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Street Carnage
• 04.20.17 12:23 pm

I always thought Miles was some lovey-dovey, peace loving pussy. Turns out, he’s got a pretty dark side. It’s kinda disturbing actually.

  1. Where da White Wimen at!!! says:

    Old MACDONALD had a farm but now he’s dead
    And on his farm he had a Wife but now she’s dead
    With a rape rape here
    And a chop chop there
    Here a slash, there a slash
    Everywhere a chop chop
    Old MacDonald had a farm but now she’s dead

    Old MACDONALD had a farm but now he’s dead
    And on his farm he had a daughter but now she’s dead
    With a bang here
    And a gang bang there
    Here a pink, there a stink
    Everywhere a rape rape
    Old MacDonald had a farm but his daughter’s dead

    Old MACDONALD had a farm but now he’s dead
    And on his farm he had a son but now he’s dead
    With a whack whack here
    And a smash smash there
    Here a drill, there a drill
    Everywhere a splat splat
    Old MacDonald had a farm but now he’s dead

    Old MACDONALD had a farm but now he’s dead
    And on his farm he had a infant but now she’s eaten
    With a slice slice here
    And a cut cut there
    Here a chew, there a chew
    Everywhere a yum yum
    Old MacDonald had a farm but now it’s dead

    Old MACDONALD had a farm but now he’s dead
    And on his farm he had a lamb but now she’s raped
    With a baa baa here
    And a baa baa there
    Here a baa, there a baa
    Everywhere a baa baa
    Old MacDonald had a farm but now she’s dead

    Old MACDONALD had a farm but now he’s dead
    And on his farm he had some chickens but now they’re raped
    With a cluck cluck here
    And a cluck cluck there
    Here a cluck, there a cluck
    Everywhere a cluck cluck
    With a baa baa here
    And a baa baa there
    Here a baa, there a baa
    Everywhere a baa baa
    With a help! help! here
    And a scream! scream! there
    Here a God!, there a God!
    Everywhere a No! No!
    With a whack whack here
    And a stab stab there
    Here a slash, there a slash
    Everywhere a blood bath
    With a oink oink here
    And a oink oink there
    Here a oink, there a oink
    Everywhere a squeal like a pig
    With a Ooga Ooga here
    And a booga booga there
    Here a Ooga , there a Booga
    Everywhere a Ooga Booga

    Old MacDonald had a farm but now everyones dead

  2. OogaBooga says:

    Oh, but I doo doo fuck White people, the ones with hairy balls and swinging dicks.

  3. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Yeah, still haven’t seen any of these acts of genocide reported in the mainstream media. No surprise there. Still haven’t heard a peep from Bob Gedolf or Bono either. No tribute songs or benefit concerts for the South African farmer. No tomahawk missiles fired at South Africa because of “human rights violations”. As I said, no surprise.
    Most of Africa has been taken over by China. The African is now the Yellow Man’s burden. However, the Chinaman won’t make the same mistake the European colonizers made. The Chinaman won’t try to introduce Buddhism to Africa the way the European missionaries tried to introduce Christianity. The Chinaman can see that the introduction of the “White Man’s ways” hasn’t done much of anything for the Dark Continent. He knows the African will never stray too far from his natural ways. It’s useless to try and change them. China will negotiate with the African based on who he is and not on the false notion that the African is a person who can or should be “uplifted”.
    Africa and its native people had a head start by thousands of years over the other continents. It had an overabundance of natural resources and yet its native people remained in a stasis while East Asia and Europe passed them by. The Chinaman knows the reason for this. Africa is the way it is because it’s full of Africans. Watch this video and see Lo Pan tell Moghumala about the reality of things on the Dark Continent. It’s hilarious because the darkie doesn’t like what the yellow man is telling him but deep down he knows the slanty-eyed bastard is right…

  4. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    And who could forget the sign language interpreter at Mandela’s memorial service? Why get a qualified white person to do the job when you can just get an unqualified black guy to fuck it up in the most hilarious way possible while the entire world watches? This is modern South Africa, folks. The pre-schoolers have beheaded all the teachers and are now running the entire school. Sorry about the 20 sec. commercial beforehand…

  5. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Love the picture of Bono with Mandela. Typical of his bullshit. For a Protestant he has a bleeding heart 10 times bigger than the most bleeding heart Irish-Catholics. It’s a shame because a lot of U2’s music is pretty good but I can’t stand stand Bono’s messiah complex. I also love Bruce Springsteen high-fiving the black guy in the Sun City music video. Gotta look down and woke, right? Reminds me of the ‘Born to Run’ album cover where he has his arm on the shoulder of his black saxophone player. “See, everybody? I’m cool, woke and my black saxophonist smiles whenever I put my arm on his shoulder!” Most of these “woke” musicians would take millions $$$ to play a resort in Dubai or Qatar despite the fact that the place was built using slave labor. They’d stand on the bodies of Bangladeshi ironworkers who died working in bullshit conditions in order to preach the injustice of North Carolina’s bathroom laws.

