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• 04.21.17 01:36 pm

Gavin comes on at 26:16.

  1. Duh says:

    Really? 74:23!!
    Europe sucks – DUH.

  2. Duh says:

    Really?? 74:23!!
    Europe sucks – DUH.

  3. ADD says:

    74:23. 70 minutes too long. Europe sucks. Got it.

  4. Bollocks says:

    That’s it?!
    That’s the golden piss storm you flood onto Street Carnage down below?!!!
    Is that what we’re worth is this piss drowning 74:23 blab fest that you and your fellow basement bloggers unzipped on us ?!?!?!
    How many paid subscriptions have come from this ghetto link?

  5. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    I thought Clint Howard would’ve been sitting on his “pot o’ gold” at the end of a rainbow. But seriously, folks. Does France commit national suicide this weekend? My bet is that those “cheese eating surrender monkeys” do put the gun to their heads and pull the trigger. Despite all the terror attacks over the years, the prospect of having every great restaurant in Paris replaced by a shitty kebab stand is just too much to resist. Who needs to sit peacefully outside a cafe on a nice spring evening listening to Edith Piaf when you could enjoy the far superior music of diversity played for you on a Soviet era AK-47? I hope I’m wrong but I think those soggy bagguettes are gonna screw themselves. SACRE BLEU!!!

  6. Edith Piaf says:

    But fifi, do you always have to be so Francophobic? You know you cream your fruit of the looms every time you eat truffles my little Rooster rutting rooter with pretensions of high priestess of the Pepe-4chan-deity~~~~Queen of all frogs.

  7. Niccolo Salo @SaloForum says:

    Fact is they are a decadently apologist nation.
    Look how easily Hitler marched into Paris.
    Islam is doing the same.

  8. Pee Pee says:

    The frogs are getting used to the incremental (slowly boiling) terror of a shooting here, a runaway truck there. This latest incident is no longer shocking so the Frogs will need something with more kick to get them hopping mad and scared. Even then the shock of an event like 9-11 eventually wears off and the true national character reasserts itself as it has here (Islamophobia be bad). The frogs are thoroughly marinated in their socialist mentality. La Pen if she should win would find it even more difficult than Trump to govern those spoiled SJW socialists who are in the tens of millions.

  9. Per Per says:

    If an impatient French patriot wants to “Woke!” his hibernating fellow frogs, he needs to commit a devastating false flag attack in the name of Islamic Terrorism on the Louvre’ museum. If there’s one thing the frogs love it’s their narcissitic pretentious self image of being artsy fartsy’s. The smoking ruins of that World Heritage treasure would shame them into exterminating every last Mohammed. Sooner or later that kind of blasphemous target will be attacked by the Islamists. They will wipe that smug grin off the Western whore Mona Lisa.

  10. Pee Pee says:

    Fucking PC algorithms! No respect for my chosen name.

  11. Nostrildumbass says:

    One day St. Peter’s Cathedral will be an Imperial Mosque just like the great Mosque Hagia Sophia was once a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal basilica, then later an imperial mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. The Vatican scalp would represent the triumph of Islam over Christianity which still represents in their minds the current secular Western World. Eurabia will hear the Continental televised call to prayer from the bascilica on St. Peter’s square as the Caliph’s Grand Mullah tells the faithful in Londonistan, Parisistan, Berlinistan, Stocholmistan, and all the other regional Capitals of a NEW EURABIAN UNION that the battle at the gates of Vienna has been avenged and the conquest is complete in Europe sans Russia and the eastern European states that broke away from the prior EU lunacy . Next stop the America’s. The Jihad is patient. The great implacable enemy of Islam will prove to be the New Ghengis Khan – CHINA. The Russians if they can resist the feminizing Western siren call can also be the Richard the Lion Hearted Champion of the White Race.

  12. America First says:

    Our dear joke of a Prez, who is so shallow a thinker, NOW believes in NATO! What’s next?! Soon he’ll be talking up the virtues of the EU?!! The Russian narrative, of our Cable addicted Don, has suckered his fragile ego into becoming the MSM & DNC bitch, so hello globalism, good bye nationalism. The DEEP STATE (State department et al) has succeeded in putting a leash on him. The Media-Political-Military-Complex has won. Patrick Buchanan will go to his grave in tears after all.

  13. OogaBooga says:

    Uh uh, I miss you miss raymi. For so long I’ve been meaning to tell you this, but was afraid to break out of character, you know, “OogaBooga is a anti-Semitic faggot who hates women”, which is true, but recently I’ve discovered a bi-sexual nature in me that likes cougars and even mountain lions. I was afraid you might be gone for good leaving me behind as the last of the SC OG’s. You and I-(and my Cock Muppets) have some real history going here, amiright? These days it seems I’m surrounded by the Hasbara, and if it wasn’t for my Cock Muppets, I’d have no friends to talk to. That’s why I’m asking you to not be a stranger, and let’s start becoming friends, cuz we have no one on here but each other, whatta you say my little Minx?!

  14. Asshole says:

    Holy shit!! I finally found a blog to call home! Now this is my kinda comments section. I’m literally surrounded by Assholes!

  15. raymi says:

    hi oogabooga – ok

  16. OogaBooga says:

    Well hello Lauren, if I have permission to address you personally. My real name is not OogaBooga if you can believe that.
    It’s actually Bernie. My last name I’ll keep secret on this Hasbara infested blog, but will share with you on a more private channel. Look this will be for the most part a platonic relationship with hookups optional. You must remember that I’m a fag first and always. I know a sophisticated lady as yourself must have many gay friends so you know how we are, always fabulous and entertaining. This bi boner I have won’t get in the way if that’s a no no, so don’t fret darling. However if you are a bit of a freak, and I bet you are, there’s nothing like a flaming faggot to spice up your sheets.
    Kudos on your continuing success as the Queen of the blog-o-sphere and may all your haters have heart disease since hating’ isn’t heart healthy. Let’s get this friendship rolling – my dearest💋 – and to all the haters I have only one thing to say – toodles bitches as Jesse would say if he was gay.

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