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• 01.26.16 02:09 pm

On episode 82 of The Gavin McInnes Show (, Whitney discusses the way the media constantly tries to expose rednecks as racist, sexist, or homophobic and it never works.

When Dateline sends actors dressed as Muslims to NASCAR they are greeted with nothing but kindness. When ABC sends an actor into a deli to harass a Muslim cashier, a soldier tells him to, “buy your chips and move out.” The Daily Show sent actors to Mississippi and Alabama posing as homosexuals. They pranced around and even staged a marriage proposal. The reactions ranged from indifference to a standing ovation. It’s clear the media wants rednecks to be evil bigots. The question is why?

  1. HVAC Guy says:

    I just read a little bit about cuckservatives and cultural Marxism so I’m compelled to comment. If the media is trying to prove rednecks are racist and it seems to backfire every time they try, would that play into the notion of cultural marxism if Muslims and gays are accepted among a large group of white people? If rednecks are a group who tend to vote republican are accepting of those different lifestyles does that mean cultural Marxism is working?

  2. VeryAngryOldWhiteDude says:

    Contrast those attempts to gottcha U RED NECK !!!, to the infiltrations of Planned Parenthood, which did expose real wickedness, and what do you have.
    You have Obama’s justice prosecuting the “exposers” of Planned Parenthood, and Left-Media saying, how dare those right-wingers appropriate OUR-CLASSIC “60 Minutes” tactics.
    The difference between a Breitbart, and the other sides motives, is that the Planned Parenthood example was a tipped-off investigation exposing a pre-existing condition, whereas the NASCAR example was pure trolling.
    Sickening how much hatred the Left has for the cartoon-caricature of Whites that just won’t drink the grape soda.
    I say we employ their methods and go scorched earth with no prisoners. Punk em, Cuck em, Humiliate em, to no end.
    To accomplish that we need more than an alternative to MSM, we need an alternative to FOX which is nothing more than the EPCOT of Conservatism.

  3. VeryAngryOldWhiteDude says:

    No ass wipe, it would not mean acceptance of different groups or lifestyles that are detrimental to American interests. It would mean common human decency in the face of an individual who didn’t choose who or where they were born. Not allowing German immigration during WW2 didn’t mean America was Germanophobia, it meant common sense Mr. Troll. It’s called being a Good Samaritan.
    Cultural Marxism has nothing to do with virtue other than signaling. If anything, it’s the use of minority’s as weapons in the Culture Wars that’s the real affront to respecting their dignity.
    Cultural Marxism has nothing to work on, as they use the bogey-men of racism/sexism/homophobia as disingenuous methods of vilifying their ideological foes without having to engage them in the arena of respectful debate for all to see and judge.
    Get back to work TROLL on your heating unit, as your all hot air here.

  4. TWalsh2 says:

    Why, because indifference is unacceptable.

  5. WhereArtThou says:

    Slightly off topic but dead on.
    To answer a question in a previous thread about, “Where da RightWing Comics at ?”
    The lack of Right-Wing stand-up comics has a lot to do with PC, because so much of the material that’s ripe for picking-on is in those fields.
    To risk it for a Righty, means risking their careers in a industry where venues and the overwhelming numbers of young people, who are the main audience, are of the Left persuasion. Then there’s the fact that most comics see the stage as a stepping stone to a potential move into Hollywood, where the gate-keepers don’t look kindly on that kind.
    Larry is a sweet lovable character, which he is, it seems, in real life, but if had been meaner and hells bells to the PC, I wonder how far he’d have gotten in the film biz.
    I’d venture a guess that there are some stand-ups who are undercover con-servatives who play the game for the payday.
    Anyone want to venture who ?

  6. Surin says:

    White people.

  7. Urban Achiever says:

    Good point about Liberals’ obsession and racism towards Rednecks. Beyond that, this was really bad. Whitney/Larry seems like a decent dude, but he is profoundly unfunny. I mean, you see that, right? It seemed you were just being gracious, laughing at his jokes. That’s very polite of you, but in the long run it’s a bad look to have people on your show with whom you’re ideologically aligned, but who otherwise bring nothing substantive to the table. I mean why are you trying to elevate the guy from his own mediocrity? That there is just the bigotry of low expectations [for conservative comics]. Proud of your boy.

