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• 11.22.16 07:00 pm

The culture of victimhood continues. This time it made a stop in front of a very familiar audience, the fans of Hamilton. Liberal cry-babies have an obsession with this play. This is ironic of course because it is probably the best example of Cultural Appropriation (their buzz-word, not mine) that I can think of.

  1. cook says:

    Trump cried about a “safe place” boo hoo boo hoo alt right tears

  2. JR Wirth says:

    What did Pence expect? Where did he think he was going? If anything, Pence is guilty of bad taste for even showing up to this ridiculous musical. You don’t step into a liberal enclave and not expect to be mocked. If Pence wanted to take in some true culture he would have gone to a dive bar in Queens. Nothing worse than actors (of any color) who think they’re clever. Actors are among the most uneducated people in our society. I can’t imagine giving people like this an audience.

  3. All Hail The God Emperor Trump says:

    Ain’t that the truth. All that whining about the big bad wolf media from God Emperor Trump and his MAGA Legions. What a bunch of pussys and already YOUR “dear leader” is waffling on his bogus promises you sorry suckers.
    LOCK HER UP!!!
    LOCK HER UP!!!
    LOCK HER UP!!!
    He will be impeached – $guaranteed$ -over conflict of business interests which the author who wrote the book that exposed the Clinton Foundation corruption predicts. Trumps business dealings, which he claims is already showing signs of taking advantage of his position, will be his downfall plus he will betray the border. How? He will evict the illegal alien criminals that he can but will NOT conquer the sanctuary cities and he will allow the H-1B’s and not cut the cord on the “dreamers” or the “Anchor babies” or send the millions of other illegals home to come back in at the end of the line.
    He and Bannon disavowed the Alt Right tonight!!!
    PS…there’s more but I can’t type any more I’m laughing so hard hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. eeer says:

    If he gets impeached make way for President Pence!

  5. All Hail The God Emperor Trump says:

    More Suuuuuuuckers!!!!!!
    NOW! Climate Change is caused by humans “to a degree” and he has an open mind. See ya in Paris. hehehehe!!!
    NOW! Breaking! Waterboarding is torture!
    NOW! The Clinton Foundation has done great things!
    NOW! Meet the MSM & NYT and says “the NYT is a great, great American jewel, world jewel.”
    NOW! Not so tough on Libel laws.
    NOW! E-Mails, Benghazi, no problem, he don’t want to huuuurt the Clinton’s.
    NOW! Breitbart ain’t happy? Bwahahahaha!!!!!!
    NOW! “A great long-term relationship” with Obama.
    NOW! Traditional marriage naaah just like Obama he’s evolved.
    NOW! Nato a cold war relic? Not so fast.
    NOW! Drain the swamp unless it’s lobbyists in his transition team.
    NOW! Big Beautiful Wall well, ahhh, ehhh, don’t be so literal some of it will be a Big Beautiful fence.
    Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!@$!# there’s so much more but I’m busting my gut again laughing so hard!!!
    PS…OogaBooga and his cock puppet dick lubin are crying themselves to sleep boo hoo hoo HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  6. All Hail The God Emperor Trump says:

    Trump is Out of his mind you fucking Morons. Read this and masturbate to the electoral college you 2 million populist losers of the popular vote:

    Looking back over his interviews and speeches, it appears that Trump came into the race with only a vague idea — or perhaps no idea — how he wanted to handle some major, obvious, policy issues. So, when someone pointed out a new wrinkle that Trump hadn’t thought of, he came up with a new answer. And then another.

    On some issues, Trump’s campaign has gone through more than half a dozen plans in two months. And counting. For instance:

    Donald Trump’s plan to defeat the Islamic State.

    Version #1: Find a guy.

    “Within our military, I will find the General Patton or I will find General MacArthur, I will find the right guy. I will find the guy that’s going to take that military, and make it really work. ” (June 16, presidential campaign kickoff speech)

    Version #2: [Secret plan]

    Bill O’Reilly, Fox News Channel: “Are you telling me you are going to send American ground troops into Syria?”

    Trump: “I’m not telling you anything.” (June 16)

    Version #3: No longer secret. Send in American ground troops.

    “I will tell you what my plan will be…. You have to go in. You have to go in.”

    O’Reilly: “With ground troops?”

    “Well, you bomb the hell out of them and then you encircle it, and then you go in.” (June 16, shortly after Version #2).

    Version #4: Maybe don’t.

    O’Reilly: “There’s no way you can defeat them without invading.”

    Trump: “I disagree.” (June 16, minutes after #3).

    Version #5: Definitely do send in ground troops. Have them seize ISIS oilfields.

    “We’re going to have so much money.” (Sunday, NBC’s Meet the Press).

    Version #6: Send in ground troops. Seize oilfields. Sell the oil, and give the money to the families of the soldiers who died protecting the oil.

