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• 01.24.12 07:00 am

I was bitching about having to hide my tampon string for a nude photo shoot when one of my friends suggested I try the Instead cup…

I was bitching about having to hide my tampon string for a nude photo shoot when one of my friends suggested I try the Instead cup—a little plastic cup you jam up your junk to catch the effluvia sloughing off the walls of your uterus. It can be worn up to 12 hours, and most are washable and re-usable. And to think, all this time I’ve been stuffing a piece of cotton bleached with carcinogens up there… these cups are supposedly made of medical-grade silicone, so they are a safe alternative.

I had some free samples from last year’s Adult Expo, but I’d been too weirded-out to try them until now. The ones I got are called Instead SoftCups, and they are designed to be worn during sex, so that porn stars don’t have to take time off when they’re on their periods. I guess it fits up under your cervix, out of harm’s way even when a 15” cock is ramming your innards like a chocolate molcajete. Nice!

In the interest of science, I tried one out the second day of my period. And I’m here to tell you: It works exactly as advertised! I didn’t try the sex part (I haven’t had sex since the Sgt. Peanut fiasco back in September), but I wore it all day for around 12 hours, and it was great. Very easy to insert, and no mess to remove…although it was kinda weird having to reach up inside my vagina to fish it out. But definitely doable—the samples I had were meant to be disposable, so I plan to go online and get a Luna Cup or one of the reusable brands. Let’s hear it for innovation!!!!!!!!!!


  1. raptormeat says:

    im gona vom

  2. Atarilogic says:

    Where do I post the picture of my oozing cyst?

  3. George Eliot says:

    I think this is an all-time low for SC. That said, you should get the Diva Cup – it’s the best of the reusables!

  4. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    I imagine you to be the type who has a dirty toilet.

  5. Manolo says:

    Good god I’m glad to have a penis.

  6. catcccccchsup says:

    i was eating breakfast when i saw that picture. the last few days ive been seeing nasty shit when im eating breakfast, it sucks but im becoming immune.

  7. emily says:


  8. Dork says:

    It’s not as gross if you imagine it’s Hershey’s chocolate sauce.

  9. smvllz says:

    Just when I thought I seen it all…
    Will be trying!

  10. raymes says:

    Uh what do you do in public bathrooms walk that handful of blood over to the sink in front of all bathroom skeeze? Brave!

  11. dryrub says:

    finished the last bite of my pizza one second before I scrolled over that bottom picture. thank fucking god

  12. kure kure takora says:

    Y’know, I used to make fun of Jenn for a lot worse with her dumb-ass motorcycle fashion garbage. Now we’re talking about our periods. THIS IS NOT THE DIRECTION I WANTED TO GO IN.

  13. Brock Samson says:

    This chick must be the girlfriend of some mouth breather who has editorial control of this website. It’s the only explanation.

    I never knew you guys had a Jersey Shore reject on staff.

  14. chelsea says:

    that was fucking nasty. her period color at least, mine is a gorgeous baby pink like an angel floating on a cloud. her’s looked like a homeless rat’s period stream. she must live in a bad part of town.

  15. ONLYMERK! says:

    more belly noise fetish please…

  16. aliza shvarts edible arts says:

    Would this be an effective tool for catching my self-induced abortions?

  17. chris says:

    Kinda looks like one of those brain molds for jell-o. Dee-lish-us!

  18. Bird says:

    I am a female and surprisingly not a hippie…. I’m 100% against anything besides a nice pink penis inside of me and often times his tongue too. This woman doesn’t understand that flow is healthy, let your vagina breath you now loose uptight cunt.

    Anyways, these things are old news…you’re better off writing about condoms than having your vag stretched out. eeeekkkkkk.

    and lol@Brock Samson.


  19. farts says:

    i’ve been using the diva cup (the same one) for 6 years and i’ll never go back to tampons or pads

    ps rayme you ignorant cunt, you can change it every 12 hours so unless you spend every waking moment giving bjs in a toilet stall you can change it at home

  20. quincy jones illuminati says:

    this broad is garbage!

  21. Stirrups says:

    saying tampons are poison makes you sounds like a hippie, but the cups are way better anyhow. the only downside is that you gotta face facts and confront that your body can be really gross.

    I was wondering when SC started addressing ladies, and then I saw that cup pic. It’s about half a gag less awful than the face pictures.

  22. Hunk Williams, Jr. says:

    OMG, menses! What are you guys, 15?

  23. blah says:

    What happened to the NYC sex-demo scammer from last week? Does Hussy still not do anal? No more writing until we get some updates.

  24. danne c says:


  25. Monkey says:

    @ kure kure takora

    Here here.

  26. Pepe le pew says:

    let’s talk about the reusable sponge next yall

  27. pony says:

    i’ve looked through your portfolio… it is good to have a versatile face for modeling. i’ve broken down your ‘looks’, depending on the angle and lighting of the shot:

    1) Sinister
    2) Constipated
    3) PTA meeting
    4) Stupid/constipated
    5) Stupid/bloated
    it’s good you do nude though, really

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