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• 03.09.12 12:07 pm

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is no different than those fucked up videos where dudes get kicked in the balls. 


Someone told me that Stieg Larsson’s book was made into a movie because people like looking at pretty young girls. Even if the movie is anti-man, men will tolerate it. That’s how horny they are.

So, God Bless Bobcat Goldthwait for taking the only good thing about Stieg’s stories and replacing all the bad stuff with Falling Down and Idiocracy.  Now this is a movie I could watch.


  1. Sniffy says:

    Now only if this would happen in real life.

  2. Bobcat Goldthwait is my goddam father

  3. I cannot wait for this movie. It looks awesome.

  4. dolphin sex says:

    Clear a path motherfucker I’m going home!

  5. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    A guy with a cellphone and the American Idol contestants ALL gunned down in the trailer? Get the fucking Motion Picture Academy on the phone, We have a lifetime achievement award to hand out! :)

  6. 17 says:

    Movies about dudes fed up with life who find spunky female side-kicks and go on “righteous” killing sprees.

  7. Humina says:

    So this movie’s every daydream I’ve had for the last ten years?
    Good show, old sport

  8. Anonymous says:

    A healthy dose of politically correct anti-conformism is just what America needs right now.

  9. Someday when I get enough money, I’m making “The Girl With The Fucked Up Dragon Tattoo.” It will be a lengthy parody of the original a la Scary Movie 4 INCLUDING multiple Anna Faris and Martin Lawrence cameos.

  10. unborn freak says:

    Considering the amount of things on the TV that he later attacks in the trailer I imagine some libtard fever dream version of Fox News will be a target (I wouldn’t be suprised if he shoots a bearded character who wears an anti-communist shirt). Fagcat Goldjew has just made a MORE obnoxious version of the Dragon Tattoo garbage. Also, the girl in this trailer has a voice almost as annoying as the voices of any female under 40 featured in Gavin’s videos.
    In case that was TLDR:
    Fagcat Goldjew
    Fagcat Goldjew
    Fagcat Goldjew
    Fagcat Goldjew
    God says fuck you

  11. unborn freak says:

    I nearly tore my monitor apart with my teeth when they justified the kidnapped girl element by SAYING the “school girl” thing is “played out” before introducing the plot device. So if you have a character say something snarky you can utilize a “played out” character type/plot device whatever because it’s SELF REFERENTIAL and Bobcat is a gayjew.

  12. Droo says:

    Oh god that movie looks incredibly awful.

  13. raymes says:

    I wear crystals.

  14. Kobe Bryant says:

    Why couldn’t he just have raunchy anal action with the girl instead?

  15. drew toonz says:

    this movie looks fantastic. i hope they kill The Jersey Shore and that loud bitch from Mob Wives too.

  16. RolAIDS says:

    Like we really need more of a reason to kill Raymi.

  17. It’s too bad this movie ended up being a steaming pile of fetid ass grease.

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