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• 09.04.08 02:10 pm

I’ve been pregnant before (albeit, never for longer than six or seven weeks), and my tits never got that big. More boob shots after the jump.I’ve been pregnant before (albeit, never for longer than six or seven weeks), and my tits never got that big.

How can you be confronted with a set like those and actually think that abstinence-only is realistic?

  1. NePlusUltra says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

  2. cockney says:

    haha-nice pair of bristols bristol!

  3. Ronnie Peckerwood says:

    Its a relief that someone else was thinking what I was. Id like to soak those fuckin things in malt liquor and just bounce em off my face.

  4. ew says:

    who the fuck b bristol palin? n y is she named after paper? i was in the jungle for the past 3 weeks, get me up to speed. p.s. stupid ho, y’d u waste ur babies by grinding them down the planned parenthood garbage disposal? dont u know the government gives u money for them!

  5. I knew it says:

    So I wasn’t the only one thinking that!

  6. Husband Gary Warner says:

    and they look like they are being restrained, imagine with she let them loose!

  7. Vane$$a says:

    I’m pretty sure that John Mccain is trying to fill America’s collective head with titties, teen sex, MILF pussy, ejaculating guns, and the worship of stupidity to the point where we can’t help but vote for him. Seriously, I feel like Sarah Palin has dropped in on the world and forcibly soaked us in rivers of her menstrual blood. A lot of guys dig that treatment.

  8. WORLD WAR DREW says:

    wow, vane$$a hit it right on target

  9. The Boss says:

    Vane$$a actually just made sense. Fuck.

  10. Henry Fool says:

    Vane$$a almost always nails it. It’s you nimrods who need to catch up to her.

  11. !!! says:

    Vane$$a is a reality checker, which I can appreciate. I too love to reality check people (that’s more of an apparently kind of thing)

  12. Cuntegonde says:

    I see one giant tit on her chest.

  13. Anonymous says:

    oh you jezebel girls with your in-your-face-feminism.
    ps. i can we please lower the age of consent now, it’s the 21st century! like david cross said, you know her boyfriend isnt hitting that right.

  14. Vanee$$ah says:

    I wonder how wet her pussy gets? Her mom’s too.

  15. mr.wilson says:

    one giant tit = optiboob

  16. Crap Bag says:

    Christ, it’s a fucking miracle she isn’t smothered in her sleep. Do we have before and after shots, are they always that mahussive.

  17. Jetpack says:

    I saw a unicorn at the DNC that had gorgeous dugs.

  18. SHITCOCK says:


  19. crampon says:

    mmmmmm big ol titties.

    you think her and her boyfriend still fuck?

  20. deathbreath says:


  21. Vane$$a says:

    Why would sc delete the caps lock comment about the kid being a tool shed that got hit by a hockey puck? It made me laugh.

  22. t-train says:

    even the kid in the corner is licking her lips thinking get out the milkers

  23. really? says:

    really, guys?


    are you REALLY this ignorant?

  24. Kronster says:

    What a bra, can anyone tell me where to buy one

  25. mcdoodle says:

    i cant wait to see what sexy outfits they put her into(or try to) on dancing with the stars.

  26. Anonymous says:

    idiot, mot more than 6 or 7 weeks…please do your research before you print anything.

  27. dick says:


  28. melikatitties says:

    Id like to split those with me pecker

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