  8. WheresTheWhiteBitchesAt says:

    @Urban Achiever
    That’s right whitey “the bigotry of lowdown dirty expectations” sheeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!
    That Larry dude sure looks like another hillbilly who gots caught going down a creek with one paddle whiles the banjos was playing hee haw!!!
    reeeeeeek reeeeeeeek squeal like a pig !!!!!!!! Is music to my ears crackerz.

  9. Urban Achiever says:

    @WheresTheWhiteBitchesAt, the dude’s just not funny – you disagree?

  10. WheresTheWhiteBitchesAt says:

    Ooooooh he’s funny in a inbred kinda way.
    He’s like the poster boy for Red Necks who gives the Arabs a run for the money of whose the most “kissing of cousins” lottery.
    Other than he needs some Moonshine to loosen up and bring out his inner hood.

  11. Clueless says:

    Why Instaboner exist? Anyone know ?

  12. Alec Leamas says:

    “Whitney/Larry seems like a decent dude, but he is profoundly unfunny. I mean, you see that, right? It seemed you were just being gracious, laughing at his jokes.”

    A few things. First, he’s not in the edgy end of the comedy pool. That’s because his target audience includes whole families including gradma and the kids and various mixed audiences. Second, he’s doing what Leftwingers won’t do – he’s making fun of himself and his audience and they buy his product because they have a sense of humor. Third, his show “Only in America” is actually funny in a charming, endearing sort of way. He’s able to connect with Americans in all walks of life in a way that isn’t condescending. I doubt you’ve seen it, or any of his stand up, nor any of his other media but that hasn’t stopped you from judging him “profoundly unfunny.” I rather think what you mean is “I’m of a class which could never laugh at that sort of thing (if I knew what it was in the first) and I need to let everyone know.”

  13. Boy Wonder says:

    “It’s clear the media wants rednecks to be evil bigots. The question is why?”
    Maybe it’s all those old lynching photographs that are still floating round.

  14. Alec Leamas says:

    “Maybe it’s all those old lynching photographs that are still floating round.”

    I think it’s totally fair to hold you responsible for things your great grandfather may have done. (OT Islam is a Religion of Peace).

  15. dick lubin says:

    i dont understand gavin. are you applauding people from the south for not listening to people like you when you tell them all muslims are out to murder every infidel they see?

  16. JM says:

    The reason why is because blacks, hispanics, et al still have worse educational outcomes/make less money/commit more crimes than other races, and for liberals, the only conceivable reason for that must be pervasive racism. If this perceived/assumed racism cannot be demonstrated, then the hole equalist narrative falls apart. The equalist narrative, like environmentalism, is what fills the gaping spiritual hole left by the abandonment of traditional religion. liberals therefore defend these ideas like one would irrationally and chauvinistically defend their religion or country.

    that, and hating rednecks fulfills a universal desire we all have to feel superior to others. No matter what culture or subculture you perceive yourself as belonging to, people need to convince themselves that they are not losers, at least by contrast to other groups. So a twentysomething living in a 500 square foot 6 bedroom apartment on the border of east new york paying 1200/month needs to convince themselves that their way of life is superior to that of a rural southern trucker. the im enlightened/their racist belief helps achieve that.

  17. LowestCommonDenominator says:

    Wholesome humor is a concept that not only is despised by the Left but sneered at by typically younger right winged inclined people who can’t escape the influence of the over-arching Culture. All this edginess is nothing more than who can out gross and look at me daddy as I show you. When I watch a rerun of the Andy Griffin show I think how quickly this country has changed in a sad way. I’ve enjoyed some of the edgy stuff but miss the family oriented entertainment just as America is losing its family first foundation.

  18. dun says:

    Larry the Cable Guy is funny in his own right. You don’t need to be profoundly funny to be funny. He’s just a hard-working comic that built a brand. Honestly, I know a dozen really funny dudes, and I respect this guy a hell of a lot more because he actually was industrious enough to make a name for himself. Funny is not a muscle, it’s a gift.

