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• 11.21.16 10:30 pm

Kat Timpf has a podcast. Gavin returned for the second time. His first time was back in June. Check it out here. They spoke about Trump’s victory and the left’s outlandish reaction to the results.

Podcast Page.

  1. back@you says:

    “Kat Timpf has a podcast.”

    oh, does she now?
    great, I figure she’ll say things none one else has ever said before.

  2. John The Revelator says:

    Gavin is quite the gadfly – buzzing from one podcast to the next – cross pollinating the Web with his witty droppings. The World Wide Web has captured the human race in a narcissistic ~ looks-at-muh ~ End Times fulfillment of 2 Timothy 3:2 and WE ~ dear reader & commentators ~ are in love with the words we tap out. Don’t we all wannabe *Stars* ?
    Of course we do and don’t we love being anonymous Assholes who rant and rave and boast and roast others as if we were the biggest, baddest, mother fuckers that ever stroked a keyboard?
    Mousey Kat needs some meat and I’m just the pig to roast her rump.
    Happy Thanksgiving fellow pervs!

  3. Sabrina says:

    It is amazing that people describe these things.

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