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• 03.30.12 12:00 pm

I read very little fiction. In fact, I have read very little fiction in the past 20 years. However, no writer of fiction has twisted my head around twice like Mr. Harry Crews, who kicked this mortal coil to the curb on Wednesday.

Violence. Sex. Sexual violence. More violence sprinkled with desperation on a poison cupcake whipped all over with violence frosting. Crews had it all. The first time I read Crews I felt like I needed to take a shower, and this was in the cruelty of my teens. Fiction as it was, I could tell he MEANT every word.

I’ve always liked authors who stand behind their words and would happily kick the dogshit out of you if push came to shove. Crews, being unapologetically Southern, gentile, and mean as a poked goat, is one of the finest examples of that kind of writer. Hemingway tried, Mailer faked it, but Crews would break your fucking jaw and never let you forget it. Stalking out like a murderous Foghorn Leghorn on Dennis Miller’s show, one could tell he was playing up for the cameras, but on the other hand, nobody in their right mind would step up to that guy. He was tried, true, and uniquely American. I urge you all to read Harry Crews, and if you want pay tribute to his memory, the next time some shitheel insults you, ace him square in the nose. I know I will. Then again, I would “Enneh-Howw!”


  1. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    Whoah, professor palpatine just explained sub-text to everyone. Pretty pissed that Game Of Thrones wont be concluded now.

  2. Shame Cop says:

    Whoa, some idiot with a painfully awkward and unfunny screen name just misspelled “whoa” and “subtext” in the same sentence.

  3. fizzlebottom says:

    He’s so tough his sleeves are scared of him.

  4. Jack says:

    This saddens me. I heard of this fellow from his son who is a professor of mine at my university.

  5. man says:

    I really like his story about getting boiled alive accidentally while butchering a hog
    but his book about competitive bodybuilders was crap

  6. d-bo says:

    can you count cards? no ? peace rain guy!

  7. Lorin says:

    I didn’t dig that bodybuilder book much, either. However, “a feast of snakes” and “all we need of hell” are great works of fiction that I encourage folks to read. Also, as if the guy needed any street cred, let us not forget that CHARLES FUCKIING BRONSON chose Mr. Crews as the only journalist to interview him at length. That alone is phenomenal. I respect the work of writers ten-thousand times funnier and more astute than I could ever be, but yet again, what a badass he was! He had a few minutes in a film called “Search for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus.” Check it out.

  8. emo jody says:

    i prefer to read authors based on writing ability, not fighting ability

  9. hey jody says:

    if he wasn’t a badass writer, we wouldn’t be discussing him. go read ‘feast of snakes.’

  10. Rob Reed says:

    If the first page of “Feast of Snakes” doesn’t suck you in, nothing will. RIP brother.

  11. Lorin says:

    I believe everything we need to know about “emo jody” is summed up by the fact that he calls himself “emo jody.”

  12. Harry A. Ness says:

    Harry Crews. That sounds like a fake name to this cowboy!

  13. Lorin says:

    HA! That’s a sincere HA, pally! This cowboy may have to one-up ya’ by writing under the name Rectalorin.

  14. L. Kill-B says:

    Yeah I hated fiction until I ran into this gal. Check her out.

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