  19. Warren S. says:

    While I’m not a fan of Larry the Cable Guy’s material, I think he’s a very talented performer and certainly a lot more dynamic and fun to watch than the boring alterna-comedy zeroes like Aziz Ansari or, basically, anybody involved with The Nerdist podcast.

    (This interview was really good by the way, and it got me thinking about how ghettoized rural/redneck culture has become since the 70’s, probably starting with CBS’s “rural purge” and continuing on from there.)

  20. DicksMom says:

    @LickDubin……..typical lying through his teeth dick. Your useful for illustration purposes of the kind of lefty who knowingly twists words. Your like the MSNBC of Street Carnage. No one one other than you says such nonsense as you know that its about policy which is always in the naggregate. Your like a jackass who complains why’s everyone mad about the bridge tender pulling up the bridge to let a boat pass while 1000’s of cars wait while trying to get to work. What you expect the boat to wait for 1000’s of cars he says. No JACK ASS we expect 1000’s of cars to wait for one boat.

  21. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @Alec, well Larry isn’t even real. He’s a stage persona, who Daniel Whitney doesn’t sound like at all, when he’s out of character. It’s sort of like the character Bobcat Goldthwait had as a stage persona for most of his known career, till he said fuck the industry, and started just being himself and built his own studio and film production company, to make his own things, that he enjoys making.

  22. Alec Leamas says:

    Ghetto Defendant says:
    01.26.16 at 08:11 pm

    I don’t expect anyone who gets on a stage or in front of a camera for a living to be “real.” I expect them to reveal truths about the human condition and/or be funny and entertain. The Larry character is, no doubt, an amalgam of real people and truthful archetypes wrapped up in a single caricature. In that sense, he’s as “real” (or perhaps the more so) as someone who does the same thing, but under his legal, given name and without affecting an accent (which is pretty much all of the rest of them). Perhaps the greater point is that his audience is aware that they are the brunt of the joke but can, nevertheless, laugh at themselves.

  23. WheresTheWhiteBitchesAt says:

    Listen to all this white man philosophying why it’s just precious my dears.
    Charming, endearing, wholesome family oriented stuff for grandma and the kids, how sweet and BOOORIIING!!!!!!
    Fuck off no one including young white boooyz and guuurlz want to hear that sheeeeeeeeet!!!
    Andy Griffin my ass. Just look at Mayberry it was KKK headquarters. All that whistling at the beginnings of each episode was father & son comings back from a good ole time lynching with an appetite for catfish, hot diggity dog.
    Hey bitches lay off dick lubin he’s my dog – female dog 😈👿👿

  24. Alec Leamas says:

    “So a twentysomething living in a 500 square foot 6 bedroom apartment on the border of east new york paying 1200/month needs to convince themselves that their way of life is superior to that of a rural southern trucker. the im enlightened/their racist belief helps achieve that.”

    There is something liberating about realizing that virtue/class/status signalling and condescension is evidence of angst and insecurity masquerading as superiority.

  25. Crip Walker says:

    You guys really missed the entire Burns, Oregon story. All bark but no bite. That shit went on all month and here you are whining about Larry the Cable Guy. Didn’t you fly to Paris only to find out they could give a fuck about America or dead rock fans. While over here your revolution was actually kicking off and you all haven’t even published an article about it. I think there was a missed opportunity. Though I also think you were smart enough to know the Bundy’s rhetoric was kind of ridiculous. And those poor zealots had vastly overplayed their hand. Of course one of those gun totting fantasy soldiers was gonna get wasted. I’m actually surprised they didn’t killed more. They arrested the leaders and murked the loudmouth of the group thus cutting the snake off at the head. The little toy soldiers can take their guns and go home now that the Feds have played their hand.

  26. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @Crip Walker, didn’t the one who was fatally shot repeatedly say that he was going to be taken to jail. Guy committed suicide by cop. Ammon Bundy’s alive because he wasn’t suicidally stupid. Gavin also loves the police power of the state, and the cops, when it’s non-whites protesting it. Which I don’t get, that should be a cause that should bring everybody of libertarian mindset together with other groups.