    “What I would do with the money that we make, which would be tremendous, I would take care of the soldiers that were killed, the families of the soldiers that were killed, the soldiers, the wounded warriors that are — see, I love them….” (Sunday, NBC’s Meet the Press).

    Version #7: Send in ground troops. Seize oilfields. Sell the oil. Give some of the money to the families of the soldiers who died protecting the oil.

    Chuck Todd, NBC: “Shouldn’t [oil money] be given to the Iraqis?

    Trump: “Well, we can give them something.” (Sunday, seconds after #7)

    Now, Donald Trump’s plan for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

    Version #1: Figure it out later.

    “The first thing we have to do is strengthen our borders. And after that, we’re going to have plenty of time to talk about it.” (July 23)

    Version #2: Figure it out now. Deport “the bad ones.” Work out something so the good ones can stay.

    “If somebody’s been outstanding, we try and work something out.” (July 24)

    Version #3: Deport the bad ones. Maybe let some of the good ones stay.

    “We’re going to do what’s right. Some are going to have to go. And some, we’re just going to see what happens.” (July 26)

    Version #4: Deport everybody.

    “But the good ones — of which there are many — I want to expedite it so they can come back in legally.” (July 27)

    Version #5: Maybe don’t deport everybody.

    Dana Bash, CNN: “What about the ‘Dreamers?’ What about people who came here when they were children, they didn’t know what they were doing, they came with their parents who brought them here illegally?… Should they have to leave, too?

    Trump: “They’re with their parents? It depends.” (July 29)

    Version #6: Deport everybody, the sequel.

    Chuck Todd, NBC: [talking about the “Dreamers”] “You’re going to kick them out?”

    Trump: “They have to go.” (Sunday, on “Meet the Press.”)

    Then there’s Donald Trump’s plan for tax reform.

    Version #1: Make taxes simpler.

    “Simplify it. At a minimum, simplify it.” (June 18)

    Version #2: Don’t have a plan.

    “You can’t be just boom, boom, hard and fast.” (August 11, in an interview on CNN).

    Version #3: Maybe get rid of the income tax and have a national consumption tax, which proponents call a “Fair Tax.”

    “You can have a ‘Fair Tax…’ (August 11, just after #2).

    Version #4: Or maybe keep the income tax, but make it one flat rate for everybody.

    “You can have a flat tax….” (August 11, just after #3).

    Version #5: Or maybe don’t change the current system at all. Except add new things. Which will be really good.

    “Or you can leave the system alone, which is probably the simplest at this point. Leave the system alone and take out deductions and lower taxes and do lots of really good things, leaving the system the way it is.” (August 11, just after #4)

    Version #6: [Secret plan]

    “I know exactly what I want to do, I just don’t want to announce it yet.” (August 11, just after #2, #3, #4 and #5).

    Version #6a: [Definitely secret]

    Chris Cuomo, CNN: “If I was sitting across from you, making you a pitch to do anything for you and I said, ‘Look, I got a plan, but I’m not going to tell you yet.’ I think I’d get an eye roll and I’d get ushered out of the office.”

    Trump: “Oh, I’m going to say it. I’m just not prepared to tell you right now on your fantastic show that is getting better ratings all the time because you have Trump on so much.” (same interview)

    And Donald Trump’s plan for the nuclear deal with Iran.

    Version #1: Renegotiate it.

    “I guarantee you that if I were president, this deal wouldn’t be made, a deal would be made that’s 100 times better.” (August 11)

    Version #2: Maybe don’t renegotiate it.

    “It’s very tough to do, when you say, ‘Rip up a deal.’ Because I’m a deal person…. I would police that contract so tough that they don’t have a chance.”

    Chuck Todd, NBC: “So the deal lives, in a Trump administration?”

    Trump: “It’s very hard to say, ‘We’re ripping up.’” (Sunday, Meet the Press).

    Here’s Donald Trump’s plan for “Obamacare.”

    Version #1: Get rid of it. Replace it with something “much better.”

    “Let it be for everybody. But much better, and much less expensive for people and for the government. And we can do it.” (June 16, presidential campaign announcement.)

    Version #2: Get rid of it. Replace it with something “terrific,” which lets people buy insurance across state lines. And still gives poor people a way to get health care, when they can’t pay for it.

    “I want to take care of everybody. You know, you have a group of people that aren’t able to take care of themselves.”

    Dana Bash, CNN: “How do you do that?” (July 29)

    Version #3: Work out “some kind of a deal” with hospitals.

    “We’re going to have work out some kind of deal with hospitals where they can get some help, when they are sick, when they have no money and they are sick….”

    Bash: “How do you do that, though?” (July 29, just after #2)

    Local Politics Alerts
    Breaking news about local government in D.C., Md., Va.
    Sign up
    Version #4: The deal will be very, very smart.

    Trump: “We are going to have to work out some kind of a very, very smart deal with hospitals around the country.” (July 29, just after #3).

    And finally: Donald Trump’s plan for governing the United States.

    Version #1: Be flexible.

