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• 10.29.11 05:24 pm

If there’s one time of the year you should be thinking about politics and critical theory it’s when you’re dressing up to get wasted.

You can’t do blackface but blacks can make their face black. I know. Shocking.

If there’s one time of the year you should be thinking about politics and critical theory it’s when you’re dressing up to get wasted. As this feminist rant clearly states, politically incorrect Halloween is evil because it’s “an act of appropriation in which someone who does not experience that oppression is able to play, temporarily, an exotic other.”

Joni Mitchell dressed as a black pimp back in 1974 before academics woke us up to this cultural genocide.

Halloween isn’t about playing or pretending to be someone you’re not. It’s about pretending suicide bombers are not Muslims and Indians were living the life of Adam and Eve before we got here. Also, there is no such thing as a Geisha and there never has been so don’t you dare acknowledge them either. Oh yeah, and finally, if you dare to imply that gangbangers exist, you are calling every black person in the world a Crip.

Stick to shit like Smurfs or I’ll sic a bunch of 20-something LUGs on your ass and they’ll bombard you with words and phrases like: offensive, culturally appropriate, appropriation, an act of privilege, stereotypical portrayals, daily discriminations, sexualization, patriarchy, and hegemony, until you’re blue in the face.

Indian women don’t wear headdresses so if an attractive white woman wears one she’s advocating child rape. Obviously.


UPDATE: Turns out, this has been going on for way longer than we thought. Back in the late 1800s this asshole conducted thoughtless acts of appropriation.

UPDATE 2: This “surprisingly necessary” meme is catching on and Halloweeners all over America are joining the cause. Costumes hurt, people. Wake up!

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  1. MXWL says:

    Dan Prebeg is this campaign, personified.

  2. Shug says:

    The reason it’s wrong to dress up as an American Indian is you’re dressing up as a race. Nobody dresses as a “white guy.” The suicide bomber and gangbanger are types but the Indian is the only one that’s an entire race in one costume.

  3. Nate Dogg is Dead says:

    ^^ Sorry, that doesn’t work. Indians basically have two versions: The ones we see today with long hair and a flannel shirt or whatever and the ones they used to be with all the traditional gear. Though there were and are thousands of tribes, their traditional garb is all pretty similar. Nobody’s going to dress as a modern Indian the same way no one is going to dress as a modern Serbian. So, when your traditional race all looked pretty similar, yes, you can dress “as a race.”

    Whites have had a lot more variety as far as types go. And people do dress as Amish, Cowboys, Jews, Scotsman, cavemen, the billionaire from Monopoly, Russians, lumberjacks, Frenchmen, and of course, hillbillies.

  4. Goat My Sampson says:

    Please, If a black person,a hispanic, an american indian or asian etc. dressed as a white guy I think it’d be hilarious. They could dress in khakis, crocs, a combover hair cut, dress shirt and tie and maybe a briefcase or something and be a “peckerwood” and being a white person I would have no problem, it’d be funny. Or if they were all American Eagle’d out or college bro’d out it’d be funny to me.

    A big reason racism still exists is because nobody can joke about it with each other because everyone’s on the defensive. If everyone could joke with each other about race it would be way less of an issue. It wouldn’t be a serious issue. This PC shit is killing race relations while liberals think it’s aiding it.

  5. Red says:

    If anything proves the PC movement is ultimately about party pooping it’s this crusade against what a bunch of strangers were doing at a party.

  6. PopFop says:

    Anybody that passes out at a party from drinking too much is impersonating an American Indian.

  7. Goat My Sampson says:

    Exactly@ Nate Dogg we had a huge Redneck party one time and even real rednecks who showed up were in on it and joked that they weren’t wearing a costume. Some hispanics even joked about the same thing because in the south a lot dress just like rednecks. Everyone had a good time, girls went skinny dipping in the pool and everything was grand. These white guilt people are compounding the problem man.

  8. Lana says:

    I think this is soo stupid. It’s fucking Halloween, take a joke and enjoy chick being slutty.
    If someone dresses up as a different race and does it in a racist manner theyre the ones that look like idiots, if is done correctly it’s funny like thta chick dressed like lil wayne.