  27. Urban Achiever says:

    @Alec, Heeyyyy bud. The whole class warfare schtick is tired so you’ll understand if i don’t bother with it. But you’re right in that there’s indeed nothing sacred about “edge” in comedy, nor partisanship. My criticism of LTCG also has nothing to do with left- or right-wingers, Coastal elitism and/or flyover state dismissal – much as you want it to. Man, you really want it to. So what it is, is, the dude’s just not funny – is that OK? Plenty of non-right-wing comedians are self-effacing and not condescending. And yeah, plenty of them are unfunny too.

    But my favourite comedian right now is Bill Burr. Man, i love that dude. Saw him last week. Have you heard of him? I bet you have. Have you heard him talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marital woes? That’s the most libertarian shit I’ve heard in a good long while.

    I have seen a good chunk of Larry’s stuff and just did not find it funny in the least. Predictable, amateur, boring. And because I think Gavin is very funny, i saw a huge disconnect. I’d keep engaging you now but I have to go touch up my Rachel Maddow mural – try not to cum in anger.

  28. raymi says:

    search me no clue

  29. Regular Guy says:

    @Ghetto…….come on dick lubin l know it’s you even though you’re hiding behind a regulars handle. I can tell because only you would make such a lame argument.

  30. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @Regular, then how come nobody else is dead?

  31. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @Regular, oh and one of Bundy’s own guys completely shuts down the he was “gunned down” story, saying he saw Finicum speed off and charge the police. It’s suicide by cop…

  32. Regular Guy says:

    I don’t really follow your reasoning.
    How does the particulars of this one-off event extrapolate to such a far reaching conclusion?
    I guess we could say the same about Waco, but come to the opposite conclusion, but that too would not be a fair analysis.
    As far as Gavin and the Police State, it’s not an either or proposition where your options are Anarchy or Government.
    If Michael Brown complies he’s alive. The Oregon 8 who surrendered did that and lived. The one who didn’t went the way of Michael.
    Still there’s no moral equivalency between the two, as Michael and Trayvon and Freddie were not arguing Constitutional issues but we’re common Street scum by the Ghettos own standards.

  33. Regular Guy says:

    Oops I meant @Ghetto…..

  34. Sahara Messica Packer says:

    One of the ranchers got gunned down?

    His death will trigger week-long riots throughout the northwest…I’m sure…

  35. NoJusticeNoSkreets says:

    @Sahara………………..and you can watch the piggly-wiggly shines on WorldStarSquareDancing as Red Necks, “Straight outta Mayberry”, Pig-out while” No-handouts don’t shop-lift” is the slogan of the day.
    Ghetto Defendant won’t be happy till there’s proportional corpses representing. Obama’s working on it nigga.

  36. Sahara Messica Packer says:

    Trashing one’s own culture and nation, in one respect or another, is a favorite pastime of liberals. It allows them to feel superior to their countrymen.

    Since that lefties can’t admit that their western culture is indeed superior than the ones they worship (they know it is, but they think that’s “unfair”), they’ve resolved to trashing their own.

    And who’s better to loath than the people who’ve been OK to mock since pre-colonial times? The (presumed) white trash and all the synonymous.

    This is the last remaining “group” that can be openly hated without repercussions.

  37. Crip Walker says:

    @ghetto. Agreed. That Finicum idiot child slaver knew his whole life was bullshit. And it was only a matter of time before his pathetic life imploded. So he wrapped himself in swaddling Patriot clothing and went out as a pretend martyr. There was this movie starring Tom Green called “Road Trip”. In the end of the movie the douche bag character tries to lead a cult in a Kool Aid drinking suicide pact. Except the character drinks the Kool Aid first and all his “followers” watch him die. Then they throw their Dixie Cups down and walk away. That’s basically what happened to that Finicum rancher idiot.

  38. NoJusticeNoSkreets says:

    So dickie lubin wasn’t pretending to be @Ghetto, who sounds like him, but is now @Crip Walker, who if it proves not to be dickie is then like Ghetto, one of dickys fellow travelers.
    I wasn’t aware that this stand off wasn’t about land use, and the encroachment of Federal bureaucracy, and the devious re-sentencing of two men on arson charges (controlled burns to prevent) after they had finished their prison terms for the original charges.
    This then was actually a revival and reunion of the original Jones Town Kool-aid cult. Well I’ll be damned.
    So sorry you didn’t get your wish to see the whole lot of them killed.
    Better luck next time Statists.

