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Benjamin Leo
• 10.31.12 10:03 am

Well, that was fucking scary.

Before we get to the pics, check out this shit that I saw with my own eyes – I thought it was a dirty bomb and we were done:

(starts at like 0:37)

Lower east side:

Other Downtown:

(14th street)

(east vil)

(yo number 1 / 9 to south ferry stand clear the closing doors)

(ground zero)


(Breezypoint Queens after fire)

(Staten Island fuckin TANKER, jesus)

(Jane’s Carouel in DUMBO)



Bridge and Tunnel:

(Seaside heights boardwalk)

(Seaside heights roller coaster)

(Hoboken Promenade)

(Hoboken taxi yard)

(Atlantic City)

(buttfuck Jersey)


If you got any others put ’em in the comments.

Hope everyone’s ok.

–Benjamin Leo, @TheBenWord

  1. humph says:

    you new york sophisto’s are gonna end up like the characters in ‘Gummo’ after this

  2. raymes says:

    damn man.

  3. Person from New Orleans says:

    Has Gavin made any new mix tapes lately? That last one was really good.

  4. kingconch says:

    i always thought the hicks holding their “god hates fags” placards were small-minded and insensitive; now, i’m not so sure

  5. lester says:

    If this had happened in Alabama no one would care. It would barely be on the news

  6. sandy says:

    Do you know who took the photo of the taxi cabs?

  7. corrector says:

    photo labeled greenpoint is of south street sea port. just sayin

  8. Billy says:

    This AND more following the rise of sea level.

  9. brideshead says:

    Bwahahahahahaha, suck it losers.

  10. Gulf Coast sez 'sup fags says:
    We don’t have subways in Florida, is that shit ever going to work again?

  11. Dang Mang says:

    @Lester Probably because 4 million live in the entire state of Alabama, and 8.5 million live in NYC alone. Also, NYC is the cultural, economic, and (arguably) the technological capital of the United States. Not to mention that the 24hr news cycle will jump at the chance to cover a hurricane, wether it’s in NYC or Alabama. Want me to keep going?

  12. lester says:

    Dang Mang- NYC is not the cultural, economic, or technological capital of the United States. Hurricane Isaac two months ago. I can’t be the only one who didn’t remember this even happened.

  13. Ecgtheow says:

    @Dang Mang Your rationale is sound, however, no one can deny the political component. Relatively speaking, the not-so-long-ago devastation from the tornadoes in Alabama and southern Missouri was a footnote in the press coverage. The 1,000 year flood in Nashville in 2010? Whatever.

  14. It’s true that when this carnage happens to NYC, we all hear a lot more about it. Equally bad stuff happens to Texas and Louisiana all the time.

    However, if your city doesn’t get hurricanes on a regular basis, it’s a new type of totally scary hell. Your first earthquake is similarly terrifying.

    What I find most interesting is how few of these people “got” what a hurricane meant. They didn’t disassemble their trampoline? People just parked on the street instead of seeking high ground? They didn’t sluice the roadways?

    Things you learn after a few of these storms make it all much easier. Good luck, NY and NJ. We’re thinking of you.

  15. Dang Mang says:

    Culutral is a little less qualitative, but there are more galleries in Lower Manhattan than there are in most US cities. Also, find me one artist, musician, or actor that doesn’t have ambitions of performing in NYC. NYC also has more fashion house than anywhere in the world, including Paris.

    As for financial, NYC ranks second on the Global Financial Centres Index – right behind London. Chicago, the second US city on the list, is 8th.

    And technological; Cornell is dropping $2 Billion on a new tech campus on Roosevelt Island. Although NYC consistantly ranks on the top of “best places to find tech jobs” it’s not Palo Alto, yet.

    It’s hard to prove, but I distinctly remeber coverage on CNN’s and NYT’s homepage for Hurricane Isaac:

  16. Dang Mang says:

    *a little more qualitative

  17. lester says:

    it’s totally subjective. New York is the cultural capital for you but not for someone else. and I wouldn’t be bragging too much about the finacial element.

    and what difference is it if a banker or farmer is caught in a flood? bottom line NYC’s citizens aren’t worth more (or less) than those of any other area.

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