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• 05.01.12 12:21 pm

Taeil Kim (pictured above) is trying to blackmail me. What should I do? Should I set up some kind of elaborate sting operation where I offer him money and then catch him at the drop-off? Or do I just call the cops? 

Taeil Kim, a UCLA student, recently sent me this email.


I get a lot of emails from Taeil and plenty of texts too. I never respond. He emails just about everyone I work with too. He demands all kinds of stuff and laces in his rants with everything from “You’re cheaper than a fucking Jew” to “You’re an anti-semite.”

Occasionally, he has a flash of sanity and sends out emails like this.




The smartest thing to do is probably just pay him the money and keep the whole thing quiet, right?


Facebook (1) and Facebook (2), LinkedIn, Twitter, and (loneliness alert!) CampusBuddy. He’s currently a student at UCLA’s PoliSci department—(310) 825-4331 or

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(For those who missed them, here’s Part 2 and here’s Part 3.)

  1. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    Offer him some grammar lessons.

  2. emo jody says:

    i see what you did there

  3. Anonymous says:

    War can fuck up a man’s head. He needs help.

  4. chris says:

    If this whole thing ends with an upside-down SUV, I’m going to be very disappointed.

  5. corey says:

    I guess you have a chink in your armor

  6. Gil Gerard says:

    At least he seems to be fenced in somewhere. That’s probably for the best.

  7. Jim Goad says:

    To anyone who thinks this is a hoax:

    Since I told this loser to get the fuck out of my life a solid YEAR ago, I have made zero contact with him. He’s sent me dozens and dozens of emails. Every so often he’ll apologize, then he’ll go back to “dealing” with his rejection worse than any woman I’ve ever known.

    Particularly charming was when he decided to drag my murdered brother into it:

  8. Jim Goad says:

    We have a whole Warren Report’s worth of incriminating evidence on this jilted fanboy. You haven’t seen anything yet.

  9. WaxWingSlain says:

    What’s the difference between a Canadian and a canoe?

  10. panonymous says:

    Bipolar disorder could very well be responsible for this behavior.

  11. tommy gun says:

    i thought he was a writer for you guys? what happened? i’m genuinely curious.

  12. tommy gun says:

    @jimgoad – whoa. that’s way over the line re: your brother. way over.

  13. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    The Canadian will sink in water, the canoe has no clue.

  14. Jim Goad says:

    @tommy He’s also involved my kid and other people’s family members in his psycho crusade.

    I can’t speak for why he’s acting this way toward others, but the precipitating act always seems to be when someone rejects him for his behavior. Apparently he lacks the insight to see that the problem here is his personality.

    Here’s what happened in my case: In between him sending me emails over the years telling me I’m the bee’s knees, he kept expressing some lame-ass concern that I was becoming a “white nationalist” and “anti-Semite” and falling over to the dark side.

    Anyone who has the most rudimentary understanding of me knows I’m antisocial—perhaps pathologically so—and I never join group movements. That’s why I don’t identify as “liberal” or “conservative” or “white pride” or anything else. For fuck’s sake, I never even seek to hang out with people. At base I’m a skeptic and I think modern race hysteria fits all the qualifications of a classic moral panic, so I fixate on that. It’s my psychological damage for being raised Catholic and becoming fascinated with taboos.

    But even before any of this happened, I’d been warned that Taeil is very, very dumb.

    He was on my Facebook group and sucked up a lot of air there. I once mentioned a book by psychologist Kevin MacDonald called “The Culture of Critique,” which tries to explain so-called “anti-Semitism” through the prism of group evolutionary psychology. MacDonald said that Jews survived persecution over the centuries through fierce cooperation and maintaining a stubborn ethnic identity which some might label separatist. There was nothing hateful or rabid in the book’s tone—if anything, it’s dry and scholarly. But I found the book fascinating because it attempted to explain “anti-Semitism” using methods that didn’t simply posit the existence of some universal Mystery Hate Virus called “anti-Semitism” that seemed to coincide with the presence of Jews wherever dem Jews might be.

