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• 06.27.11 12:00 pm

We went to the Gay Pride Parade to look at freaks and support NY’s gay marriage decision. There were a lot of horny straight chicks there dancing around and showing the audience their tits.

We went to the Gay Pride Parade to look at freaks and support NY’s gay marriage decision. There were a lot of horny straight chicks there dancing around and showing the audience their tits. It was fun.


  1. Anonymous says:

    vomit inducing embarrassment

  2. bob says:

    I think photo 71, the guy on the segue, was the gayest of all.

  3. Max Power says:

    What does showing everyone your gross titties have to do with gay pride, anyway?

  4. milk is chillin says:

    I could give a shit that they’re gay – whatever floats your boat – but why are 99% of this crowd so ugly?

  5. ehh says:

    you guys need to fire who ever does your fucking editing. because obviously they were asleep.

  6. the_dude says:

    Way too many gross tits.

  7. bumpkin says:

    i think all new yorkers have participate in a fashion show on their bucket list

  8. bigmackdaddy says:

    i now pronounce you man and wife or whatever…

  9. Joe Queer says:

    Hanging out in WSP was cool, same wackiness but no floats. Number 65 was dancing around, drawing the ire of the HUNDREDS of gangsta black teenage lesbians.

  10. Buttz says:

    Somewhere, the family-man gays of the Midwest are seeing this on the news thinking, “why?”

  11. andrea says:

    yeah this is awesome!

  12. no.thanks. says:

    im so fucking over this gay freak weirdness.

    i could give a shit if you are gay or not.
    all of this is still stuck-in-the-90s, hackers (the movie), burning man bullshit that makes me want to fucking punch myself in the face. im convinced that pride is more for the out of town folks that want to be “crazy” and “kooky” instead of the everyday folks. once gay marriage becomes a non issue on a national level I hope it mellows out a bit.

    sf pride looked the same way this weekend.
    i stayed at home and kept it mellow.

  13. SmooveB says:

    I am rooting for the Taliban.

  14. onyx blackman says:

    how do any of these uggos get laid? much less expect to get married now that its legal

  15. Dubya Bush says:

    This right here. This is the freedom and liberty that we’re fighting for. Get the strap on Laura and show daddy what makes this country great.

  16. homeless says:

    so much bad taste

  17. Arv says:

    @homeless: Seriously. I thought fags were supposed to be stylish.

  18. sho nuff says:

    “There were a lot of horny straight chicks there dancing around and showing the audience their tits.”

    You should have included the word “busted.”

  19. 51, 56, and 72 are some 8 kitties and above type of shit.

  20. josh froth says:

    they dude in the first photo doesn’t look gay at all, in fact he looks quite unhappy that he picked those platforms to wear.

  21. Soo' Chest says:

    i’m with no.thanks. This is right up there with my high school having a “scheduled” walkout protesting the war in Iraq or some shit; it’s so sterile it’s pathetic. It’s fantastic that the bill passed, but everyone i spoke to who lives in the West Village was like “yeah, a lot of colorful bridge-and-tunnel teens threw up on my stoop.” awesome.

  22. Anonymous says:

    49 is some nightmare inducing shit. Dude(tte?) would honestly scare the shit out of me if I saw that in real life.

  23. booty says:

    so many old gays and old trannies! If these made the list, I’m curious as to who didn’t make the blog. ahhhhhhhhhhh

  24. whoa says:

    64 was sponsored by Google. thanks.

  25. G.I. Hoe says:

    How great it is to be sitting in a fucking foxhole in Afghanistan fighting for “our way of life”. Trannies, queens and teenage girls that hate their parents… HAHAHAHA

  26. littleliza says:

    If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen way more tits in porn than in real life. How are we supposed to know what tits are normal and which ones are above or below average???

  27. Fraiche says:

    The difference between lesbians and straight girls is knowing how to tape your tits without them looking like a bar of soap in a tube sock.

  28. Reasons says:

    This, homosexuals, is precisely the reason we enjoy preventing you from getting married.

  29. anOnymous says:

    If the people who marched in the first pride parade could see what it’s become, would they still be proud?

  30. kure kure takora says:

    Seriously want to know what was going through 56’s head.


  31. Manuelito says:


  32. burp says:

    I bet 73% of these freaks don’t even live in NYC and the ones who do are outer-borough and drank a little too much at the good news. Send these fags back to SF

  33. yao mang says:

    Remember in 2000 when every Chinese person who could reproduce tried to have a boy so that they’d be born in the year of the dragon and they killed or gave up most of the babies unfortunate enough to born female? Well in 7 years there will be 20 million chinese men without a female counterpart- not only in China, but THE WHOLE WORLD. Here’s hoping that number 13 starts a trend.

  34. Crack King says:

    Oh I get it! It’s funny because they are gay. I didn’t know which was which so I just masturbated to them all.

  35. ChimChim says:

    Gross tits are a frightening sight indeed.

  36. Gross Tits says:

    what’s with all this Pride bullshit? Proud of what? Proud of liking to stick it in a man’s ass. Who cares. Its the same as “I’m a proud american/jew/metis/woman/etc, etc, ad nauseam”. And please don’t be proud that you modified your face/body to look like a smorgasbord of shit. (no offense to those born looking like a freak…whatcanyoudo).

  37. cook says:

    well i enjoyed these flix thank you

  38. Cable Guy says:

    “There were a lot of horny straight chicks there dancing around and showing the audience their tits.”

    So why didn’t you take pics of them?

  39. Launch Pack Mc. Quack says:

    I can’t tell if the last picture is a 3 some or a 4 some.

  40. Pornographic Connoisseur says:

    Number 79 turned me on, that blue haired chick, fuck yea! No wonder Homer likes Marge~
    But who the fuck is the one getting whipped? You need to stick a blondie in there or something, besides her!

  41. vuvuzela says:


  42. blaahus poopus says:

    thanks no. thanks. I heartily concur.

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