  9. Red says:

    Outside of dressing up as someone’s kid right after it was murdered, I can’t even think of a costume that is offensive. Maybe if you dressed as a Klansmen at a party right after some black dude got beat by them but if that black guy is going through some kind of delicate trauma, he shouldn’t be out partying.

    Also, the Klan would hate to know their sacred ritual gear is being worn by a wasted guy who could give a shit about their stupid movement and doesn’t give two fucks about it so it’s arguably just as offensive to them.

    If there’s one night we shouldn’t have to be worrying about people’s feelings it’s at a drunken costume party. Jesus Christ.

    Of course Gawker and the Poo Bahs at the NYT have jumped in on the party pooping.

  10. nrrrd says:


    It’s not like they are 2.5 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than other women living in the United States.

    I still can’t get my fucken head around this one. Does it mean that if we cut it out with the indian costumes, then rape rates will drop in Alaska?

  11. listen right and fly up says:

    There really is no reason for these ads. We’re sorry you get butthurt about them on the sole basis of you being a minority. You should celebrate that and be flattered that people want to emulate you, or at least a persona that represents your outward physical appearance. How many John Shaft types do you see dressing up as JP from Grandma’s Boy?

    Hell, if I was a hot girl and I was able to pull off an Indian headdress, why WOULDN’T I try my hardest to wear it all the time?

  12. Insula Dulcamara says:

    Jesus, TakiMagFags everywhere in this comment thread

  13. cunty potato says:

    i fucking love you, gavin mcinnes

  14. jissom jigaboo says:

    shit, why not have an advert with a fat goth vampire complaining about people trivialising his lifestyle choice?

  15. ferfuxxsake says:

    LOL at the Indian Chick trying to make me feel guilty about Indian Guys raping her…

  16. Kit says:

    I know this isn’t exactly the place people come to “care,” But really, is asking people to stop being so racist really such a horrible thing? Oh no, I might have to have a meaningful conversation!

  17. nrrrd says:

    Fuck off!

  18. Derrrr says:

    The most offensive thing about this (judging by the pictures) is the mediocrity. It appears hilarious blackface/whateverface costumes are primarily a big hit among Midwestern State School frat guys who’s future is managing the local Chili’s.

  19. meh says:

    that was lame

  20. Plato's cave says:

    So an Indian headdress can’t be a state of mind? Don’t understand.
    But it doesn’t really matter anyways. Right.

  21. 17 says:

    It’s not necessarily about being racist I think. It’s about not acknowledging that racism exists. I don’t think that most “Midwestern State School frat guys” who would dress in blackface are racist, i do think that their conception of racism doesn’t really extend beyond bigotry/interpersonal racism.

    Racism is/was more than hate crimes, segregation, slavery etc…, it’s also a pretty fucking complex systematic dehumanization of entire communities. When most people think of racism they think of some white dude calling a black guy a nigger and really fucking meaning it. When I think of racism I think about the fact that 10% of black Americans are in prison (circa 2002). Like, there’s a reason for that. It has to do with underlying world-views and, as a black man, I think ignoring the fact that the first image that people conjure when they think of a black person is either, a pimp, a thug or like, some illiterate African savage is totally fucked and needs to be addressed.

    I know it’s all just fun and getting wasted, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fucking real thing…y’know. The costumes are just a symptom of something that deserves some serious fucking consideration.


  22. alex says:

    What ever happened to the idea of FUN!

  23. Self-Flagellating Caucasian says:

    “When I think of racism I think about the fact that 10% of black Americans are in prison (circa 2002).”

    Yeah, it’d be absolutely fucking nuts to think it has anything to do with “committing more crimes.”

  24. Shug says:

    Hey kids, ever consider the possibility that this “systemic inequality” is a myth?

  25. Chiek Satellite Dish in Front Yard says:

    If you really want to look like an Indian, bring along an empty rotgut bottle and a date that you beat the shit out of all night while complaining that you lost your assistance card.