    Upon hearing that I’d read the book and found it interesting, Taeil—whom even the zombies over at Think Progress recently suggested has some “weird Jew thing” going on—flipped the frack out. He started accusing me of being an “anti-Semite,” of saying “Jews want to control the world,” of swallowing “conspiracy theories,” and all other sorts of predictable nonsense that you’d expect someone with a dim grasp of these issues to say.

    At one point, I suggested he had a “weird Jew thing” going on because he secretly feels guilty that he may have been used as cannon fodder for Israeli interests in the Iraq war. Either way, yeah—he still definitely has some “weird Jew thing” going on. On Think Progress, he saw fit to inform the audience that he follows a lot of Jewish chicks on Twitter.

    Still, he would NOT LET UP about that book. So I told him to READ the fucking book. He said he didn’t have to—he knew it was a rabid, hateful, nonsensical, foaming-at-the-mouth slice of JEWHATE. It didn’t seem to occur to him that the only person foaming at the mouth was him. After a while, I said, “Fine—if you’re not going to read the book, shut the fuck up about it and leave me alone about it.”

    Last May I reviewed a book by Jared Taylor over at the Taki site. Taeil went on there calling everyone stupid white-trash redneck white nationalist pieces of shit—in essence, using far more truly hateful terms than I’ve ever used to describe anyone who didn’t share my roots with me. At one point in the comments, someone mentioned the MacDonald book. Taeil said he’d “read that piece of Jew-hating shit” or somesuch.

    Since he was being a rude dick to everyone, I went on the comment thread and told him I’d caught him in a lie—I have several emails of him saying he absolutely refused to read the book. I also said that if he didn’t calm the fuck down and stop calling everyone pieces of shit, he’d get banned.

    “What the fuck do you mean, you motherf—” BOOM! Banned. From both my Facebook group and the Taki site. He’s subsequently harassed Taki’s daughter, Lesley Arfin, other members of my Facebook group, and who the fuck knows who else. Plenty of people. He’s CC’d the entire SC staff of writers numerous times. Arfin in particular has told him to stop. She’s probably the 1000th Jewish chick who’s had to tell him to stop.

    After he stomped his tiny feet and demanded an explanation for why I banned him—he had already sent emails suggesting I had PTSD because prison must have “really got to me” (whereas he was either born crazy, or the Iraq War obviously really got to him)—I sent him a calm explanation that after prison and brain surgery, the way in which these experiences “got to me” was they taught me to cut annoying assholes out of my life because they aren’t worth the time.

    So he’s continued being an annoying asshole for a full year, apparently under the delusion that this “proves” anything beyond the fact that I was right for rejecting him in the first place.

  15. raymes says:

    He should probably just stop and walk away. File a report of this now with police so that when he goes bananas there will be a note of it. Do not further engage.

  16. C and the MS-13s says:

    @tommy gun
    I’m curious, too. Isn’t this that schnook that liked Black Flag more than being in Iraq? Was he fired and now he’s uppity? Is it valid to blame war? He’s not handicapped to the point where he can’t take the responsibility to take his medication, that’s for sure.

    What’s the haps?

  17. C and the MS-13s says:

    @Jim Goad
    Thanks, Jim Goad.

  18. E. Booker says:

    You may wish to reconsider posting this fellow’s personal information publicly, he seems mentally ill. If you do want to help, you could notify the police. Or just continue to ignore it, or at the very least, anonymize it.

  19. WaxWingSlain says:

    The canoe can tip

  20. Late to the Party says:

    Jesus, honestly, I’d be careful. These are the types that stalk and kill.

  21. Lasse Holmberg Josephsen says:

    Here’s how creepy the guy can be about Jewish girls. He somehow found out that my girlfriend is Jewish a while ago while we were still friends on Facebook. This is what he sent me:

    I was creeped out by it, but I kept polite. Everyone can go too far sometimes. But that was before I realized he’s really a fucking nutjob. Among several bizarre messages he has sent me about how he has a sinister plan to destroy Gavin and Jim (the most idiotic I’ve ever seen, believe me!), he also sent this:

    Creepy, huh?

  22. Late to the Party says:

    @E Booker, you don’t get it, he has a million email addresses. He says in one email that he can create emails and new IP addresses at will. So posting three or four of them doesn’t matter because he probably doesn’t use them anymore since he’s doing the equivalent of calling from a pay phone.