  6. Houston To My Enormous Schlong says:

    I’m with you brother Miles. Payback is an interest collecting bitch. Revenge should never be an eye for an eye as a proper settlement of accounts requires a death tax that deprives their children of any claim to a blood, sweat,
    and tears inheritance – earned on the backs of the Black Man. The Machete and the Tire necklace are fitting symbols of that revenge, and the sounds of the Afrikaners women being gang raped is the music of “free at last, free at last.” The stubborn farmers who refuse to leave and who pigheadedly put their families lives on the chopping block, are full of false White supremacist pride who sacrifice their loved ones because they can’t let go of the idea that these “savages” have told them to go to hell! They bring it all upon themselves when they could just pull up and emigrate to the wide open spaces of Australia. The Negro is a Negro and no matter how much uppity Whites think they know what’s best for them, they have existed for eons and despite all the tropical diseases and famines and tribal slaughters and AIDS and short brutish lives, are doing just fine thank you as their population is exploding while the long living White Man commits demographic reproductive suicide and your coal burners miscegenate while your Cucks watch Black Bulls inseminate them. The Chinamen will use Africa but as the Cock Muppet above said – they won’t have delusions and are soulless autistics counting their Yens.

  7. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    @Houston When everbody is Hitler, nobody is Hitler. When everbody is racist, nobody is racist. When everbody is an OogaBooga cock muppet, nobody is an OogaBooga cock muppet.

  8. General BUTT NAKED says:

    ^ ground control videos
    Lol! that chink better watch his mouth or that chimp will have him for stew. It’s so true about the 1st world infrastructure, left behind by the White Man, that’s deteriorated to an episode of “Life After People” on the History channel. That Nigs Noggin you can see is begrudgingly grunting silently as he knows his own kind would rather drink, fornicate, and live for today than think of tomorrow. Nigs gotta Nog. The sign language interpreter, you have to imagine, on the most important occasion in the History of South Africa, would be the #1 sign language chimpologist in the country, right? This reminds me of the History of written languages in Africa. Prior to the arrival of the White Man, there were only two native written languages in the whole History of Africa, Egyptian hieroglyphs and the neighboring Ethiopian derivative of it due to proximity and multiple conquests. Arabic in North Africa was of course introduced by Muslim invasions. The European colonialists, largely due to the efforts of English-Scottish missionaries, created appx. 880+ written languages and dialects for these perpetually living in the Heart of Darkness savages. Fucking up everything given to them on a golden platter is what they seem good at. The Chinks, thank Buddha, don’t suffer from that disease called – White Man Christian guilt.
    Something tells me you’ve see this vid but for those who haven’t:

  9. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    @General Butt Naked I haven’t seen that video but I am familiar with the problems in Liberia. I’ll watch it sometime this weekend. My first video with the Chinese guy and the Congolese guy is an excerpt from a documentary called ‘Empire of Dust’. It’s worth checking out if you have the time.

  10. What Goes Around, Cums Around says:

    So, the blacks kill the white farmers in Africa, then they fuck up running the farms and can’t feed themselves and we have an appeal to the white people in Europe and America to raise money to feed the newly “independent” blacks in Africa.
    The Circle of Life…

  11. General BUTT NAKED(Manchurian Take Out) says:

    Tks. Ground Control, I will check out that doc.

  12. Manchurian Take Out says:

    From mega-watt power stations to power generators to eventually camp fires – what goes around comes around.
    The collapsing power grid is emblematic of Negro incompetence. The AA programs are depleting the know how required and answering the guestion: “How many Negro Electrical Engineers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? ” Apparently not enough. So out goes the lights and hello darkness.
    My apologies to Gavin for the source.

