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• 03.31.08 12:46 pm


I rue the day animals figure out our calendar system. They will flip out! They have no idea what day it is, they just mince around thinking “oh it’s just another day… duh time to eat… duh… fart” Really you pathetic non-human? Well, today is MONDAY and if you had the ability to comprehend that, stupid, you would know that you are supposed to roll your eyes and barely get anything done. You are supposed to complain and mope around. In fact if you could read the calendar you would act more like this… (I chose to use flamingos and their inability to deal to really drive my point home)
Well, until then pea brains, humans will shoulder the responsibility of Mondays while you eat and fart and stare at calendars thinking, “What’s that duuuhhhh”

  1. Mr. Belvedere says:


  2. MethMagic says:

    Thank you animal friends! You have truly pissed off our pissed off helicopter flying biker terrorist captors, and done nothing else to stop us from being killed…Thank you!

  3. sarahhaha says:

    I just caught my dog looking at the calendar and he whipped his briefcase down on his desk! SHIT!

  4. borneo says:

    garfield is the new antlers-on-people

  5. mr.wilson says:

    That’s why I stopped serving shrimp rings in my autogyro.

  6. dugfresh says:

    HA HA! LOL! and all that shit.
    I hope they never learn our calendar – turkeys will go OFF on thanksgiving.

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