  26. This nonsense needs to stop says:

    On the surface you make a good argument Gavin but you’re reducing the nuances to rather simplistic terms. As a white guy who’s part of the majority in most places and circles you may find yourself in, do you have to answer as part of a group for the actions of a few individuals who share the same skin color or cultural back ground as you? No, you benefit from the privilege of being viewed as an individual most of the time. Do women cross the street most of time when they see you on the same side of the street because there’s a white mugger or rapists on the loose? Are you watched a little too closely when you walk into a store most of the time because a white person might have shop-lifted or may have been a meth-addict who held the place up? The Arab kid in the photo winds up answering for and having to defend his entire culture because he’s viewed through the prism of fanatical Islam, especially if he lives in a place without a Muslim community to fall back on. The black girl, she’s judged through the prism of low-life gang bangers everyday because let’s face it, the go-to face for most perceived social-ills from well-fare fraud to violent crime, is a black one. The Asian girl? You’re gonna honestly tell me that costume isn’t the embodiment of a white dude’s fetishism of Asian women as submissive, exotic, sex objects? Yeah geishas existed, and most non-Asian men have been viewing Asian girls as them since then. The Native American costume, you’re playing at the fetishisation of people who were really fucked in the ass by manifest destiny.

    I’m not saying you have no right to wear the costumes like a lot of knee-jerk liberals will and your argument make’s sense. Though you also can’t take the right away of the people who live directly in the shadow of those costumes and see deeper context and treat them like they’re pointing at unicorns. All I’m saying is that most people who wear the costumes enjoy the certain privilege of being treated and viewed as individuals while others feel like they’re seen as those costumes every day.

    17 made a good point. It’s not racist in itself to wear these costumes. Though the people wearing them may do what you did Gavin, reduce a meaningful discussion of it to simple overt things that are easy to dismiss and ignore the deeper context. The day to day reality of the people who put on the costume for one night is a bit different than the day to day reality of the person who has to answer for the stereo-type behind the costume everyday. Their context is a little different than yours Gavin.

  27. Shug says:

    White people are racially profiled. If the FBI is investigating a serial killer, they’re going to be looking at a white guy. If they see a fancy car with a white guy in it and it’s in a black neighborhood, they’re going to assume he’s there to buy drugs. Stereotypes are a helpful tool. Yes, innocent people get a suspicious look. When bikers go to a luncheon in the Hamptons, people are suspicious. If a black person gets a second glance on an elevator it’s because blacks rob at a rate disproportionate to their race. Blacks who get these glares should be mad at the criminals who gave them this reputation, not the woman with the purse.

    Besides, any uncomfortable elevator rides are counterracted by all the excited ass kissing visible minorities get when they overcome these stereotypes and actually do something worthwhile.

  28. Beastie Boy says:


  29. Socks says:

    I have always thought that Halloween costumes reveal a bit of the inner psyche of the person wearing the costume. WIth regard to costumes that dehumanize cultures, if the claim is made that the costume is merely recreating a stereotype, and not perpetuating a stereotype, a question then would be why is it necessary to recreate a stereotype, especially one that is negative? Also, does the one replicating the negative stereotype also suffer?

  30. damn says:

    @nate dogg indians are not all the same, dude. to a little girl living in india, all the minute differences between a cowboy, a hillbilly and whatever else white subculture all disappear and form one simplistic notion of “white man”. you guys all look exactly the same from far away too.

    @7 @this nonsense: thanks for writing all that out. I think the flyers aren’t effective because this is a complex issue that suddenly got reduced to a very simplistic idea that is easy to ridicule. I mean, a sad minority (ugh, the expressions are so “pity me”) holding a picture of some average joe (that most americans can relate to) obviously not intending any harm, having fun??? I can see why everyone’s brain goes straight to: “Oh great, we just wanna party and the minorities can’t stop bitching about oppression using college words.” I’m glad they’re trying, but how will that get the point out to the masses? I’m a minority and yeah, I fucking cringed when I saw some of these costumes. I don’t think I couldve articulated so well WHY these made me cringe. The flyers themselves are totally laughable but what you guys said isn’t. So thanks

  31. Anonymous says:

    “Also, does the one replicating the negative stereotype also suffer?”

    Not as much as I’ve suffered from being exposed to your limpdick piety.