    “We’ve had no leadership in the country…. For doing that, you need compromise. You need back-and-forth. And it’s not about a plan. It’s about flexibility. You need flexibility.” (Aug. 14)

  7. The gay caballero says:

    A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Whiteliberals’ skulls have been going off like the dude in “Scanners” and yet they proffer grandiose taunting? If some faceless shill commenter or fruity bird in a powdered wig strutting his hour pon the stage were capable of “intimidation” we wouldn’t be presently witnessing King Shit of Fuck Mountain all over TV from the oopening strains of U.S. Farm Report 20 hours thru to the test pattern– the voters would have been “intimidated” into anointing that gal who went to bed and cracked her head and didn’t get up again, who’s now apparently not worth putting on trial… I see little respite forthcoming, libs, in fact the excess plight will fuel PERMA-BONERS thru the winter of your discontent. Santa, leave a lump of lib anguish in Pajama Boy’s button-over ass patch tonight

  8. LET'S PARTY LIKE IT'S 1933 says:


  9. All Seig Heil The Glorious MAGA Furher !!! says:

    Trump!Trump!Trump! and Richard Spencer is his prophet!
    White Is Right!
    White Is Right!
    White Is Right!
    HERR TRUMP Will lead us to a glorious future! All Niggers, Spics, Kikes, Chinks! Report Immediately to The Gruppen Sheriff Arpaio’s Border Patrol!
    Bye Bye!

  10. All Seig Heil The Glorious MAGA Furher !!! says:

    Trump!Trump!Trump! and Richard Spencer is his prophet!
    White Is Right!
    White Is Right!
    White Is Right!
    HERR TRUMP Will lead us to a glorious future! All Niggers, Spics, Kikes, Chinks! Queers! Report Immediately to The Gruppen Sheriff Arpaio’s Border Patrol!
    Bye Bye!

  11. Concerned Citizen says:

    My poop is really thin these days and I have gas pains a lot of the time. Just wanted to express that publicly…

  12. George Smiley says:

    What the hell is going on over here?! I haven’t been around for awhile and damn if the pulse of this blog ain’t popping like an aneurysm! It’s about time. I usually never comment as one of the silent (I assume majority) rubber neckers who used to enjoy the freak show commentators here talking shit and sometimes brilliant critiques. Lately this blog has been like a morgue with hardly any comments except for a few that sound like the same wack job using various titles, but exhibiting the same mental illness. It would be refreshing to hear other cranks contribute, so if you’re out there, don’t be shy, and discover how refreshing it is to spew verbal diarrhea, it’s a spiritual colonic!
    Concerning the above topic and comments; all I can add is Pence knowingly entered the Lion’s den, and if not, his handlers should have advised him that this show was launched to its current success by Obama’s endorsement. The Asshole who created this greasy “cultural appropriation” is a frequent White House guest of the Chocolate Messiah, and if Barack had a fling with a Puerto Rican transsexual, his son would look like this cockroach.
    As far as Trump goes, his election is shaping up as a disaster of epic proportions. I too believe he will self destruct in scandals of his own making. His gullible followers are in for extreme disappointment and many of them will probably be so disillusioned that they’ll forever drop out of electoral politics. The Alt-Right Neo-Nazi types, of which some lurk on here with their Jewy obsession, will crawl back under their rocks and only peek out and bark from the safety of their anonymity in the blog-o-sphere. At least until the time comes, and it’s coming, and soon, when the internet is policed and regulated for hate speech. The Trump phenomenon gave them the false illusion that it was ok for them to come out of the Ernst Rohm closet but boy were they wrong! Spencer and his kind are condemned by their own MAGA GOD and the whole Alt-Right, fairly or not, are pariahs and White Nationalism is back in Nazi looney land again. Did those idiots really think that shit would fly in this country? Stupid.

  13. Sniffy says:

    Fuck guys. Maybe spend a little less time in crazy politics land and more time in sniff land and we may see some tension relief.

  14. Sniffy says:

    P.S. All I wanna do is sniff.

  15. T-Rex says:

    Thanks, ^ All Hail…, All Seig Heil…
    I voted for Trump and am experiencing buyers remorse. Reading about his flip-flops is giving me motion sickness and makes me want to barf for being so gullible. What were we thinking? Were we so desperate that we suspended all caution for what is clearly a con job of monumental proportions. We are the laughing stock of the world and the left will be reminding us forever that we are idiots for believing that shape shifter with the little hands. At least I have the company of millions of other suckers including the ones on this blog. What really bothers me is being associated with neo nazi anti-Semites. The Alt Right feels like a false flag since they are not an organization and have no real leaders. It’s almost like they are a Soros-Alinskyite Manchurian Trojan horse planted to discredit, by association, conservatives with the worst elements on the far right. I think it’s imperative that we protect the conservative cause by calling out these scum bags, even on little ole blogs like Street Carnage, just like William F. Buckley did way back then with the John Birch society. When we see any signs of White Nationalism or Anti-Semitism and REAL, not phoney racism, it behooves us to call it out and condemn such evil. Either we police ourselves, or the government will gladly do it for us.

