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D. Eric Beckles
• 09.10.08 01:00 pm

Our buddy Tony Stone made this homage to drilling and frankly, it is radical to the max. Funny story, I was in the midst of culling through the debates with their begging to be  fucked with blue backgrounds, and Tony  emails me asking for “drilling movies.”

Our buddy Tony Stone made this homage to drilling and frankly, it is radical to the max. Funny story, I was in the midst of culling through the debates with their begging to be  fucked with blue backgrounds, and Tony emails me asking for “drilling movies.” I provide him with a list and wondered what the lil’ bastard was up to.  Next thing I know he drops this baby on my lap
Well played Tony Stone… I now hate Tony with all my might, but  secretly I can’t because he did camera on the Crystal Castles “Kids Incorporated” video I directed and made it look so gooooodddd. Moreover the bastard is so immensely talented he made an incredible, lyrical, Nordic Metal Viking film called Severed Ways that will blow your smocks off.

  1. lola may says:

    i like it!

  2. RLewis says:

    Severed Was is awesome, and holds the distinction of being the only (non-disgusting porn) film I have seen that features a head-on, unflinching scene of poop coming out of someones butt.

  3. scammed says:

    Slumber Party Massacre 2…great movie

  4. Beef says:

    Even Palin’s laugh makes me want to felch with her.

  5. a lady says:

    wheres that crysty castles vid? i wanna sees it

  6. super dave says:

    Body Double! Love it!

  7. bee bop says:

    What is felching again?

  8. hey says:

    the guy just forgot the “sex” scene from tetsuo, too bad!

  9. Terence Chota says:

    that brightened my day… thanks beckles

  10. christina says:

    this fucking rules. wish i’d thought of that!

  11. Beef says:

    # bee bop Says:
    09.11.08 at 9:40 am

    “What is felching again?”

    The act of sucking semen or other fluids out of a vagina or asshole.

  12. Um, very disturbing… interesting, but… um yeah.

    Perhaps a little less psychotic… we (the sane, intelligent people engaged in a desperate bid for change, reason and hope in our quest to make our world a better place) need a meaningful and important message if we are to stay strong on such a hot issue right now. Gratuitous violence only feeds into the preconcieved ideas of the rethuglican spew/hate/war machine.

    My own 2c: It would be a much more powerful message if instead Tony used pictures of the Katrina oil spill damage that the radical right and the main stream media keep denying ever happened. How short their memories are! All you have to do is Google Earth “Katrina” 😉 Animals covered in oil: the Santa Barbara, CA beach drenched in oil slicks, and let’s not forget the very graphic footage of the Exxon Valdez spill (bonus- Alaska!!! Oh he shoots, and he scores!!!) that devastated one of the most pristine areas of wilderness left to America for years.

    I think the videographer has got something here- but we need a wrenching, hard-hitting sound bite on this, and it would be oh-so easy to tweek it to resonate with the millions of voters who aren’t in denial of global warming and the damaging effects of fossil fuels.

    P.S.- Oil rigs in the mid east spouting flame and black oily smoke all over the desert- tie it into our conflicts- soldiers covered in oil. Go Get Em!!

  13. damnDanMan says:


    wah wah wah animals oil waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  14. Criseebiase says:

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  16. derfuergy says:

    hmm.. love it.
    I stay in link

  17. earle says:

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