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Benjamin Leo
• 11.30.11 11:55 am

If you think this is another black-apologist retard writing an essay on why racism is bad, you couldn’t be more wrong.

At 2 minutes in, shit got real.

If Internet provocateurs were a mafia, getting Gawkered would be our version of getting Made. You can blow it off in typical hipster fashion, but the fact is that nothing unleashes a firehose of props, pageviews, and opportunity like an ounce of coverage from Nick Denton’s 800-pound nutsack.

Disagree? Over it? Cool, go write a rebuttal on your blogspot page that no one’s ever heard of.

Today though, The Black Beatles are celebrating the fifth such milestone for one of our own, Dr. Nate Hill, the creator of White Power Milk and Race Warriors Dot Com, to the canon of viral mindfuckery.

“The White Ambassador” is Dr. Hill’s real-time performance piece that will be playing for MONTHS up in Harlem: as you can see, it begins with him marching through the neighborhood in whiteface while raging against the racist, anti-white sentiments that black people tweet on a daily basis.

How does he know what Black People tweet? Easy: The tweets are all from @whitesmellbot, an ingenious racist fishing net which re-tweets every Tweet in existence when they contain words “white” and “smell.”

It’ll be easy for you to blow this off as meaningless bullshit, but look down in the comments and you’ll see that other six-packed athletic geniuses have already beat you to it.

The truth is though, that this is a work of anti-PC activism, an IRL Blognigger that is daring to literally go ask The Black Community why they never look at their own racism.

(The shared sensibility between this and BN is no accident—Mafia don Ty Hardaway performed core-concept architecture on both projects.)

While the video above was only from The White Ambassador’s very first performance, it’s worth critiquing early; our intention here should be to influence the project’s direction as Nate hones it over the coming months:


1. An ingenious concept
2. Execution took massive, grapefruit-sized balls
3. Never ONCE in the conversation with “The Black Guy” did Nate slip into ghetto-speak / ebonics in order to win approval from his adversary. Shit got emotional and he might have shaved a hard R or T somewhere JUST a hair—but no, he stood strong and kept it REAL, sounding like Bryant Gumbel’s white grandfather.


1. When “The Black Guy” said, “Why don’t you represent racism against BLACKS?,” I’d have loved it if Nate had said, “because all of pop culture has been doing that for 40 years!”
2. When “The Black Guy” said, “You’re on the wrong team!,” I’d have loved it if Nate had said “You see, this is the problem.”
3. Nate did much better than Ty or I could have done, BUT it was disappointing to witness his uber flip-flop: When the going got hot, Nate backed off and pretended that the project’s intention was ultimately to get white people to listen—that his focus on anti-white sentiment was merely a Trojan horse by which to ultimately fight for “The Black Guy’s” message. It was disingenuous, and it was a cop-out.

Dr. Hill: please continue to film every second of this project. Edit it, pursue it, and don’t take no for an answer. If the story arch starts to unfold like I think it will, you’ve got Sundance Material on your hands.

Mazel Tov.

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  1. cook says:

    how long we have to wait till this is on worldstar? nice piece nate.

  2. This nonsense needs to stop says:

    Huh, what? You mean there’s a deeper sociological context to this? I thought Nate was just doing an abstract, interpretive, one man street performance of “Dead Presidents”.

  3. Goat My Sampson says:

    Yeah he did cop out. I think he got threatened when his buddies crowded around him. It’s his first run though, so he can build up his balls the more he does it. Bryant Gumbel sounds like Issac Hayes compared to this dude, still, i enjoyed.

  4. raymes says:

    So much anger in their voices, so angry! Smart work, good discussion, carry on.

  5. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    This is interesting stuff.

  6. Middle America says:

    Are you sure this is in Harlem??? I didn’t see any single welfare moms sucking cock, no shooting dope or guys walking around like Superfly. Where’s the Payday Loan office and why isn’t there a smelly wino laying in the gutter? These negroes seem normal; this isn’t the image I see on Glenn Beck. :(

  7. Crotch Rott says:

    Expected to hate it but loved it.

    Your point #3 on both lists is really fucking true. Still as you say, it’s better than I could do.

