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• 11.20.15 09:05 am

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We’re doing okay for love. It’s been a great run and a lot of ostracized innocents have been welcomed into the fold. Today, however, we have reached our tolerance peak. 

Starting now, we’re going to swing the pendulum back a little. If you share a religion with terrorists, we’re dubious of you. We’re now partial to our own kind. If we’re letting in refugees, we’re going to start with Christians. Obama wants 10,000 Syrians which means at least 9,000 Muslims. Christians are being slaughtered all over the Middle East. They are crucifying children yet we’ve only taken in 53 Christians. Colbert thinks even noticing this is unAmerican. If “Mostly Christians” is 53 and not enough is 10,000, the pendulum is completely out of whack.


  1. Chmercier says:

    Colbert is also an unfunny partisan hack. And even worse? Predictable and boring. At least Maher can surprise when he’s not pandering. Colbert is all pandering.

  2. Alec Leamas says:

    The Christians are the victims of a genocide, which is why by law they should be getting more favorable treatment. I recall reading that last week the Obama administration in some form or another was denying that status although pretty much every definition within the UN Convention has been met. The Muslim refugees are at best simply on the current wrong side of a civil war. The Christians don’t have a side – the possible outcomes are to remain persecuted per the status quo ante, or be put to the sword. In any event, I’ve long since tired of being told about the virtues of Muslims immediately after they’ve killed innocents.

  3. corey says:

    Also Yazidis and Mandeans.

  4. Sammy Slam says:

    If the economic migrants, UHHHH, “refugees” can’t be set up somewhere near their homeland (because then we wouldn’t be doing a solid by I.S. & the Bahrain royal family, you know) what about putting them on reservations in some colonial territory? (Not Gitmo, haha) I mean, like, in the Aleutian Islands. It’d be cheaper than having them run amok in Manhattan.

    Assuming they really are jihad-fleeing refugees, not primarily after a free slice of that American pie, why do they get put in cities & suburbs where people are already dealing with daily grief? The Army has tons of tanks & engineers & shit who could be very helpful in setting up a Refugee-ville, with houses, streets, folk-dancing halls, and what-have-you. In 40 years they’ll be unemployed alcoholics but it beats the alternative, right?

  5. Say what !! says:

    @Sammy… The camel jock hot heads need to chill and the right latitude might help change their attitudes though I’d go south all the way to Antartica. Of course we’d have some pissed off penguins but they don’t vote tough shit. I’d like to see that smug mug of Colberts stuck up on a pike like a modern day General Gordon.

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