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Lasse Holmberg Josephsen
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Peace be upon you all!

Sometime in 2011, while making samosas for her family, Maria Nadeem, a Muslim woman from Scotland, found the word “Allah” in a potato. Surely a miracle and an act of Allah himself, Nadeem planned to freeze the potato, because a divine miracle is not something to be thrown away. Hopefully she still has that potato in her freezer, and let us hope that freezer never stops working.

Nadeem is not the first British Muslim woman to find a message from higher forces in solanum. In 1999, Shabana Hussain, a housewife and devout follower of Allah living in Bradford, England, found the word “Bismillah” which means “In the name of Allah” in a tomato she was chopping, and ever since, the tomato has been known as “The miracle tomato of Bradford.”

Of course Muslims aren’t the only ones to find messages from up high in everyday objects and foodstuffs. We all remember the lucky people who’ve found Jesus on a potato chip, on a wall, and even on a dog’s behind. And let’s not even mention all the times the Virgin Mary has showed to the delight of believers everywhere.

Whether it is Allah or Yahweh, or any other deity or spiritual superbeing, it’s all the same God, the same magnificent force, and if we all can learn that, then this world will enter a blessed state of peace and understanding. And we should all rejoice in the fact that believers of every faith find God’s manifest on earth. Even if it’s in a Cheeto.

Such is the nature of God: He is everywhere and in everything, and he is good. In his kindness he will sometimes give us a little glimpse of his eternal splendor.

But the above-mentioned people aren’t the only ones to have been graced with God’s presence. In fact you don’t need to see his image or his name for you to know that God is with you. Let’s look at some other humans whose lives and doings are watched over by divine powers.

God is in a good rest after a hard day’s work.

God is in a friend’s affection.

To improve your physical skills so as to better enjoy the great outdoors pleases God, as surely nature is his most marvelous creation.

When we enjoy a good meal, when we appreciate the fruits of the nature he has created, that is pleasing to our lord.

When friends come together to do something extraordinary, God will be there.

God is in companionship.

Our maker watches us when we declare our love for someone else.

When you’ve been to the valley of death and returned, know that God was the one who brought you back.

In sickness and in health, God looks after you. Know this and never fear again, my friend.

When you enjoy a piece of music, know that it is an act of God.

And last, but most important: God is in YOU!

Thanks to Steinar and FNFGN, amongst others, for the divine pictures.



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