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• 10.30.09 10:41 pm

We’re carving pumpkins. What are you guys doing?

We’re carving pumpkins. What are you guys doing?

  1. stoops says:

    happy halloween tards

  2. Sal says:

    Peeps are addictive. Should be Schedule one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You’re all old and ugly and stupid and I hate you fuck halloween

  4. clark gayballz says:

    street carnies

  5. Anonymous says:

    You’re all gold and sudsy and i love you and fuck halloween

  6. Vane$$a says:


  7. pooperdooper says:

    i’m gonna fuck a woman. IN THE ASS!

  8. Lady Friend says:

    I carved a pumpkin!

  9. Sanjay Poopta says:

    I heard you can catch cooties from shared needles.

  10. Dork says:

    I’m smoking pumpkins!

  11. omg sooo randum says:

    first time ive ever agreed with vane$$a..

  12. milky says:

    wow. thanks for that, guys. 21 seconds of my life i can’t get back.

  13. Free Willy! says:

    “We’re carving pumpkins. What are you guys doing?”

    Hmmmm, let’s seee… Saturday….at home…. I’d say jerking off!!!!!!

  14. skull front says:

    what. i nodded off

  15. imyar says:

    h1n1 party

  16. randylahey says:

    Gainesville burns the fuck down on Halloween. The Fest goes on this weekend so the place is overrun with crusties and the college kids who already live here naturally go ape-shit. I just ate free Chipotle too.

  17. cephalod says:

    Whoa, are you for serious? free chipotle?

  18. cephalod says:

    okay, and now i just watched it. what the fuck. that was lame.

  19. This was funny but also not funny.

  20. wow says:

    is that Leslie Arfin? It’s hard to believe how she looks and what a bad actress she is.

  21. thetomcat says:

    like she/he/whomever said “meh”

  22. London Psycho says:

    Funny, but Emily killed it. Needed to say something differenter.

  23. Stewart X says:

    Fucking mine. Squack o’lantern!

  24. felicia says:

    @cephalod — Every halloween Chipotle has their “Boo-Rito Day” when you dress like a burrito, you get a free burrito. It’s a fantastic concept.

  25. lb says:

    what’s with the shoulder pads emily mcinnes?

  26. Chachi and the MS-13s says:

    I smoke clowns like you on the b-ball court.

  27. HOMO!!! says:

    all of you people can go sit on a can of tennis balls…. complaining about this? are you fucking serious? if your weird aunt that you don’t talk to that often sent you a christmas card would you be so verbal about it? would you try to crush the sentiment with “meh this isn’t lols so I’m gunna cry to you but I gotta get off because my moms boyfriend needs the computer”

    fucking DORKS!

    I (personally) found this to be a great holiday card of a web thingy, halloween is super fun, YAY!
    thanks for the fun awesome!

    that being said, all of you faggot motherfuckers that fucking complain about the content of this site… remember this. a.) this shit is free to view, b.)stop trying to “out-comedian-the-comedians” (we have eyes) and like have a soda and play some scratchers you fucking faggoty faggots, and c.) create your own stupid site you fucking moms basement living piles of walking garbage! oh and of course d.) realize that it’s a few dudes posting shit they did the other day (also know as a blog for some reason) and yeah, it’s super important…

    you know what

    you sexless nerd faggot fucks, you should actually shed some tears….

    FUCK ALL OF YOU TOUGH POSTING FAGGOTS!!!! fight me, I will send you my address… fucking sexless losers, go fucking die!

    happy samhain shirt day.
    fucking losers

    (p.s. someone should post as NO HOMO… that would really fix their wagon, those silly sillies.

  28. killing IT says:

    Chipotle? Man that chick is killing anything good about this site, sucking the life out of it.
    Go to, or Vice or something.

  29. Dork says:

    Um, you are saying DORK like it’s a bad thing.

  30. says:

    killing IT, you don’t have to hate life. Come to Disneyland!

  31. FRED FLINSTONE says:

    This site is the worst.
    people who read this site are death

  32. FRED FLINSTONE says:

    oh and im here because i heard there was free booze.
    liar pussies

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