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• 06.26.08 11:45 am

I don’t have satellite TV, so I was only recently made aware of the splendor that is Kathreya from Big Brother UK 9. She’s maybe retarded, and definitely into cookies.

I don’t have satellite TV, so I was only recently made aware of the splendor that is Kathreya from Big Brother UK 9. She’s maybe retarded, and definitely into cookies.

I enjoy how she how she speaka Engrish:

I enjoy her confidence in wearing lamé, and her lack of confidence in her sense of direction:

I enjoy how she works out:

Did I mention she loves cookies?

  1. BiznassTime says:

    I was under the impression that the British called them biscuits.

  2. BiznassTime says:

    she is a cartoon

  3. Sick Mike says:

    This bitch is brilliant. You can’t even make up a character like that.

  4. nasty nate says:

    oh yes! she’s a sexy beast. i want to cover her in butter and slide across her naked body. for reals y’all

  5. asian attack says:

    so how many pussies does she rate

    i giv her a two

    lots of cushion for the pushin

  6. babz says:

    Holy Shit, I am literally crying. This woman is too good to be true. I-I-I feel like I’ve come home.

  7. raymi says:

    she is so cute i love her!

  8. Sloblogdon says:

    Not doing too much to fight stereotypes there, are we? A chunk who speaks engrish. (Chunk=fat chink)

  9. lemmy bruce says:


  10. oooohhh maaannn.... says:

    if only i could love any 1 simple thing in life as much as she loves cookies.
    i would say that i love her as much as she loves cookies, but im almost positive it pales in comparison. she loves cookies, SOOO much. they are like an antidote to the blues for her. christ thats magical.

  11. dooood says:

    People who embody their stereotypes as perfectly as this woman does are like kryptonite to white people; they have no idea how to react and sometimes you can almost see their brains cracking under the strain.

  12. dreadful business, that says:

    She’s embodies nothing but the mental capacity of a 3-4 year old. Somebody’s been slipping mercury in her cookies.

  13. teenager says:

    She loves cookies as much as I love this site. Awwwwwwwww.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Cookie Monster also speak engrish like this fine lady.

    They both be cute yo!

  15. spot of bother says:

    Fuck! Her giant toddler act is infectious. I love/hate how I find/cringe at this developmentally arrested/subversive comedian(prob not) so endearing/pathetic….then I’m sad, now angry, ooh – wistful, mm bulemic, now nothing but the blackest emptiness and despair.

    Ah wait……I’m over it. Beer!

  16. spot of bother says:

    Tracie/Denise (i know that ain’t your real name lady) sure likes double penetration!

  17. Bry says:


  18. nasty nate says:

    i love pussy like she loves cookies. i bet her cooch tastes like a fresh keebler’s tollhouse

  19. nerdy gerdy says:

    once bitch is outta that tank she’ll make millions running ad campains against inbreeding.

    also she sounds like a jamaican in the last video.

  20. oxfarmer says:

    That’s the baby from Dinosaurs the sitcom. She’s all growed up.

  21. Dave says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

  22. Team Roster says:

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  23. Can i call her cookie monster? 😀

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