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• 07.27.16 04:36 pm

The goal here is not to make your wife cry but to get her right to the edge where you see the tears well up. 

Then you stop.

  1. The Central Bus says:

    Sounds like a book proposal…I smell a best seller!

  2. Man-dong-o says:

    Converse with your penis like it is an invested third party to your marriage.

  3. raymi says:

    why why why what is the impetus of messing with someone who has already had enough of your shit

  4. raymi says:

    this is my bf i want to cry

  5. John P. says:

    #11.) Pointing Out Traffic Signs & Lights Before She Can: chicks tend to drive a million times slower than dudes. This is obviously an indicator of how better men are at driving but women think it has something to do with them being reckless drivers. So, when they’re sitting in the passenger seat they feel the need to point out every traffic sign and light. Next time she’s sitting shotgun, point and shout about every single fucking traffic sign & light in a frenzied voice, before she notices it.

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