  13. Tacobelle Johnson says:

    “During the filming of Africa Addio—which includes footage of intense fighting and mass death in the Mau Mau uprising, the Zanzibar revolution, the Simba Rebellion, and other post-colonial Africa conflicts—the crew was interrogated in Zaire, and arrested and nearly executed in Tanzania, before an army official intervened on their behalf, shouting “Stop! They’re not whites, they’re Italians!”


  14. Swarthy Sicilian says:

    ^ Taco
    That’s why my butt buddy
    OogaBooga loves me, he luvin that Sicilian Niggeroni pizza.

  15. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe wants all the White farmers to return to the lands that he kicked them off of. He wants the Whites back on the farmlands that are of “strategic economic importance” to the nation…

  16. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    You can turn to the Chinese when you can’t find enough White farmers to return to the farms of Zimbabwe… … Most of the comments and links posted for this story prove this: Australia DOES NOT benefit from open borders immigration. Europe DOES NOT benefit from open borders immigration. Canada DOES NOT benefit from open borders immigration. And the United States DOES NOT benefit from open borders immigration. The ONLY nations in the world that seem to benefit from foreigners entering their lands are the nations of Africa. Zimbabwe can’t grow food or export tobacco without Whites and Asians stepping in to run the show. South Africa can’t keep the lights on without the White Devil. The Congolese can’t maintain the infrastructure the Belgians built without the Chinese swooping in to try and save the day.

  17. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    @General BUTT NAKED I watched the Liberian video and I wish I could say I’m surprised. Joshua Blahyi (aka Butt Naked) is certainly a charismatic individual. However, I didn’t just fall out of the sky during the last shower of rain. I wouldn’t trust that guy at all. Fixing Liberia would be like raising the Titanic from the ocean floor. It ain’t happening.

  18. Colonel Kurtz says:

    That (Butt Naked) more than the obvious cannibalism is what is deep down the psychic chaos of Liberia. His charismatic allure as a pied piper of his culture makes him a rock star there but that same witch doctor shtick would warrant commitment to a padded room here. They still live in the world of shadows and animistic spiritism.

  19. ed smith says:

    Americans didn’t realise that South Africa could not just do away with the ‘discriminatory’ laws like in America, because the whites in South Africa were/are a minority and being so they reinforced their borders in the strictest manner and created amazing cities and neighbourhoods that were safe to live in, most of which today are completely trashed and unsafe. Imagine all of your cities being metro Detroit. That’s more or less what happened.
    Apartheid was not about separateness of all people, it was about the bringing together of cultures in their historical areas, giving all ethnic groups their own capitals with resources and more to establish themselves to eventually form separate countries based on the diverse ethnicities present. That’s literally a multicultural dream.

  20. Colonel Kurtz says:

    Segregation is nature’s natural order. Like seeks like. The mistake of the Afrikaans was they lived in a most unnatural of times where the dominant civilization (Western) lost its nerve and instead adopted the attitude “the nerve of you to dominant” when in fact they were the first civilization that was the best thing that ever happened to the dominated. Africa is still segregated by tribalism and the national lines drawn are the divisions left by Modern Man. The problem is Post Modern Man came along and has tried very successfully to squeeze a round peg into a square hole. It doesn’t fit but that doesn’t stop this strange mutation from cramming it in with all the subsequent chaos. There are countless examples of one minority, but virile tribe, dominating majority neighboring tribes all throughout history to the benefit of all concerned. The Alawites in Syria, till the recent chaos of Western intervention, kept in check the other less tolerant tribes who would not respect the existence of each other. These Strong Man minority tribe regimes in this part of the World are not appreciated by arrogant Post Modern Man for the stability they serve all the tribes in their regions. They are the protectorates who have to force the others to behave and respect each other. They are the greatest force for good in these regions, much better than the destructive chaos the foolish Post Modernists with their naive good intentions inflict. By virtue of their minority status they naturally seek a reconciliation of the other tribes in order to establish their own security, not because of some phony Western benevolence. In order to establish order among these feuding savages they have to be brutal in order to be respected and obeyed, but once that’s established there is then peace & security – the true measure of civilization. The blood of Syria is on the heads of Western intervention in the region with all the wars that has brought about. As far as the poor Afrikaans go, the tribe who committed the sin of being White in the time of the Suicide of the West – go West my brothers, get the hell out of Africa.

