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Jim Goad
• 12.05.12 05:45 am

“Jared” the Head-Injury Boy (already featured HERE, HERE, and HERE) has emailed me again to share a story that falls within a penny of being miraculous.

Stryper – 777

Ever heard this song ???

Jim Goad I was at the store when my total came to $7.78, and I me personally said “Oh too bad it’s not $7.77… I put a lot of faith in that it’s a good and Holy number…”

When the cashier said it’s a song by the Christian Rock band Stryper , so I looked it up and she was right !!! *777*

Dear Jim Goad I have done nothing wrong in the past 8 years, except a speeding ticket, and having anal sex with a girlfriend a few times, but these two guys A*** G***** and A*** K***** keep fucking with me and my parents because of some MADE-UP junk I posted on an internet forum about 9 years ago !!!

Oh, BTW, I got an A- in Poetry II and a B+ in Creative Writing at a state university…

So anyways I have my own place now not too far from home, and A*** G***** has moved far away (THANK GOD!!!)

But I get the feeling that A*** K***** is still nearby and he has installed all sorts of annoyance viruses on my computers… it sucks but I’m going to get them wiped clean soon…

He’s the one who submitted his body to anal sex with a man twice his age, who taught me in high school, a Catholic school but I’m Protestant…

And I’ve been meeting up with my minister once a month or so for YEARS now, and hes totally on my side…

I *LOVE* YOUR “COEXIST” IMAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Columbo says:

    Fuck Yeah!!!
    On the way to save some mothafukin souls now!

  2. Lunchin' says:

    @Jim Goad do you know what this guy looks like or where he lives?

  3. Jim Goad says:

    Yeah, but as us ex-cons say, I’m not going to “put him on Front Street.” I don’t think it’d be fair to either of us.

    He sort of looks like a normal white nerd. Slight overbite.

  4. Pup Snup says:

    could have sent him in this direction:

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