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John Pittsley
• 08.10.17 01:22 pm

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  1. GavinIsACowardAndLiar says:

    Gavin claims to be anti “fake news”, but literally spent yesterday spreading the false rumor that the right-wing terrorist who murdered peaceful protestors was really a liberal. And when proven to be wrong, Gavin offers no apology to the innocent guy he accused of being the attacker, he won’t even own up to his mistakes, like a man should. Not to mention Gavin spends all his time in a defensive posture (because a Proud Boy organized this neo-Nazi rally in the first place).
    Gavin always makes a point about how Muslims are too tolerant of terrorist tactics (he always cites a figure that says a decent percentage thinks suicude bombings are sometimes justified), but when his chance comes to loudly condemn a terrorist attack from an American conservative, he clams up on the whole “condemning terrorism” thing and just keeps attacking liberals. His true colors are showing, like all hypocrites Gavin fails to hold himself to the standards he holds everyone else to. He is an absolute coward.

  2. GavinIsACowardAndLiar says:

    Gavin: apologize to Joel Vangheluwe NOW – he’s the innocent man you falsely accused on twitter of being behind the terror attack yesterday in VA.
    I know you’re scared of being sued, so you obviously are going to be a huge pussy and not own up to your spreading of fake news. You are literally everything you claim to be agsinst. Be a man and apologize.

    As of now, someone on Twitter pointed out who the real suspect is, and Gavin replied “Ah.” That’s *not* owning up to being dead-wrong. How about Gavin stops writing essays on how *everyone else* should live *their* lives and realize he needs to make shit right. You can’t be on your high horse when there’s a terror attack and you immediately start spinning it against the victims.

    And while you’re at it, you ought to publicly and loudly condemn terrorist attacks perpetrated by conservative Americans, since you’re supposedly so against that.

    It’s clear as day: when shit goes down in the street, Gavin takes the side of the neo-Nazis rather than the counter-protesters.

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