  8. wow says:

    Nate is actually on the RIGHT TEAM. Race Traitor or not (he kinda is)

  9. booty says:

    ingenious to the tee.

  10. carl weathers says:

    Oh duck me does that guy have balls. ON The other hand, if I were black id be brave too. In todays society it basically makes one invincible.

  11. Ricky R-Word says:

    Wow. Is this really the SC comments thread? Who are you people? You seem so rational.

  12. Hey Ricky says:

    I know. It’s gay.

  13. a person says:

    I’m white and I just smelled my arm pits and I can see the wet dog comparison. Have not been with a black lady in a while, so not sure if this is distinctive to my race.

    Either way, I don’t see how this is any more racist than any other joke. Maybe he should have created a twitter that retweeted any combination of ‘white’ and ‘faggot,’ ‘overlord,’ or ‘devil.’

    Final thought. This ‘Black Guy’ was intense, but not so much as the gentleman who tried to tell a friend and I that he was hiding cocaine in the fibers of his all-white trapper hat. I guess I have not interacted with that many black people :(

  14. Dynamo says:

    Ooooh! Sundance Material!


  15. crowie says:

    This dude is mad fucking annoying.

  16. taco puncherface says:


    it’s literally that easy.

  17. blaahus poopus says:

    Yeah he’s got balls. I’m with taco though. I’ve had enough of race, religion, nationalities, sexual orientation, blah blah blah. Who fucking cares? Obviously quite a few of you.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This gave me a good idea for a buddy comedy called “Retarded Fisherman” starring Wesley Snipes and a queer with an umbrella.

  19. Yoko says:

    He didn’t cop out.
    He’s doing it for the reason he stated.
    He’s trying to get white people to recognize other races – hard to do when all (positively advertised) faces on radio, tv, etc. are white and minorities are entirely thrown to the side.
    How unfortunate that shit like this Street Carnage article is still posted.
    A prime textbook example of racism – this article makes the 50s look tame.

  20. Hey Ricky says:

    Yoko you’re a dumb faggot AND you’re wrong. I know Nate Hill, Nate Hill is a friend of mine; you’re no Nate Hill.

  21. Goat My Sampson says:

    Way to break up the dialogue YOKO.

  22. wp says:

    i agree. who cares about the politics. “white people smell like cheetos and horse piss” is pure comedy. then put a black dude in white face ranting in the streets and it’s pure comedy gold.

  23. taco puncherface says:

    @wp – have you never seen a comedy before? cuz this shit isn’t funny. you’re acting like a fucking prison yard goof.

    y’wanna know WHY this shit isn’t funny? cuz it’s not edgy anymore! everyone is trying there best to out-racist everyone else and it’s fucking stupid. there is a subtlety to telling a funny racist joke and that’s gone out the window here. now people just laugh BECAUSE its racist/BECAUSE they are fucking stoopid.

  24. This nonsense needs to stop says:

    In all seriousness taco puncherface really did just sum up all the happy horse shit that goes one here on this site, from this piece to Gavin’s righteous white knight horse shit. What the fuck is so wrong with hate speech? I like having the right to like none of you people!

  25. guy from Ben Leo’s comedy club says:

    Fuck you this is perfect. If you don’t like this get off my goddamn site and go read Arv’s new site. IF this isn’t just Arv in the comments spewing bullshit

  26. says:

    All Americans are racist. They hard hard not to be. But still they are

  27. says:

    *try hard. sorry

  28. Shlomo Moskowitz says:

    “All Americans are racist.”

    Sounds like somebody’s bigoted toward Americans.

  29. JOey says:

    Blacks: stop perpetuating your own negative stereotypes, or don’t for the lulz of it.

    Whites: keep up the good work!

  30. social register nigga says:

    Not only are Nate’s projects pretty damn funny (in a “holy shit is this really happening” way), they’re legitimate commentaries on racism and society.
    What Nate’s doing does take balls. Being a light skinned black guy you have to be the hardest core nigger ever, otherwise you get shit on by your own real bad.
    Corny but relevant:

  31. jax the skull rider says:

    would’ve been MUCH better had he kept his mouth shut.

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