  16. underson says:

    “What really bothers me is being associated with neo nazi anti-Semites.”
    Oh for fuck’s sake! Were you born three days ago? The left associates ANYONE who isn’t them with nazism, you moron. But sure, go ahead, do whatever you can do to please the opposing side. What a pathetic, wimpy, clueless baby. No wonder you’re whining about Trump already. I bet you’d rather see another Bush in office. Conservatives don’t need the alt-right to be discredited. They created the alt-right in the first place by going the liberal way with almost every issue, from immigration to the economy. You discredit Trump supporters as much as that idiot asshole Richard Spencer. Yes he IS a fucking idiot, no doubt about that. But not as much as those who’ll know believe that the millions who STILL support Trump are like him. The alt-right is not an organization: NO SHIT compadre! It’s a movement with its own sects. Some are pretty on point, some are fucking retarded. Way too complicated for you to grasp apparently.
    So please hit the streets and start shouting NOT MY PRESIDENT like all the smart friends you want to impress so much. Trust me, you’ll feel much better afterwards. Who knows they may even invite you at one of their parties. Cool uh? Isn’t that what you wanted in the first place? We “Trumpkins” don’t go to parties as much as they do so, yeah, you’re clearly better off with them. Adios.

  17. Whitey says:

    T-Rex is a pussy and so are you underson. T-Rex is for all the reasons you stated and more. You because you clearly are afraid of being associated with the “Nazi” elements. Bitch, White Nationalism is ethnically cleansing no less than the Nazis. Pussys like you flirt with the so called Alt Right, but just like Peter disavow any association when it gets hot – boy. Trump it’s obvious by now represents nothing but suckers pretending to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK and MAGA. Oh please spare us the posturing. Go join T-Rex and all the rest of the wimps that run away as soon as the Left goes boo. You Trumpkins are following a coward who talks so much shit that he doesn’t even know what he said the day before.
    Trump has already betrayed America before his first day in office. White Nationalism is where IT’S at and the Alt Right label is for trendy wannabe pussys. Flesh & Blood is our struggle and every one to the Left of us are traitors and the enemies of our RACE. Habla español? LA RAZA Holmes.

  18. T-Rex says:

    ^ underson
    What does Bush have to do with Trumps ever-changing positions? Exactly – NOTHING. What, he’s above criticism and I’m a pussy for not being in lockstep with THE TRUMPKINS like a good little follower. Nothing wrong with holding his feet to the fire as he’s nothing more than a politician who is supposed to work for US. You conflated my disgust with the Left’s smear by association with the extreme Alt Right (not Bannon) with my anger over Trumps back pedaling on so many core issues on it seems a daily basis.

    Trump is a vehicle that needs to be kept on track by any means necessary since he is a totally unscrupulous character. And fuck what the other side thinks as they will think IT no matter what as you yourself said. If Trump fucks up ultimately then he will have betrayed us not me betraying him as if that is my role. Don’t educate me on who the Alt Right is because they are who they are and not depending on who you ask which means nothing so even describing sects is a waste of time. The dividing line for me of these so called sects is are they hardcore White Nationalist. If they are fuck off and die in humiliation. That was the one position that Trump was right on yesterday but what will he say tomorrow?
    Whitey, fuck off and die you POS.

  19. Larry says:

    Pence took it in stride. Trump is a whiney bitch

  20. numbers says:

    1) it wasn’t an “attack.” I’m afraid Gavin is becoming a conservative SJW;
    2) glad to see a post that gets more that two comments. If this becomes the new norm then Trump did achieve something neat already;
    3) just like JR said Pence should have seen it coming;
    4) I admit, Trump was a bit disappointing when he demanded those fags’ apologies.
    5) Fuck them, their ridiculous play, their retarded “lecture” and their shitty, empty, smug lives;
    6) We should all take a deep breath and give Donald some time. The entire western political world is on the verge of depression due to his victory, so image what will happen if he goes ballistic from the get-go. They won’t let him, probably whack him even. So, he’s scouting the field and planning his moves. Yes he may give out some candy to ease his way and take them off his back, temporarily. He’ll appoint a rino here, an exotic woman there but rest assured: Steve Bannon will be right behind him. He’ll do all he can to stir Trump towards the (moderate alt-)right side of history every time some neocon, open-border nutjob gets in the way. I’m optimistic, why wouldn’t I be? We fucking won the election against all odds so why not dreaming a bit higher uh? Who knows, this could go better than what we ever hoped for.

  21. back@you says:

    ehi, ehi, EHI! What’s with the infighting? Aren’t you all forgetting something?
    T H E B I T C H G O T K N O C K E D T H E F U C K O U T !
    This thing alone should make us all get along! (well at least for a coupl’a months)
    Fucking celebrate people! Why aren’t we the ones marching all over the place?

