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Street Carnage
• 02.13.17 02:56 pm


  1. meech says:

    oh my god gavin that is your country get in the way of hot rocks while were out in public make stupid faces and other lame ass gay ass frightening ass nuclear nuisance faces at us for example drawing your lips together and tapping on them with your finger you sir a fucking bother since when was it cool to support a president who supports bothering hot people when they are out in public shopping and doing therye errands. its a fucking loser who gets in my way at the fucking grocery store its a fucking grown loser that laughs at me in the grocery checkout when i get angry because the clerk ca’t do her job properly and has to fucking bother me when are you dumb fucks going to get it and yes that means you gaving you fucking retard bothering people will never be cool never that is for retards who repeat things over and over over over over over king of l;ike t he waterboarding your country does on a daily basis when i watch tv just for the record anyone bothers us in public i hope the pain FUCKING seeps into your very essence fuck all of you. now time for some execrcise wwwwwwwwwohhhhhhhhhhhoh;oo;oflsdfjsdlkfjsdlf;ksdjaf

  2. meech says:

    the american government are clearly a bunch of retarded two year olds have you seen the waterboarding they do to us daily if you don’t believe turn on your tv and watch it for a day straight, oy know how people who are devementally disabled enjoy repeating themselves over and over
    and over and over again because they like to bother people that is your government in action kind of like the entirety of indie rock let s see if i can make it through this show probably not fuck that revolution number nine revoutuion number nine revoulution number nine revolution number nine revol;ution number nine revoulution number nine revoulution number nine senseless retards who get a rise out of bothering congratulations all you pesky american heroes may be you can be the next beyonce if i have to hear another fucking time about how awesome beyonce is i am seriously gonna puke shit and sweat through my fucking eyeballs SICK PF \it FUCKING SICK OF IT

  3. meech says:

    im jealous of how much cooler blacks are than me that is why i devote the stupidest most ridiculous coverage to them every othe r day. The song remains the same. they don’t have as high as iqs as other races yeah they’re dumb and so what are we going to do to change that nothing they will always be dumb im dumb to but at the end of the day its jimmy crack corn and i don’t fukcing care. why don’t you teach a high scholl class full of black kids gavin show them all of your unlistenable punk music from the eighties. Second point you know very well that all the kids love the blacks more than they love the white adults. FACT . to tell you the truth i don[t see verymany kids growing beards and wearing desert boots but i see quite a few wearing straight brimmed baseball caps.just checking out what i see instead of wasting six minutes of rebel tv on how much blacks make you sick post a triple six mafia song and say how about htis now this is dope eh

  4. meech says:

    beyonce the weather is going to be mild and windy beyonce the weather is going to be mild and windy beyonce the weather is going to be mild and windy beyonce the weather is going to be mild and windy beyonce the weather is going to be mild and windy bey;onnce the weathe ris oging to be man windy fuck you fucking cocksucker quit making me watch the same fucking shit over and over over over and over again no one fucking cares about showing the weather report fourty times in one broadcast on ThE SA<E fucking thing how about something fresh how about some fresh news stories how about pizza is now healthy mussels and oysters are now healthy cheese fucking cheese y;ou can eat as much cheese as you want nuts are healthy burgers are healthy fried chicken are healthy notice how these are all the things that rocks eat and suck things as vegiees and fruits and pastas the things that squares eat are healthy and you wonder if there is a war on rocks im god for fucks sake and if it was up to me you d eat what ever the fuck your hungry heart wished for smoking jus tfor the record smoking cigarettes are primarily someth ing that rocks do \nopnNOPE UYOU HAVE to smoke outside this war on hot rock people has going on for decades jews in the ghetto you name it . thanks gavin now we all know it was you

  5. meech says:

    the pain is seeping through my fucking blood stream whooooooooohoooooooooooooo was it worth it

  6. meech says:

    pull the plug fucker pull the fucking plug fl;sdfjsdl;kfjsdlf;ksdjflk;sdfjsd;klfsjdfl;sdkfjsdl;kfsdjfl;ksdfjsdkl;fsdjfl;ksdfjld;skfj

  7. meech says:

    I am just lonely, anyone want to put a dick in my ass? I am so not racist that I even prefer a big black one over a little asian one.

  8. Rubbernecker says:

    ^meech(OogaBooga cock muppet)
    Yes you are lonely you no-life loser.

  9. OogaBooga says:

    Meech and Rubbernecker oughta get together and 69. The hasbara-Progressive connection has been a long time coming.

  10. real meech says:

    why would i post a post making funof myself you fucking fraud rubber necker and ooga booga

  11. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    Poor Gavin.
    This once happening blog has come to THIS^. The few comments have been reduced to the rantings and ravings of OogaBooga talking to himselves. Even Raymi the Narcissist, and Five Foot Kathy, seem to have abandoned the habit, after all there’s hardly anyone here to lure to their webs anymore. So like a turd in a toilet flush, OogaBooga is spinning his shit talk till Gavin decides to close the lid on this nostalgic memory. R.I.P. S.C.

  12. ??? says:

    That’s life. You either sink or you float. When Gavin flushes this blog away, OogaBooga, like the dead body in Deliverance, will surface in another blog that doesn’t moderate. He’ll bob to the surface, start stinking up the comments section, and ruin another blog. He and his army of cock puppets are an invasion of the comments snatchers.

  13. Boris says:

    So Gavin’s talking to himself and the nut job commenter is cumming all over himself. I wonder if Gavin’s family has ever visited this blog. It’s like he’s the custodian of a self service mental asylum. It’s a public service since some of these people should not be out among us and this does seem to keep them occupied. Obamacare thanks you Gavin.

  14. OogaBooga says:

    I enrage the hasbara, therefore I am.

  15. hasbara says:

    We are glad to give meaning to an otherwise delusional self aggrandizing life you NO LIFE LOSER.

  16. OogaBooga says:

    False. I am the greatest. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t. It’s a lot of responsibility.

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