  23. tommy gun says:

    @jimgoad tx. certainly anyone who brings someones kids into an argument crosses the line.

    i haven’t read the Macdonald book so i won’t comment other than to say there is a great deal to admire about the global impact of jewish culture and paradoxically that massive impact may have never occurred without its historic insularity.

    i have read your articles and you are not a white nationalist. i think you make it clear there are plenty of unintelligent, even dangerous white people. certainly no one can debate whites have an equal propensity for ignorance and violence as any other grup, which, despite the modern narrative, has been mostly aimed at other whites – WWII, Stalin’s terror famine in the Ukraine, and the american civil war leap to mind.

    @Gavin as for taeil, the internet i think has this multiplier effect, especially for lonely people, in terms of insults, pejorative language etc. perhaps that’s at the root of this…. it strikes me as sad more than anything else. perhaps keep this more anonymous?

    good luck.

  24. tommy gun says:

    ps: @jimgoad “At base I’m a skeptic and I think modern race hysteria fits all the qualifications of a classic moral panic, so I fixate on that. It’s my psychological damage for being raised Catholic and becoming fascinated with taboos.”

    sounds about right :)

    though “antisocial”…i dunno man. you have a big web community. maybe you mean in person. nbd anyway.

  25. Nate says:

    Motherfucker should have gone behind seven proxies before attempting such 1337ness.

  26. Jucifer says:

    You gotta watch out for Koreans, they are all angry about their small pinisses and get shooty.

  27. just a cunt hair away says:

    weird, but are youse guyses really bitching about him all while banning him? cool police state!

  28. Jim Goad says:

    My, my, someone’s Twitter account has instantly vanished!

    Here’s a golden oldie from it:

  29. C and the MS-13s says:

    While this is kind of tragic and weird, it’s also kind of nice–reminds me of the old Street Carnage days when this was a true community.

  30. lester says:

    his twitter account is still there

  31. Jason says:

    I would call the cops and get that shit on record for if you need to protect yr. domicile etc.

  32. Ryan Tyssen says:

    This guy seems reasonable.

  33. Jim Goad says:

    The smoking guns upon which this self-described “Master of Fuck Fuck Games” (no shit, he actually said that) built his sinister, Machiavellian extortion racket have been revealed. He was going to “save my reputation” (what reputation?) by graciously refusing to disclose them, apparently if the proper price had been paid (another dumb move, but he’s a dumb guy).

    This is part of a Facebook discussion with him where he kept hectoring me about the Jews which fascinate him so.

    I did more Googling, and it looks like the Karl Marx quote is apocryphal, but I allowed as much during the conversation. Otherwise, if I made any mistakes in these comments or said anything factually inaccurate, please point it out.

    Wait until the stuff about him threatening to show pictures of black cocks to Gavin’s kids comes up. He’s heavily outgunned in the “blackmail” department.

    His entire “blackmail” scheme consists of calling me a Jew-hater, alleging that I once said Gavin has written things that are no more or less “racist” than what I’ve written, and the threat to expose a picture of a drunk, passed-out Gavin from years ago that Gavin doesn’t give a shit about.

    But we have plenty of shit, all of it legal, that’s going start flying at his damaged head from all directions. I guess he doesn’t even know about the girls—plural—who are filing legal charges against him.

    What a dumb motherfucker. Oh, wait—even his own mom wouldn’t fuck him.

  34. omg sooo randummm says:

    so wait, his blackmail material is racist jokes gavin has made and a picture of gavin drunk? Are you sure his material isnt just a copy of ‘how to piss in public’?

  35. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    Ok this ongoing exposure of these incidents has sparked my legitimate interest. Is the goal here to expose everything of this ( potentially mentally disturbed) individual and drive him into some sort of irate fury of shame and self loathing? Because if that is what the goals are then id say you are doing a splendid job. If this is a serious matter, i would take things a bit more seriously.

    If by chance this is some hoax set up in cahoots with all parties involved, then bravo, very entertaining.