  21. Henry says:

    These crazy Afrikaan farmers remind me of a scene from ‘Blazing Saddles’, the scene where a wagon train in injun territory has a family of blacks in a single wagon following, but not allowed to hook up with the train of White wagons. When the injuns attack the Whites make their protective circle of wagons while the black family drives their wagon in circles. That black family is the Afrikaan farmers in their single family farm “wagons” smack dab in the Bigger territory.

  22. Henry says:

    Nigger territory. Fuckin PC algorithms.

  23. Nostrildumbass says:

    I watched that “Cannibal War Lords” video too thank you. Ground Control is right about not trusting ‘Butt Naked’ as primitives have always conned Civilized suckers for shiney stuff by telling them what they want to hear by spinning a good yarn. They may be illiterate or even lettered buffoons, but the most talented among them are natural con artists and entertainers (see American entertainment industry). For a song and a dance they’ll reinforce your image of them with tall tales that none the less have a basis in reality. Cannibalism still does exist in Africa and Liberia is proof that there is no Jefferson waiting to pop out of the bush, and gullible White big game reporters are always on the hunt for a Pulitzer prize no matter how wild the story is, and Africa is and always will be a horrible joke so long as Negroes write the script.

  24. General Tso's Chicken says:

    What a strange sight these Chinks must be to crispy fried darkies. At least the Negroes had the benefit of first contact with White Christians who despite their faults had charitable caring members among their entourage that brought Western Humanist ideals and good works. As noted above, the “soulless autistics counting their Yens” are a whole different kind of alien life form. It’s as if a nerdy race of Spocks landed on this back alley of the solar system. These New Age colonialists don’t give no fucks and will not be burdened with White guilt. General Butt Naked meet General Tso and move over Colonel Sanders there’s a new Chink Chicken in town. I wonder if Chinese cuisine will become a staple of the African diet or if it just can’t compete with monkey brains and cannibalism in the African food chain?

  25. Fly Chinken says:

    So the cannibals cooked the missionaries in big ole’ pots over the camp fire. How will they eat the Chinkens?
    So sorry, unless a big fat jolly ole’ Buddha of a Chink goes to Africa, it’s hard to imagine NIGGERS wasting a fire on slim chinken pickings. Instead I see them being eaten as shish kabob appetizers, not some full course meal.
    For the answer Vice might consider a “where is he now interview” with Butt Naked and ask him if he’s had the opportunity to sample the new cuisine. If he has the natural question is do they taste like chicken.

  26. Chef Gordon Ramsey says:

    That’s why you soak the bloody Chinks in sauce. That’s why you put sauces over all that Chinese shit. How else do you expect to make 3 green beans, a sliver of chicken and a melon ball of rice into a fucking meal?? I’m not a god damn miracle worker, I’m not Jesus feeding a whole city on a loaf of bread and a couple of sea bass! Give me a break you wanker bastards. I would just love to get a fucking pizza delivered and eat that in my underwear in front of the telly, but people see Gordon Ramsey and they think I visit some half-assed farmer’s market for 20 ingredients to make a gourmet shit sandwich every lunch. Fuck everyone!!!!!

  27. Churchs Fried Chinkens says:

    Fuks ya mofo’ s, we gots first divies to dem Chinkens. We smother dem in a marinade of Jenkem and albino nut juice and let em ferment for a week in a pot of der own blood under the hot sun. Den we sprinkle em with a seasoning of hundreds of ground up sundried ‘haram’ clitorises. After dat wees stuff em wid aged shrunken pygmy heads. Finally we barbeque dem on a rotating spit wid a baste of green monkey brains an timely spritzes of fresh piss. Der U go, Chinken cannibal style.

  28. OogaBooga says:

    All this foodie talk has me smacking my lips yummy! Like my Greek butt-buddy Milo, I like African queersine, but not that cannibal shit. We prefer raw Africans with our own bodily fluids providing the marinade. Mandingo sausage stuffing up my Ass Bun with bloody polyp seasoning and a nice chocolate creamy finishing touch is just the kind of gourmet Shit Samwich I love to swallow whole.

  29. Asshole says:

    This comment thread is like a Nun with a nasty habit of pushing her rosary beads up her Asshole and then pulling out anal beads sweet Mary mother of God!

  30. OogaBooga says:

    “Ziocons”… According to them, they always win. Some Americans are quite happy to live as a quisling in an America that crawls around as Israel’s obedient little bitch. Strange to see patriotic “rebels” revealed as truly mercenary traitors.


  31. BEBE says:


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