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John Pittsley
• 01.30.16 06:04 pm


The idea gays shouldn’t be allowed to serve in the military is pretty fuckin’ looney. Ask any serviceman – sorry, service person – and they’ll tell you fighting side-by-side with a queer is no big deal. But it doesn’t take a genius to know gays can’t keep their mouths shut.

On Thursday, Cmdr. Michael Misiewicz pleaded guilty to trading military secrets for cash, nights with prostitutes, and Lady Gaga tickets. Misiewicz’s case is part of a larger investigation, still underway, into the corruption of numerous U.S. Navy officers. One thing the investigation has already clearly uncovered, however, is that gays are unfit for high-level security posts.

Letting women into all combat roles was a terrible decision on its own. Almost as bad as the female firefighter shit. At least with chicks in combat, they’re only endangering themselves and fellow soldiers. Allowing gays to hold high-level security posts and handle top secret information, on the other hand, is putting our nation at risk.

I don’t think people truly understand how difficult it is for fags to hold in some juicy goss. Some might think it’s the same as it is with women but any moron should know queers aren’t simply chicks with dicks. They’re an entirely different animal. These are men who can’t even keep their sexual kinks private and have developed an elaborate system in order to broadcast them to other men. Their main beef with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was not being able to talk about gay shit. When queens aren’t gobbling cocks, they’re spewing gossip and talking shit. It’s part of their charm but also what makes them a liability.

I guess you could argue Cmdr. Misiewicz and all the other men under investigation aren’t gay. The guy was married and the article doesn’t specify what type of hookers he was banging. But the fact they don’t specify pretty much proves it. Countless gay men have been married to women and if a guy is getting a hooker in Singapore, chances are “she’s” a lady-boy. He risked his freedom for Lady Gaga tickets, for fuck’s sakes. The dude even sent a text saying, “See, you ask – I deliver! Lol!” If a grown man, who’s in the navy, using the phrase “lol” isn’t gay then I don’t know what is.

Letting gay men serve in the armed forces is no big deal, especially the navy. Constantly being around strapping young men may be a distraction for them at times. But when it’s time to fight their minds turn to kill and survival mode, just like any other dude. Holding onto valuable information is a different story, however. And if we want to keep this great nation of ours safe, we’re gonna have to think twice about giving them some super secret information.


  1. OogaBooga says:

    Closet gays are a gigantic liability when it comes to national security. Former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey got blackmailed by an Israeli gay honeypot named Golan “Heights” Cipel. McGreevey fucking made the Israeli national his advisor of Homeland Security and gave him access to highly sensitive nuclear plant sites, etc.

    In a sense, women in the military is the most outrageous SJW cause in history, as it shows they are literally willing to weaken national security in order to keep their “girls equal to boys in every way” bullshit narrative going.

  2. Lisp Whiperer says:

    In total agreement Pittsley. Mixing in trannies or gay dudes with straights in the military is like having refugee Muslim gardners at the playboy mansion. Why not just make a “GAY” battalion? Or an elite Tranny Team Six? At least then Hollywood could make movies about the sainthood and sacrifices they made to save the bumbling straight soldiers. They could even remake Rage and call it Fudge or Balls or whatever. It would be a way better alternative for a back patting celebration than putting lives at risk.

  3. Dan of the Mole People says:

    However, gays can repel migrants if they use their powers for good.

  4. OogaBoogasTinFoilYarmulke says:

    I agrees with both mythelfs OOGIE & Lithp

  5. PollardsTrannyTeamSix says:

    Gaygoys with secrets are boy toys who will sell their country for a piece of porking.
    Unlike the boy lover Putin, who will give you a radioactive enema if you fuck with him, the Yankee-doodle-dandys’ gladly spread wide eagle for some kosher probing for State secrets.
    Even when you get rid of “don’t ask don’t tell” you still have the fraternizing blackmail of “Officers and genitalmens” getting too close and having to hides their Spartan love affairs.
    What we need is an all LGBTabc…z military, with open fraternization, where it’s impossible to be blackmailed since everyone will be getting their freak on.
    When Isis captures our brave Greeks, they’ll toss them off tall buildings, but we’ll just float away……….

  6. OogaBooga says:

    What I don’t understand is now that openly gay dudes are able to join the military–and are not segregated from straight guys–why do they segregate men and women in the military? Shouldn’t they all just sleep in the same barracks, and shower in the same rooms? What could go wrong?