  36. Jim Goad says:

    Here’s another one of the charmless tard’s stillborn “Gotcha!” moments. Behold out our brilliant rhetorician’s sterling logic where he argues that the Confederacy was multicultural. (I’d like to see the passage where I “defend the Confederacy,” because I’m drawing blanks.)

    Oh—it’s followed up by one of his apologies.

  37. Jim Goad says:

    @ Drippy

    Has anyone ever considered you important enough to the marrow of their self-image that they wound up stalking you? It’s happened to me several times. Here’s one example:

    How would you suggest we handle it? Go to the cops? I’d rather do it this way.

  38. blaahus poopus says:

    Ugh. The man’s not well.

  39. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    No no one considers me important. Im sure you are very important, no one is denying your great importance. Im just saying consider the following questions seriously:

    Do you care what happens to this person or anyone who might be in the fallout area of a potentially violent act?

    Do you care what happens to the person himself in the worst case scenario?

    What is the worst case scenario?

    Smarten up.

  40. fartsters says:

    If this is for real, airing it on a public forum doesn’t seem like it will be met with much success. This individual seems to be mentally ill, and if anything it should be dealt with by law enforcement and mental health authorities. Public shaming doesn’t seem like the best way to deal with individuals who proudly display firearms.

  41. Jim Goad says:

    C’mon, man. I never claimed that I’m important. I’m a micro-mini-quasar-quark of a celeb, and only in a tiny, tiny milieu.

    Despite that, it doesn’t stop these deranged Rupert Pupkin characters from latching onto you and harassing the shit out of you because THEY think you’re important.

    What I was saying is that if you’ve haven’t been full-blown stalked, you might not exactly appreciate what it’s like, and to give armchair advice seems douchey at best.

    Whatever he winds up doing is entirely his fault. And I don’t buy the “mentally ill” alibi at all. He’s chosen to press “send” for a solid year, then cops out and blames it on his “meds.” Trying to fob the blame off on me or Gavin makes zero sense. All we’ve done for a year straight is ignore him. But he doesn’t go away.

    Honestly—what would you recommend we do instead?

  42. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    I cant say what to do, this is between the two of you, i cant possibly imagine all of the dynamics of your interaction. Im just saying that this matter would probably be far better suited in a private, serious, communication. A public flogging of this kind may have consequences you are not fully conceptualizing. The statement that you are not a part of a violent act induced by your public humiliation on a potentially mentally unstable person doesn’t sound alright to me. All i can do is treat things on the level as they are presented to me, by you. As far as i can see, this guy is prone to wild mood swings, is military trained, has access to weapons, is obsessive and has made several violent statements. I guess you are claiming he is no big thing, hope you are right. And although you may have not stated that you are objectively important, you did state you were more important than I am. I’ve got no beef with that Mr.Important.

  43. Jim Goad says:

    “you did state you were more important than I am.”

    No, I didn’t. I asked if anyone ever considered you important enough to stalk. It was an honest question. Since you hide behind a screen name, you could be the Pope for all I know.

    You also seem to be proposing the inane idea that this is someone who can be reasoned with privately.

  44. stanky stanky says:

    Dude was in the military, with clearly a severe manic depressive disorder? I’m assumed one wouldn’t even be allowed to enlist with something like that.

  45. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    Im not telling you how to handle it privately. Just that a private forum is more suited, as a public one can have pretty devastating consequences. You win on the “importance” debate, I concede victory to Mr. Important.

  46. Jim Goad says:

    I’ve talked with friends for months about this. The person whose opinion I probably value more than anyone else’s said this was probably the best way to deal with it.

    To assume there was some malignant attempt to “humiliate” him rather than maybe make him stop before more drastic measures had to be taken is, again, douchey.

  47. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    Sounds like its on with the show.

  48. Omg sol says:


  49. omg sooo randummm says:

    I miss the steve-o emails..

  50. ??? says:

    If he’s truly harassing you, SC staff and it’s all written down via tweets, emails FB etc then just bring it to the fucking police for a protection order of some kind.

  51. Lair says:

    An unbalanced Iraqi war vet on meds making threats?
    Thank goodness for the war on terror, you pour the money in and get wonderful returns on it like this fine human being. oh… and freedom.
    Taeil, they only liked you and thought you were cool when you were on the other side of the planet shooting at people they’ve never met and turning it into blog fodder. Don’t let these (undoubtably) crypto-pro-anti-jews win!

