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• 11.01.17 10:39 pm

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Gavin decided to get into a little sexual harassment on his last podcast. Not so much doing it, just covering the topic. He goes over the time he was on the receiving end of it but makes sure not to make a big deal about it. As most of the people who do that sort of thing end up trivializing the experiences of true rape victims. You can hear it all here.

  1. Columbia Business School says:

    So, in high school you wanted to be popular, but you were a dork so you wore a “D.R.I.” patch on your jacket to piss off the jocks. Irrational and self-defeating valuation of irony.

    Now you want so badly to fit into a lily-white upper-class neighborhood full of people who made their fortunes in traditional ways, while regretting all of your tattoos, having kids way later in life than them, and a dubious-at-best source of income (in their eyes), so you back Trump despite the shit show that is Trump. Irrational and self-defeating valuation of irony.

    You need to listen to Emily a lot more.

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