom York is an immortal, he used to write poetry and go by the name ee cummings…

  17. Johnny On The Spot says:

    Radiohead do not suck, they just may not be your cuppa tea. James Blunt sucks, or Akon. Though as musicians Radiohead fucking rock, even the people that hate them, dont hate them.

  18. Lunchin' says:

    You can go see them on Wall St. at 4:00pm… if you wanna.

  19. clif says:

    damn, prepare to feel the wrath of the white man! caucasians are programmed to love three bands no matter what – Radiohead, the Beatles, and Atmosphere (you can substitute the Fugees if necessary).

    i’m down with radiohead, fuck pablo honey though, and fuck all you nerds who sing i’m a creep at karaoke

  20. nacirema says:

    Scalping was near impossible at Roseland. Tickets were limited to two per person, and were will call only at the door requiring ID both at the door and inside. at the bands insistence, I’ll bet. Plus they’re playing a super secret surprise performance downtown at the big Wall St rally. At 4pm!
    so there.

  21. nacirema says:

    oh, just noticed you’re post lunchin’ .

  22. nacirema says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    26 months.
    The Sex Pistols.
    Beginning to end.
    What have you done in that time…

  24. alex says:

    Wasn’t Kid Rock the first to point out how bad they sucked? I can’t even include them as a guilty pleasure, like say Beady Eye. btw Jack White and all his stupid projects, and Kasbian, and way too many bands that all sound a like all blow like Radiohead. The Pistols are like Bill Haley & the Comets now, which means they don’t suck.

  25. Steve Harvey says:

    I LOLed at the $600 bit

  26. steve perry says:

    sorry, who is radiohead exactly? didn’t really get into music until about eight years ago

  27. James says:

    “They’re so unwilling to hear you out or make a single concession”

    Who cares man. Radiohead die hards keep to their own for the most part. So I’m not sure the term ‘overrated’ has any relevance to fans who care very little about rating eachother’s music in the first place.

    The pimply little white boy OFWGKTA fans on the other hand…Shouting ‘SWAG’ from their mom’s minivan in McDonald’s parking lots…

  28. dryrub says:

    you know pink, you might be shocked to learn that there are circles where not liking radiohead isn’t a particularly bold stance

  29. Bran says:

    OMG what an edgy opinion

  30. stanky stanky says:

    I’m a Radiohead fan, but I definitely don’t think they are infallible (The King Of Limbs, for example, is just a mediocre record imo). And I’d never pay $600 just to see them live.

  31. stanky stanky says:

    … and the fact that fucking Kid Rock hates them means that I pretty much have to like them.

  32. Anonymous says:

    way to use a nice website to piss and moan about some limeys who have more money than you.

  33. Gary says:

    When hombre dropped the f bomb in that one song about being special, that’s when I knew these guys really had “it”.

  34. alex says:

    @stanky stanky
    you said you’re a fan in post 1. i hate the f-ing word fan and all that it implies. And, liking a band because someone you don’t like, doesn’t think they’re “geniuses”, well, sounds goofy.

  35. Anonymous says:

    With elegant and economical iconoclasm—all you have to do is put the word FUCK in front of the thing you dislike, and it’s fucked—Beckles once again addresses the weighty issues of concern to America’s voiceless 14-year-olds.

    He IS 14, right?

  36. BabyMistakes says:

    Why fuck Radiohead? Because they have devoted fans? Oh, yeah. Fuck them, man.

  37. popfop says:

    Remember when everyone had those little Radiohead pins with the mouse looking critter with the big teeth?

  38. John says:

    I’d rather be Johnny Rotten than Thom Yorke.

  39. small ntestine says:

    “First of all, the music isn’t even that good. People are gonna fight me on this, but trust me, it’s just not.”
    you are an idiot, this is the final straw, i am never visiting this shitty site again

  40. FAGGOTS says:

    Omg you said sex pistols… you guys are faggots

    the sex pistols is the gayest made for the masses raped the punk scene band of all time.