  52. nuxnoiz says:

    You guys really think protection orders do anything? Seriously?

    Because they’ve totally worked wonders for every chick whose psycho ex continued stalking her long after she had the magic piece of paper, ditto all the big-time Hollywood actresses who have them yet still have to fork out big bucks for 24/7 security details to keep the stalkers at bay.

    At best the cops would tell the guy to leave Gavin and Jim alone. Calling the cops won’t do anything, privately telling the guy to piss off won’t do anything, posting the emails won’t do anything either [beyond provide a couple chuckles to the rest of us].

    I’ve had a couple female friends who’ve had to deal with obsessed guys like this, and another who is the creepy obsessed type still following some guy she worked with 2 years ago. The only thing that stops them is they get bored of you and find someone new to stalk instead.

  53. Lard Khan says:

    This guy is just like Mark Ames. Ames & Kim loved you guys for being misanthropic until they found out that being misanthropic means actually not liking people. Not just hating white & religious people, but hating all people. He is one of those pseudo-misanthropes. He wants to hate popular targets like religious fanatics, without hating protected groups like black people. Not saying Goad & Mcinnes are bigots, but making the point that being misanthrope is going after everybody. Not just the popular targets. Mark Ames & Taeil Kim are wannabes. Ames & Kim feel phony when faced with real misanthropes.

    This is the psychosis of the left & leftish people in general. They want to be critical elists without being critical of anything that actually matters. The left is largely about fake iconoclasm. When faced with real acts of iconoclasm they scream in anger. They know they suck & are not special.

  54. duh says:

    bummer, this guy used to post some good stuff

  55. Judah1Foot says:

    I laughed at his second email address. 0151 is Administration and to have Machine Gun Etiquette in front of it is cute.

  56. ??? says:

    @nux at the very least it will start a history. If this guy is as unhinged as it seems, the police will be involved at some point.

  57. Taylor Dane says:

    So scary. Where does he live?

  58. Gil Gerard says:

    As much as I loathe the idea of dealing with police, this guy is both a hazard to you and in violation of some criminal statutes. You’d probably be better served in the long run by getting them involved.

  59. Sniffy says:

    Arm yourself. These kinds of people don’t care about restraining orders. I would shoot this guy on site.

  60. tio pepe says:

    the internet is serious business guys

  61. wacky! says:

    @Lard, interesting point but I’m not sure misanthropes are inherently special either. Many of the people I work with are quite misanthropic and it’s not because they’ve sharpened their critical thinking skills over the years. It’s because they are depressed and/or have low empathic insight and/or they suck to interact with and unknowingly drive others away.

  62. wacky! says:

    In regards to the Tragedy of Taeil, it sounds like someone was given precisely -100 boundaries as a kid. Bummer

  63. John says:

    Okay…Gavin i get…Goad I get…but Arfin? Lesley Arfin? Why the f would anyone ever fuck with her? What kind of monster? Taeil: take your meds, get over yourself and get some hugs. This seriously disturbed me and I’ve seen juggaloes, Gavin’s penis, poo, and all sorts of horrible shit on this site.

  64. jaidd says:

    whatever happened to the ketamine pushups guy? I really liked that feature.

  65. boob says:

    I’m guessing…. enlisted infantry?

  66. Yarg says:

    Wait, Leslie Arfin is Taki’s daughter??

  67. Jim Goad says:

    ^^^ No, that’s why I separated them by commas. They’re two different people. He apparently harasses lots of chicks.

  68. Lasse Holmberg Josephsen says:

    Taeil has commented as “Anders Behring Breivik” under this short piece I wrote:

  69. Anonymous says:

    Last I heard he’s a coke dealer. The proper authorities have been notified. Have fun tasting Crip AIDS, dumbass!

  70. Gbrl says:

    Hi. It’s me again. You know who I mean. Fuck, a first-grader could tell. And I’m the only one who ever checks this page. My heroes rejected me. I will never recover from this rejection. I’ve made that eternally obvious to the world. My life is the saddest one ever lived.

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