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This article ran yesterday accusing “Look at this Fucking Hipster” of not choosing its targets correctly and just focusing on the easy Fuck Yous.

This article ran yesterday accusing “Look at this Fucking Hipster” of not choosing its targets correctly and just focusing on the easy Fuck Yous. I’d tend to agree. Though I don’t get how someone can flippantly call my boss a “violent misogynist” and “racist” and then say how hilarious he is (huh?), I do think Street Boners manages to balance “Fuck You” with “I Love You” and that’s rare.

Here’s it is…

The hip game of mocking the hipsters
by Russel Smith

Hipsters are taking a great bashing on the Internet these days, and it’s hard not to join in the uncharitable fun – contemporary urban fashion is at its most ridiculous point since at least the late 1960s, and there is something so cleverly smug about the skinny-jeans artist brigade that they cannot help but annoy. You have probably seen the “Hipster Olympics” video on YouTube, a fake contest in the spirit of Monty Python’s “Upper Class Twit of the Year,” in which young New Yorkers compete in choosing ironic T-shirts, photographing themselves for MySpace and criticizing a jock. So now I encourage you to check out my current favourite hipster-mocking site, the rudely named “Look at This [Expletive] Hipster,” which is a collection of candid photos of real people on the blog site Tumblr.

LATFH, as we will call it, is modelled on the famously cruel Vice magazine “Dos and Don’ts” photos, in which an anonymous, violently misogynist and racist, and very funny voice made comments about unfortunate people photographed in the street. There is the same tone here.

But where Vice magazine praises, with masturbatory enthusiasm, some of its subjects (the Dos), LATFH is purely negative. It’s all Don’ts. Which were always the funniest anyway.

Here are three textbook hipsters, for example, standing on the lawn of some college campus, all stick men with mandatory hipster slumped shoulders and mops of unwashed hair, in their super-narrow jeans and their striped T-shirts and their oversized glasses, and they are looking with some boredom at a girl sitting on the lawn in front of them, and she has a blanket over her legs. The caption reads, “There better be some torn leggings, bruised thighs and tattered cowboy boots under that blanket, or we are out of here.” Which actually made me laugh out loud. Or here is an extremely skinny, pale, androgynous boy in dark glasses, sitting next to his identical-looking girlfriend on the subway, and the caption reads, “I’m sorry. This is the last time I’ll ask, but are we a lesbian couple?” And here is a guy with the most unbelievably hideous, greasy mullet, big 1970s spectacles, an ugly mustache and a nasty acrylic sweater. He is saying, “Why yes, I do have ironic pubic hair.”

Now yes, of course, this is a juvenile and conservative humour, and it is not cool to find sexual androgyny ridiculous; it usually indicates some kind of insecurity. I have been on the receiving end of it so much in my life I am surprised by my own hostility here. Why is it that the hipsters irritate me so? I try, I try hard, to see something subversive or rebellious or aesthetically interesting in their determinedly ugly clothes and their determinedly unimpressed stance and I just can’t.

I see a certain hypocrisy: The hipster pose is of someone who rejects fashion, who is wearing second-hand clothes because she is poor and refusing to buy into consumer culture, who makes fun of sensual subcultures such as Goths and dandies, and yet the outfits she invariably concocts are so odd they cross the line into flamboyance. If you combine your second-hand 1970s dress with huge plastic sunglasses and canvas running shoes, you can’t deny you want to be looked at. And then of course there’s the weedy, whiny music, and the lack of interest in any cause or intellectual issue, other than possibly environmentalism (the default cause of the sensitive dropout).

The twist on hipster mockery, of course, is that (like all vicious satire), it comes from inside. That is, you have to recognize the subtle hipster tropes, which means that you are probably pretty much a hipster already. I myself wouldn’t be so irritated if I didn’t live in the thick of them. Vice magazine is the prime example of this self-deprecation, and LATFH itself is deeply in-the-know. One picture, of a guy in a plaid jacket listening to headphones, is captioned, “If I didn’t already know I was listening to Animal Collective on these headphones, I would bet myself $100 that I was listening to Animal Collective on these headphones.” Which is, of course, only funny to a hipster.