    Oh, yeah, right, I know: because we have a job, kids, responsibilities and shit.
    Uffda…you know, sometimes it’s a downer not being a pathetic street-level lefty.

  22. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Attack? Nah. Just take it in stride like Pence did. Let the white shitlibs keep going to see their overrated Broadway show and move on. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Remember, no politics at the dinner table. If any of my family brings up Trump I’m gonna try to switch the conversation to the Cubbies finally winning it all, the new NHL team we have in Vegas, the NFL games on TV or I’ll try to be stoically silent and nod my head. Debate is not worth it tomorrow. Check the egos. Eat, drink and be merry. Peace, love, dope, my niggas.

  23. The Devil's Advocate says:

    ^ Ground Control ^ back@you ^ and ALL!!!

    Hear ye hear ye. Amen and peace out to all. Nice to see y’all come out as OogaBoogas and the few have been carrying the comments load so by any means necessary even if it takes a little poo-flinging baiting to make it happen HA HA!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. OogaBooga says:

    Come out as OogaBoogas? I’ll be the judge of that.

    From what I understand, Trump won the election. Correct? And Trump haters have been rolling around on the ground writhing in tantrums and soiling themselves, and, for some unknown reason, sodomizing themselves with whatever object is handy. I don’t think this is healthy behavior, but I will fight to the death for their right to throw themselves on the ground and shit themselves. The self-sodomy, though… I’m not so sure.

    Also, a person of any idealogical background has the reasonable expectation of being able to attend a play without having a spotlight shone on them as the entire cast reads them a scolding diatribe over the howls of a braying mob. If you disagree with this basic truth, you are essentially admitting that you’re a huge faggot.


    It just occurred to me that in this moment of all out attack on Trump by the entire spectrum of this Country’s Left, an opportunity presents itself if only Trump and the Republicans would seize it. Richard Spencer, whether he is a paid shill of the Atlantic magazine, or his meeting was infiltrated and used by false ops, or they were punking the leftist goons outside the building by trolling them and the media is twisting their motive, or Spencer is trying to set up a cozy career as the go to interview by the MSM for “Right Wing Extremism” a la David Duke that long time media manufactured *star*, whether it be any of those scenarios, it is a gift. We all know the Left uses Identity politics via the tools of “multicultural diversity” to attack the dominant culture of the Right (what remains of it) which is the history of traditional Western White European people. By allowing all the minoritys to self identity as the oppressed, and not allowing Whites, who are the target, to at least have an identity without being called racists, they, by use of the -isms, successfully disarm White resistance to their tactics. This latest phenomenon of Alt Right, an attempt to defeat the power of PC which forbids Whites to self identify and expose the Left’s hypocrisy and thereby defuse the Lefts weapon of identity politics, WAS WORKING, since it was an attempt that was not (among the saner elements) connected to the old White Nationalist Neo Nazi and KKK pariahs, and was not White Nationalist per se, or exclusive of other groups.
    Before the Spencer meeting, the Left was already furiously attacking Bannon, trying to attach the stench of the “Old White Nationalists” to him and to all the rest of the “New” Alt Right as being guilty of the -isms. Since the Alt is not organized, and is therefore easily defined by devious reporters as the same as the Old White Nationalists (who are trying to come out of their barracks into the sunshine to latch on to these funny memes), the Left has been able to smear the non-White Nationalist Alt-RIGHT by dishonest association in the minds of the low-info citizen.
    Here’s the Gift:
    Trump should hold a very “special emergency” Conference, and lure the entire media to attend and transmit to the country his ATTACK on those EVIL White Nationalists. They’ll think they have him crawling on his knees to make mea culpa before the country and will be delighting in their seeming humiliation of the Right just like those smug Assholes in ‘Hamilton’ who lectured Pence. That’s the setup. What happens is a funny thing happens on the way to Trumps Confession of condemning the EVIL of WHITE IDENTITY POLITICS. Trump uses this *GIFT* to launch into an all out attack on (((ALL))) RACIST ETC… use of IDENTITY POLITICS, especially the Left’s use of Identity politics, as EQUALLY reprehensible and divisive of our Country’s coming together and healing. He can explode the the use of PC in general, and specifically touch on lies like White Privilege that are used in the politics of division. The hypocrisy of some groups being allowed to engage in Identity politics must be logically layed out and revealed for the disingenuous manipulation of people’s grievances, real and imagined. Of course this must be a carefully scripted teleprompter speech crafted by the likes of Steve Bannon as Trump is not so familiar with the Left’s tactics and he must stay on point. This speech should come right after the inauguration and be based on “HEALING THE GREAT LEFT/RIGHT DIVIDE, The Nation’s 2nd Civil War”.
    The theme of the speech could be introduced as “The Conversation that the Hamilton Cast” started with VP-elect Pence that MUST BE ADDRESSED.
    Hell. Go full drama and have the address at Gettysburg for the symbolism.
    What a Trap and opportunity to expose and explode the very tool of Identity politics they’re using at this moment against Trump and more importantly, that they have been using against America for so long.