  39. Bogs says:

    quite a few parallels between Tom Green and Gavin when you think about it

  40. Sahara Messica Packer says:

    Crip is a dick regardless of who’s typing

  41. NoJusticeNoSkreets says:

    Haha now dickie lubin has become “Bogs”.
    Or Bogs is another dick.
    Either way they’re all POS.

  42. Omega Man says:

    Dick Lubin/aka:…Crip…Bogs…Ghetto(?)…

  43. Crip Walker says:

    @omega. Statist. That’s laughable. What are you or anybody going to do about Federal power? The answer is nothing. The time to effectively disrupt Federal power more or less ended when the Native Americans were finally and effectively subdued in the late 1800’s. There was a chance prior to WWI and for maybe a short time after. But those people were called anarchists, trade unionists, and communists (whether or not they actually were) and they were killed, infiltrated or black listed. Certainly by the end of the 60’s there was no chance for anybody to challenge Federal power. And who supported this Federal build up? The same people who controlled the government for the next 25 years. Yes, your friends, conservative Republicans. Obama isn’t going to take your gun rights away. It will be a conservative who does that. If Obama or Hillary even tried to truly do something like confiscatre weapons or end all sales there would be mass violence. A conservative would be able to hornswoggle their supporters and create dissent and confusion. Or placate the majority with small weapons but restricting everything else. But really, what is a rag tag group of guys who love to play with their AR-15’s actually going to do against the force of the Federal government? Nothing, dude. Sorry.

  44. AlphaMan says:

    You’re funny
    Communists and their in the beginning lackeys – trade unionists – along with Obama/Hillary are your examples of small Government advocates?
    You’re delusional. The Communists and to a lesser degree the Socialists are the very definition of totalitarian statist societies.
    But you know that so why do you lie?
    Anarchists, despite their alleged philosophy, were never the answer because they were nothing more than the seeds of communists to come.
    The best time to have checked the rise of Leviathan was when the battles over states rights still resonated with the citizenry, not the Indian wars looney.
    Who supported this Federal build up ?
    One can look at the major events like the Civil War consequences, and the turn-of-the-20th Century rise of the Progressive Movement led by the Republican Teddy Roosevelt & the democrat Woodrow Wilson and then the massive growth and entrenchment of buracrecy of democrat Franklin Roosevelt and then “before the end of the 60’s” the Great Leap Forwards(Oops I meant the Great Society, sorry Mao) programs expansion of democrat LBJ.
    And who controlled the Government for the next 25 years after the 60’s ? Why the same Congress which would control until the mid 90’s with the help of a big Government Republican Richard Nixon and later the Peanut farmer. Not until Reagan was there a slowdown of the Fed. Sadly just a slowing as the Repubs are just democrat-lite.
    Guns, idiot, are the only guarantor of the people having a fighting chance, if need be – BIG BROTHER worshiper,
    That’s how we declared our Independence to begin with and that’s the only way militias can be formed to make it happen again if need be.
    Your kind are called slaves who beg for bread and circuses.
    You can point out any number of people and events and pretend that they represent what you wish to mock and ridicule, but the real truth is if confronted in the future with a true National existential crisis, you’d flock to the side of tyranny making an expedient calculation of picking the winning side.
    I promise you, if this were to happen, and you guessed wrong, I’d be glad to deal with your kind – COWARD.

  45. AlphaMan says:

    I just re-read your 8:17 comment and am stunned by your Collosal ignorance/deviousness.
    If your the future, then the freeman is going to be an Omega Man.

  46. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @Omega Man, AlphaMan, the FBI just released the entire video of the shooting. Your boy was out of his mind, and reached for a gun. There goes the hands up story….

  47. Alpha says:

    Not my man. He’s your caricature and straw dog . This is your false argument. I was never defending him but am responding to your false conclusions about the cause of this incident and parallels you drew with other events and Gavin’s motives.

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