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Street Carnage
• 10.20.17 12:28 pm

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Check out Gavin’s interview with Pamela Geller about the jihadists hell-bent on be-heading her. He also talks with some guy about the secret war between alligators and sharks. It’s all here.

  1. GavinIsACowardAndLiar says:

    3 Neo-Nazi terrorists were arrested in Gainesville for shooting a gun at peaceful protesters (after giving the Nazi salute and yelling pro-Hitler slogans).
    Wow, *another* right-wing terror attack, imagine that? It’s almost as if the right wing has a problem with violent extremism!
    But Gavin, please tell us again how bad Antifa is, those guys who fight back against Nazis.
    How does it feel to be losing the culture war so badly?

  2. abcya says:

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  3. Columbia Business School says:

    Pro Trump- you’re a fucking idiot. The 67-year old you is going to hate the 47-year old you.

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