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• 09.29.16 09:41 am

I saw some Columbians going through the garbage outside my old building and I thought, “What are they doing here?” Seriously, how did they get here. Us normal people (including Columbians Colombians) have to jump through 1,000 hoops to get here but you allow garbage pickers? 

I cannot figure it out and they get real ornery when you ask them.

  1. Fred Sanford Junior says:

    They’re here picking through the garbage America’s trash pickers won’t touch.

  2. Urban Achiever says:

    jesus fuck – COLOMBIANS.

  3. Juan Valdez says:

    They are highly educated net positive producers with degrees in Waste Management, Metallurgy, and are recycling Mother Earth. Unlike the Wops, they are environmentally responsible, and give proper burials to any wack jobs they find rotting away by recouping any gold fillings and are like bacteria, breaking it down, so that our landfills don’t overflow. Some of them have very hot daughters which in itself is reason enough to allow them in. We owe them for supplying our morning joe and recreational drugs all these years so don’t begrudge them you ingrates.
    We miss you Pablo and thank you post-mortem for all that fish scale. The Yayo ain’t never been quite as good as then.

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