Indeed, this kind of photo blog, and Tumblr itself, are madly hip. This is exactly how hipsters communicate. Tumblr is a site where, for free, you can create your own “tumblelog,” a blog that is usually a collection of photos, links and oddities rather than of written entries. Like Twitter, it represents microblogging, a trend away from the page-long texts and arguments of blogs and toward brief flashes. You could call it post-literate.

And like any good Internet meme, LATFH has spawned iterations with similar names. “Look At This Lovely Hamster,” for example, is exactly the same, except it’s pictures of hamsters. Is it a parody, is it ironic, or is it completely serious? What’s the difference? I can’t tell. That’s how hip it is.

Hat tip: Noah

  1. wyatt says:

    the only thing gayer than hipsterdom is an intellectual dialogue deconstructing said hipsterdom. it’s like your friends annoying kid: if you ignore them, they’ll stop bothering you.

  2. homeless. says:

    toolong, where you at?!

  3. srsly says:

    Why is donna making a reference to a piece of shit rag like the globe and mail?? That’s what I want to know; Why would anyone want to give that fucking thing free advertising?! Eh??

  4. sally shoebox says:

    I am so fucking tired of hearing the term hipster. WHO CARES. Yeah, there are some people that “just dont get it” in every style of clothing oneself. Why do people dwell on this shit? LATFH or whatever is annoying. Picking on ANYONE is annoying. Except girls that wear uggs. Thats ok.

  5. DickZits says:

    That blog fails miserably at being funny by the way. Trust me, I know funny.

  6. florbamorba says:

    whats with all the references to “unimpressed stances” and lack of interest in any “intellectual issues” whenever anyone bashes hipsters? who are these “hipsters” that stand around looking bored and not giving a shit all the time? they sound like dicks. all my friends look like the dorks on LATFH and NOBODY has more fun or gets more excited about things than them.

    We need to retire the word hipster just like sharpton retired nigger.

  7. imyar says:

    easy fuck yous are targeted BECAUSE they are easy fuck yous. why would people who get it right be targeted?

  8. Russel Smith wears leather pants. Often. Seen ’em.

  9. bob "stop hatin' and get this paper my nigga" barker says:

    my scrotum is wrinkled.

  10. ella says:

    anyone who creates a “photo-blog” of themselves is “hipster”, or any other, attire should fucking kill themselves. how can you possibly think it’s alright to snap pictures of yourself constantly? doesn’t your self-absorbtion disgust you? i quit

  11. fizzlebottom says:

    Hipster Runoff is much better at this kind of humor. Also, when are these numskulls going to realize that there is no unified hipster culture. The defining characteristic of a hipster is that someone thinks you are a hipster.That’s it. I could be some goober in a Pearl Jam t-shirt and if someone called me a hipster there would be no way to refute it.* The whole argument that “hipsters always deny they are hipsters,” is a perfect example of this; Hipster-ism is defined by the beholder. The phrase “Hipster” was created by old people who felt out of touch and uncool. How many times does Gavin have to bash it into your skulls before you realize it? Until lame “journalists” finally say what they mean, that is “young people” instead of “hipster,” I hope more people will just say they are hipsters. That would fuck with the whole argument; “no hipster would admit to being a hipster,” well doye, where’s you pointless labeling now?

    *here’s how the conversation would go
    Me: “I’m not a hipster, this band is mainstream.”
    idiot commentator: “that’s such a hipster move. You’re wearing that shirt ironically.”

  12. Bob Dylan's Left Nut says:

    Do any of you actually think that so-called ‘life style’ journalists are prepared to do any real work? ‘Cause you sure are all acting that way.

  13. . says:

    The beat generation wrote about hipsters in their books, they just meant a young person who smokes weed. I’m pretty sure thats where ‘hipster’ evolved from.