  41. momiji says:

    All the men I’ve fucked who hate radiohead have been really shit in bed. So now I weed out duds with the Radiohead test. Men could probably do the same to avoid substandard pussy, unless you take whatever you can get.

  42. no says:

    Radiohead are my fav band but I’m not a cunt about it. I just really like the music. You’re an angry cunt!
    Next time you go tripping in the woods or whatever maybe try listening to something a little more upbeat like fucking Enya you retarded cunt!

  43. Hangin' With Mr. Cooper says:

    Radiohead is a mediocre band for mediocre people kinda like Pearl Jam

  44. dim says:

    Radiohead are the godfathers of emo.
    Emo is bunk. End of story morning glory.

  45. pfft says:

    the bends is amazing, ok computer was OK. After that radiohead is complete bullshit.

  46. luke says:

    OK, I didn’t really take offense to anything here until that comment about Radiohead being “The godfathers of emo.” GTFO with that ridiculousness.

  47. Name says:

    I thought Weezer started the whole emo thing.

  48. heroin town says:

    1. Kid A
    2. Hail to the Thief
    3. Amnesiac
    4. OK Computer

    And yes, Thom Yorke is kind of a faggot (he spells his name “Thom”) but musically they are the fucking bomb.

  49. blaahus poopus says:

    wow! controversial!

  50. dim says:

    You know what they say: if ten people say something, there’s usually something to it.
    Here you go, and there’s also a facebook thingy about it, which doesn’t surprise me.

  51. hahahaha says:

    Pretty funny, you can say a band sucks, but don’t you dare call them emo. If that isn’t a hipster falling all over himself I don’t know what is.
    Here’s some good emo though:

  52. stanky stanky says:

    I’d say hating the word “fan” is a little bit goofy.

  53. I love Radiohead. One of the greatest bands of all time. All albums are equally amazing. This article is a pointless piece of shit to me. Have a good day and awful life.

  54. All music is bad. That’s why god invented stand up comedy.

  55. Adam says:

    This article could have been written in 1979 and targeted Pink Floyd and you wouldn’t have to change a single word.

  56. Vane$$a says:

    haha. yes, pearl jam really sucks too.

  57. alex says:

    @stanky stanky
    You’re right. The word is just a word, but I wouldn’t want to be one, or the next step: fanboy.

  58. thee slacker king says:

    i’ve noticed that peeps who love radiohead generally like pink floyd too, but only when they began to suck, which was after syd barrett lost his mind and left.

    oh yeah, pearl jam sucks big time too. make your own music my friends, and make it for yourself. anybody could sound like radiohead today, but who would want to?

  59. Mitch Gage says:

    Best Radiohead song I ever heard: “Meeaaaaa … in the ….. ahhhhhhhh … too many …. waaaaaaa nyeaaa baaa ahhh ah … listen … baaaaafdsfdklgnkm … ” Cut ’em some slack. Did you see wispy beard guy play those maracas on SNL. Hecka bunch rad jive, you guys. And the other guy made a There Will Be Blood Soundtrack with all that pinging and “aahhh.” Classic.

  60. Tyler the Creationist says:

    Finally someone fuckin’ said it.

  61. rhoda says:

    I love you, Pinky.

  62. Jason says:

    derek, you’re black. you wouldn’t understand.

  63. Miles says:

    Impossible to get tickets to either of those Roseland shows. I went to ATP anyway. Suck it, ticketmaster.

  64. clito-bonbon says:

    radiohead are overrated, and thom yorke is a total douche. that said, they still make music for themselves and hating on them is just as typical as those who still swear theyre the best. this trolling woulda been more ballsy last year for all that pavement reunion excitement

  65. True Creativity says:

    True creativity can only be found in guys who selected half-minute clips of “weird” video and then slap their giant logo atop it as if they’d actually filmed it.

  66. dim says:

    a total douche who makes music for himself. nuff said.

  67. calaverasgrande says:

    The only thing radiohead has going for them is that they aren’t Beck.
    Or are they?

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