  7. LetsSaveWater says:

    @OogaBooga. If some public school districts in this country want to force young girls to share toilets and showers with twisted sister-boys with junk intact, then I think our “Amazons” should be able to do the same. After all there won’t be his & hers fox-holes on the battlefield.
    All this social engineering in the military has led to a explosion of female soldiers being raped, which begs the question, if they’re so tough, why can’t they defend themselves from their “equal” brothers?

  8. OogaBooga says:

    Yeah, there’s a teenaged lad in Illinois who decided to call himself a girl, and he wanted to be able to shower with the girls. The school said he could use the girls’ locker room, but would have to change his clothes behind a curtain. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! He wants to be able to stroll around in front of the girls with his cock and balls swingin’. The Obama administration swooped in and took up his cause, and now it’s in the courts. That’s what our country has come to.

    And a lot of the sexual assaults in the military are male on male now. I’m guessing it’s openly gay dudes involved on both ends of these situations as well as closeted dudes, and… the kind of gay shit straight dudes do in prison. That’s what our military has become.

  9. STINKY says:

    It might be the liquor talking but fuck anybody not white, male, tall, strong and reactionary

  10. RearAdmiralGaylordPerry says:

    Stinky we do not discriminate, as all young lads, and unfortunately these days, stinky fish, are welcome in your Uncle Obama’s Navy.
    Your welcome to enlist and sail the 7 Seas with, yours truly, Rear Admiral Gaylord Perry.
    I’m looking for a tall strong reactionary white male to be my cabin boy and you sound like you have the qualifications for the job.
    Believe me you’ll be fucking anybody not meeting those qualifications as well since we don’t discriminate in the all new inclusive Navy.
    Lots of liquor too to loosen you up.

  11. Von Clausewitz says:

    I wrote several blog posts on the strategic uses of L.O.L. … Ever see Chris Elliot’s “Cabin Boy”? Good flick

  12. dick lubin says:

    As long they are young, dumb and full of cum, I want some. Cleaning each other’s weapons in the heat of battle is patriotic.

  13. Sun Tzu says:

    CHAPTER 69: LADY-BOYS: “Cocks-ahoy comrades are don’t know – don’t die. When caught; they are to be drag-lined behind the Naval vessel as troll bait for sharks who can then be caught for shark fin soup. On land they can be used to construct, maintain, and clean the latrines as they have an natural affinity for those kinds of duties. Once the army is on the move again, the bowel-movement-battalion will be used as decoys for enemy crossbow snipers. When hostilities cease, and peace commences, the surviving 1st-class privy’s will be sent to the Army’s archery-target-range as live fire moving objects. Any that manage to survive will be disemboweled to provide guts to grease the wagon axles.”

  14. saywhu says:

    No straight white guys have ever betrayed anything? I don’t think many gays joining the military are effeminate drama nerds. What would they be trying to prove? To face exploding metal objects and a hostile terrain as the first openly whatever? To be the first crossdresser to suck an enemy’s balls to prevent him from firing his kalashnikov? C’mon, man. Not every gay dude is looking to put on a talent show with Lady Gaga. This is some lazy opinionating.

  15. Sun Tzu says:

    Say Whu, you shame our people as have no sense of ha ha.
    Now that we lose face, you must apologi to our ancestors, and stop being such starch shirt, ha ha !! Get it !! China man laundry joke.
    Pittsley is Yankee Asshole who teach us how to be vewey funny.
    You lucky you no live in my time, cause you sound like man who lick balls, you get it, hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  16. Otherkin says:


  17. OogaBooga says:

    Yeah… why would a gay guy want to join the navy and dress up in a sailor suit and head out to sea on a long cruise with a couple hundred hunky “straight” dudes. That’s just crazy talk.

  18. Cockswain says:

    Eventually, one day, a newly commissioned Naval vessel will slide down a ramp, after the traditional bottle of frothy is busted on its bow, and splash its way into history as the first American warship named for a faggot.
    It would be appropriate if it was an attack submarine named the S.S. Harvey Milk, based out of San Francisco, protecting our West coast flank.
    The pride that America’s “Greeks” will feel when they see that big black phallic symbol of Gay power entering the waves like a Long Dong Silvers grand entrance into a bath house party will be enough to have a nationwide celebration, coast-to-coast, million-queer simultaneous cock popping event, seen on a live dark-net closed circuit web site. (Getting excited dick lubin)
    Sounds crazy huh. 30+ years ago that would be the case, but not anymore in this upside down, inside out, ass backwards World we live in.

  19. truthsetsyoufree says:

    Idiot who started this thread needs to be jailed. lol. The article (link below) clearly states the traitor was a straight man who loved Japanese female hookers. How did you even arrive at the “gay”‘conclusion. Just trying to make a whole group look bad. Karma will not look good on you.

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