  26. Ghetto Defendant says:

    Jesus Christ, look at yourselves. You’re losing your shit over theater kids!!!!!! You won, act like it. You’re coming off like a loser who’s still programmed to think like a perpetual loser or someone who just won the lotto, but never had any experience with coming into significant amounts of money. You’re gonna crash and burn off this win, if you guys don’t learn to reframe yourselves, your not in the opposition position anymore….

  27. imyar says:

    idk what happened and dont care

  28. back@you says:

    let me say it once again for all of you overly serious party-killers:
    T H E . B I T C H . G O T . K N O C K E D . T H E . F U C K . O U T !!!
    embrace the most legendary knock out of the fucking century, drink more, screw viciously, don’t plan parenthood, embrace #winning, don’t listen to mcinnes and gloat the losers, pretend mit romney is dead after being crashed by the free-falling corpses of da bitch and that dnc staffer she had clipped, break into your liberal friends house in the middle of the night and scare them shitless (no worries they’re anti-gun), kill a wild animal, shot at the sky like is cinco de mayo, shot a mexican since you’re at it (nah, just kidding, we need them on our side for the upcoming race war), call your parents while inebriated and admit you know they were both adopted, get into a fight with a clearly weaker opponent, tell racial and sexual minorities you’ll miss them when they’ll be deported to alaska and that you’ll wait five minutes before selling them out to the national guard, smile at everybody on the streets and when some asks why? then look like a maniac and shout: BECAUSE… BECAUSE…
    T H E . B I T C H . G O T . K N O C K E D . T H E . F U C K . O U T !!!

  29. Anomander says:

    I doubt you will read this Gavin. I absolutely love your videos. You are 100% right on women, gays, blacks, liberals, SJWs, illegals and virtually everything else. You also share your thoughts in a both eloquent and funny matter. You are clearly capable of self-reflection, admitting when you are wrong, seeing both sides, processing those pesky, reality-based, statistical bigotries – like when considering the black race as a whole. Your buddy Crowder is also amazing. I simply cannot reconcile one thing. I made a similar comment on one of your Youtube videos.

    How can you be 100% right on so much but support Trump? It’s like a party with a bunch of naked hot chicks with that redheaded, red cheeked poo-pusher nude in the background. One of these things is not like the others. It’s like for 23 hours and 45 minutes a day you are a fucking borg that can only give 100% accurate, well spoken and well thought-out speeches full of amazing, sport-on epiphanies that should be taught to our children in the form of quotes for generations to come but then for that other 15 minutes you speak a mix of retard gibberish, ebonics, religious tongues, that wretched vocalization thing the fem-nazis do where they make weird retard noises (I guess expressing rape or wtv), mixed in with the equivalent of what that beastly sea-donkey Trigglypuff contributes to a conversation.

    That 15 minutes is obviously your support for Trump. It’s a paradox. Right on everything, plus being right in style, except for supporting Trump. It does not compute. Unwashed and uneducated Americans – those 1/4 who cannot find America on the map and the 5% who do not know the date that 9-11 happened on – gave Trump the win, plus legal mexicans-Americans and like 6 blacks who were too cracked out to vote properly. I despise liberals and their PC BS. I’m somewhat of a racist in a realist sort of way, singularly they are fine but statistically and historically the failure of the black race is indisputable. I’m in the top 10%, running my own network of websites and I’m a white, straight male so I should be pro-Trump`, if only to lower my taxes, but idk how any sane, rational person can support him out of anything beyond ignorance. You are not ignorant, quite the opposite. Many support him because of blind, ignorant racism, as if there are not many great reasons to hate the black race.

    You have to see that Trump represents a threat to you and yours. Plus you are not gullible. You know he will break almost every promise and when he cannot blame it on the left, or never trumpers or the media or blacks or mexicans, all of those unwashed, uneducated Americans will turn on him. He will then call us all losers and go room up with Putin and give him blumpkins all day but before then, appointing known and uncomfortably open racists in the cabinet is dangerous. Racism is all fine and good but it should never be so open. I’m not saying a race war but blackies will start rioting and perhaps continue beating and killing whites for supposedly being Trump supporters at a much higher rate than now. More cops get killed, which leads to more blacks being killed which leads to more cops being killed and more riots and then that Trump nigger tape will come out. I’m rambling but I could go on all day why Trump is horrible for everyone. It just doesn’t make sense. You are a voice of reason in today’s overly PC world but supporting Trump is incompatible. I’m not simply worried about blacks getting all uppity. Trump is a disaster on virtually every level and topic, and that’s including the fact that he will break almost every horrible promise he made and likely most of the good ones. How can you not see it when you see everything else so clearly? I truly do love your videos though.