  14. Books & Backpacks says:

    Why don’t they go for the untouchable Hipsters like Busy P, Dave Navarro, or Drew Barrymore? I guess some people have allowed “90210” or “Shaved by The Balls” to cloud over their own High School memories.

    It isn’t all just stereotypical cliques out there. Some people were individuals that didn’t fit the mold. Look at fucking Richard Greeko or Johnny Depp, they were Narcs man.

    Look at fucking Dave Navarro and how he made the Chili Peppers what they are today! Glenn Danzig played the alien in the movie Predator. So start frantically posting mp3 remixes of barely known bands done by vampire-opportunist remixers or Fuck Off.

    What do you call that feeling when you see someone trying it all on way too hard? Hipster Shadenfreude? Casual Fashion Crisis? Like seeing a normal in a Velvet Revolver t-shirt, you want to warn them but …

  15. […] Bashing Hipster Bashing. We’ve come full circle ya’ll.  [Street Carnage] […]

  16. The Bedroom Athlete says:

    That blog is boring and not funny. They also made fun of Dan Deacon…my friends lived with that dude and he’s basically a total geek. I dress like a mod. Does that make me a hipster? I gets lotsa pussy.

  17. wack-boy says:

    You realize your post consists of an article from the Globe and Mail to which you have added “its got a great beat and you can dance to it”

  18. youthmovementqueef says:

    i feel dumber for reading this and even dumber for adding to it

  19. sayhello says:

    the problem is not with hipsters or what but with the irony thing, thats *really* what is (still) getting out of hand — like (r.i.p.) dfw used to say.

  20. Radtooth says:

    That blog is hilarious. The social commentary, however, is not.

  21. dhcmrlchtdj says:


    Can’t we just re-learn math and get over this, please? Fuck.

  22. ZLUR says:


  23. Roger the fag says:

    One of the comments here was way too long and boring to read, but I’m too lazy to scroll up and get the guy’s name

  24. Jakobi says:

    “contemporary urban fashion is at its most ridiculous point since at least the late 1960s”

    Are you fucking kidding? Did you forget the 70’s and 80’s?

  25. grapenutz crew says:

    i’m gonna take my hipster ass down to the book store and buy some books about ideas and, you know, get all intellectually interested in stuff. because that’s what jocks and normals do. maybe I should buy the 5 People you meet in heaven and then kill myself!

  26. nomoar says:

    isnt THIS a hipster site?

  27. poo-say says:

    yes and it plays into the whole irony thing because
    people who bash hipsters (specificallyLATFH) are hipsters themselves (just on a higher level because there so above the general hipster sterotype)
    hipster bashers are hipsters themselves just an evolved form fueled by Irony
    Hipster, Hipster, Hipster…

  28. Mick says:

    Fuck the haters. It’s like someone else said on here a while back: “I’m a hipster cos I like to drink cheap beer, grow a beard and fuck girls I just met.”

    Plus, it should go without saying that anyone who comments on a youth subculture like “goth” or “hipster” or “jock” as if it’s an actual THING with a solid form is a FUCKING INTELLECTUAL PEASANT and deserves to be treated as such.

  29. Chester Cheeto's fuzzy orange balls says:

    Post #3 is secretly Israel Asper’s corpse, rising from the grave to leave bitchy comments about the G&M.

  30. beatrix says:

    amen to the first one
    and about that hipster bashing blog. it sucks so bad – so unfunny, boring, uninspired captions – the people there aren’t even hipsters, they only have beards sometimes. i rather go read (waaaaay funnier)

  31. beatrix says:

    top notch logic going on here in the comments.


  33. SF_Jef says:

    When it all comes down to it, let’s face it, that site couldn’t suck more. Talk about diminishing returns! The first time you see it, it’s mildly amusing. The fifth time, you feel like you’re trapped at a show with someone who is pointing out how fat and/or ugly people are and you just wish they’d shut up.

    I’m sure that stuff kills around the frat house but for the rest of us, we don’t need to be told this:

  34. Burnt Reynolds says:

    Having dirty words in your screen name and using the ‘n’ word is hipster.

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