  30. Stauder says:

    Anomander, take an enema, clear your mind and have a nap.

  31. Your ENEMA says:

    Your Enema has a headache. If your intention was to annoy and nauseat you succeeded ASSHOLE.

  32. OH NO! He linked an article from Politico! OH PLEASE GOD NO! … NOT POLITICO.COM! They are so NOBLE and UNBIASED! We can’t beat them! Politico is even MORE FLAWLESS than VOX! They write on behalf of the GODS FROM THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY!
    Scatter EVERYBODY! Scatter! RUN FOR YER LIVES! They got us! OH NO they got us! We’re doomed, DOOMED I’m telling ya!!!!!!!!
    Our evil plans of racist white xenophobic militarist sexist nationalist world domination are over! ARGH!

  33. Luca Brasi says:

    Bwahahahaha!!!! Alex Jones is cut from the same cloth as Glenn Beck. They’re both loonies, but brilliant entertainers! They both would have been great televangelists, or holy rollers on the “get saved and healed” suckers circus tent tour.
    Alex’s saving grace is Paul Joseph Watson who balances Alex’s journeys to cloud cuckoo land. Glenn like a broken cuckoo clock will on occasion make sense and even be useful like his outing of the commie Van Jones who then was outed out of the commie presidents administration.

  34. Tony Podesta says:

    My dad hasn’t slept since I told him Donald Trump will rape mom and deport the ‘things’ locked up in Area 51. Damn you Trump!

  35. Do They Sink or Float? says:

    The Media always trots out these “respectable mainstream conservative” spokesmen who are used to criticize the Right. The best example is David Brooks of the NYT and “Shields and Brooks” segment of PBS News Hour. You’re guaranteed with these paid shills nothing but apologies for “their” sides errors and at best a mealy mouthed, half-hearted defense of a conservative position. Contrast that with the hardcore rabid lunatic leftist paid tokens that FOX brings on for the “fair & balanced” rebuttals. Charlie Sykes is just such a Leftist media darling who they bring in, in the name of “conservatism”, to discredit the Right. The argument, for instance, that Charlie used to warn in this link about Right Wing media “Alt-Reality”, uses an easy fringe target – Alex Jones – and then infers that this is the real danger (of the Left’s latest myth) of FAKE NEWS. Meanwhile the REAL FAKE NEWS danger of MSM collusion with the DNC and this administration as revealed by Wikileaks and others is ignored and replaced with (sarcastically paraphrased) “of course the poor low I.Q. on the Right are tempted to believe these conspiracies because the respectable LEGITIMATE press make ‘honest mistakes’ like the recent election polling errors.”
    fred the plumber, you’ll have to do better than that if you want to be a respectable Troll.

  36. bill says:

    A real Liberal is what America needs: a Kennedy Liberal (classic liberal democrat) is a good fit with the constitution.
    The last three Dem administrations have been socialist with the last being communist and Hillary promising to push sovietism.
    Trump works just fine.
    Many of you really have to rethink what you deem “conservative” — you talk like you have no idea.

  37. Theater Critic says:

    Performance art is complete bullshit. That’s why I only watch old tapes of Gallagher on stage.

  38. Agee says:

    The amount of whining going on around here is almost unbearable. Trump is pursuing most of his promised policies.
    As far as saying he does not want to see Hillary chased for her crimes: that job goes out to Jeff Sessions, his new AG. That dude put the KKK in jail and enforced school desegregation…in Alabama! He’s not gonna back down now. Trump cannot be seen to incriminate Hillary in any way before the trial to influence the jury. After, he may send her off to some secluded location without internet for the rest of her life instead of a prison cell…or appoint her ambassador to Lybia.
    Halting immigration from unreliable islamic countries is gonna happen. Texas and Arizona have enough funds to boost border control. Sanctuary cities can be persecuted and they will. It’s muddy, Sicilian-style code of silence territory but it can be tackled.
    As for the upcoming “new, bright generation” of Democrats: are there any who aren’t secretly racist and truly want to put a stop to blacks shooting each other in the inner cities? *crickets chirping*

    The Hillary sect of the Democratic party will be leaderless pretty soon and that party will split up into at least three factions: 1) Soros financed supporters, 2) Bernie Socialist Progressives and, 3) a small faction of working class, Christian-Democrat tea-baggers.
    No one sane believes Hillary won the popular vote. 3-4 million illegal non-citizens voted. Over half of the current street protesters didn’t actually vote. I guess their Soros checks didn’t get to them in time or they missed the DNC bus to the polls.
    The MSM was totally under government control and we were praised and rewarded only when we kept the party line. When we didn’t we were immediately downgraded to “uneducated boors”. It looks like they won’t change strategy anytime soon. Most major networks simply won’t praise the US govt. anymore, since Trump is in charge, so they will cut the middle man and serve directly their internationalist cabal instead. Too bad these crybabies will never be happy again because Trump will always be there.

  39. Golden Gate Jumper says:

    Whew! thank you Agee. I agree, but confess I was beginning to lose faith in my God Emperor because of all the negativity being expressed by the malcontents on this blog. I went out back and retrieved my Maga hat from the trash can and had my Uber driver take it to my Dry Cleaner. The media, even when you consciously know their agenda, still subconsciously wear you down and plant seeds of doubt as drip by drip they wear down one’s optimism. The insidious effect of propaganda is that it’s like water boarding in that you know logically you’re not drowning, but emotionally you are.
    They are waging psychological war on us and are taking it to a new level by attacking their own free press itself with this McCarthyite “Fake News” ruse against the “Alt-Right Alt-Reality” which now according to their “experts” includes Wikileaks, and FOX. This is WAR and I don’t see how this country can ever be a unified Nation again. Trump will be fought every step of the way and even if he succeeds in implementing most of the main goals WE will be attacked and hated by at least half OF our countrymen. I’d like to see Trump take up the Leftists on their threats OF State secession and
    encourage States Rights up to and including that threat. Really, wouldn’t we all be better off if this country divided, as our divisions are so deep and vast as to be totally irreconcilable.

  40. Proud Boy says:

    There may be negativity on this thread, but Pittsleys comments section is pure insanity. The question was asked and it bears repeating; “What is this web site about???
    Gavin writes on Takimag, pod casts on Rebel Media, makes guest appearances on other shows, and even has his own Man-O-Sphere movement – Proud Boys. Then there’s this Street Carnage bastard son of a past hipster life that has no connection to that past VICE, nor any connection to Gavin’s present day endeavors.
    Not why do you need to exist of which I enjoy your existence.
    Is this a 501-A (No Ads) make-work affirmative action program for Pittsley?
    Is it an apprenticeship program for aspiring young Tom Wolfe’s begging for exposure, like some Right-Wing “Paris Review”, for wannabe (Right-)Bank-Fitzgeraldite-Expats?
    Or is it, as someone already suggested, mere obstinance to a past creative divorce that refuses to give satisfaction to that past partner?
    Whatever the purpose, it is definitely an outlet for kooks with mental issues, who are able to stress relief their angst in a harmless safe mentally-padded space, rather than leave their mother’s basement and afflict us normals.
    For that public service we thank you Gavin, if for nothing else.

  41. HAMBONE says:


  42. bifo berardi says:

    “Unwashed and uneducated Americans – those 1/4 who cannot find America on the map and the 5% who do not know the date that 9-11 happened on – gave Trump the win, plus legal mexicans-Americans and like 6 blacks who were too cracked out to vote properly.”
    Who do you think you are? Hillary Clinton?
    For someone who claims not to be a liberal you sure do sound like one. Your disdain for alleged white rubes and legal Mexicans —>immigrants<— gave it away. Side note: Mexican-Americans are citizens, hence the ‘-American’ suffix, and therefore they're undeniably legal. It’s pretty self-explanatory. That aside, I usually stop reading after paragraphs like the one quoted above but you got my attention when you later claimed to be a “racist in a realist sort of way” which means you're not exactly a progressive elitist. You’re clearly just confused, worried or stoned.
    Who are those "real racists in cabinet" you speak of? Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon? Now that's plain silly, you know that, right? But let's pretend for a minute these two are as racist and evil as the media paints them out to be: why wouldn't you, a self-described "racist in a realist way”, root for them?
    You're on point saying racism is a sentiment better served subliminally. So your fears are overblown. The chances of them, for example, taking civil rights away from minorities and calling their black staffers 'n-words' while on camera are quite slim. They won’t deport them all to Guam either. If this is what concerns you, well, you can go back sleeping serenely.
    As for "the blackies" killing each other and cops Rwanda-style, well, looks like they've been doing it for a while now. What are we supposed to do then? Put a Democrat in office every four years so they'll be quite? Were they quite while Kang Obie was in office? Nope. If they increase their savagery they will be dealt with accordingly, so don't worry about things not worth worrying about.
    None of us, not you, me or Gavin can tell how many promises DJT will keep. Most of which aren’t "horrible", by the way. And do not worry: your nightmare scenario of deplorable masses of uneducated and unwashed peckerwoods taking the streets if the wall doesn't get built and if stricter immigration policies aren't implemented won't materialize. That's one thing I know for certain, being a racist in a sort of realist way myself.
    We'll just complain furiously on the internet and vote him out.
    You worry way too much and for the wrong reasons.

  43. TWalsh2 says:


  44. TP says:

    Proud boy, this site has always been Gavin’s blog/rant site. He can do whatever the hell he wants with it. Don’t like it? Fuck off. Or, If you do want to MAKE STREET CARNAGE GREAT AGAIN then write an article worth posting. Prove all the regular commentators wrong by not being a proud fag (you people are hated around here) and do something. In case you take this path, here’s the username you should sign your article with: “Not Fag Proud Boy” so we’ll know it’s you.

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