  32. damn says:

    I love this especially:
    “All I’m saying is that most people who wear the costumes enjoy the certain privilege of being treated and viewed as individuals while others feel like they’re seen as those costumes every day. ”

    it’s a good explanation for everybody who dismisses these because “it’s funny/okay when “white people” get made fun of.”

  33. sho nuff says:

    30% of this was decent

  34. Socks says:

    ^@Anonymous: Could you please explain “limpdick”?

  35. busted says:

    There’s part of my that totally agrees with@Socks, and another part of me wonders why people can’t be even a little bit creative. Most of the costumes that are portraying negative racial stereotypes came about decades ago, when people really had no idea what being pc was. Being pc is not a bad thing; there are too many ignorant people populating this earth as it is. There are many that benefit from being educated by someone else telling them they’re being a dickhead. Having said that, instead of copying the same costumes your parents wore in the 70s, and being generally lazy, why not use your imagination and come up with something creative? People that dress up as “gangstas”, suicide bombers, etc, are, in my humble opinion, lazy and not very smart.

  36. I can’t believe the amount of PC Faggotry in this discussion.

  37. KC Casey says:

    “People that dress up as “gangstas”, suicide bombers, etc, are, in my humble opinion, lazy and not very smart.”

    There are tests for such things. Without fail, they prove that black people are not very smart.

    PC is based on a false premise of human equality and will go to absurd lengths trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

  38. RazzleDazzle - fag says:

    People should be protected from physical violence. That’s it. “Not Being Offended” is not a right.

  39. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    It’s just a night to go out, get wasted and hopefully find someone to fuck. The only difference between Halloween and EVERY OTHER NIGHT is that you get to do a little role playing. Good practice for when you want to spice up your marriage because you can’t stop thinking about that teenager at Wendy’s while you’re screwing your very bored/boring wife.

  40. luke says:

    It’s not that some of these costumes themselves are “racist” it’s your obviously trolling contrarian insistence on them not being racist that is racist.

  41. luke says:

    Socks: “WIth regard to costumes that dehumanize cultures, if the claim is made that the costume is merely recreating a stereotype, and not perpetuating a stereotype, a question then would be why is it necessary to recreate a stereotype, especially one that is negative?”

    Exactly. It’s not like you shouldn’t be allowed to wear whatever costume you want, the question is rather why are you choosing to wear it?

  42. luke says:

    Shug: “If a black person gets a second glance on an elevator it’s because blacks rob at a rate disproportionate to their race. Blacks who get these glares should be mad at the criminals who gave them this reputation, not the woman with the purse. ”

    LOL, solid point bro. Hard to see any flaws in that.

  43. puke says:

    “it’s your obviously trolling contrarian insistence on them not being racist that is racist.”

    You appear to assume there’s an objective, scientific standard for “racism” that everyone silently agrees on, that everyone agrees it’s “shameful”—like “sin”—and anyone who “denies” being that way is merely trying to wriggle out of the shameful accusation.

    Dumb fucking assumption. Almost as dumb as black people.

  44. 17 says:

    Shug: “If a black person gets a second glance on an elevator it’s because blacks rob at a rate disproportionate to their race. Blacks who get these glares should be mad at the criminals who gave them this reputation, not the woman with the purse. ”

    Self-Flag: Yeah, it’d be absolutely fucking nuts to think it has anything to do with “committing more crimes.”

    @Shug-Or how about this… The black person should be mad because via hundreds of years of oppression black people are still, by and large, raised and socialized in dangerous ghettoes with environments in which access to progressive social programs, safe neighborhoods, safe schools, fucking simple health care, parks, and all that good stuff are severely lacking.

    @Self-… ok, stop. I want you to wrap your head around your own statement. Yes, it’s true, “minorities” commit more crimes then white people. But if I understand correctly you’re saying that they’re somehow physically/psychologically predisposed to committing more crimes? What. The Fuck. It doesn’t mention anything about WHY black people commit more crimes.

  45. 17 says:

    I hate to get riled up over this shit on a fucking message board called STREETBONERS, but seriously; if you all just want to make-believe that racism isn’t real or that ppl being upset about legitimate human issues that concern the entire fucking world can or should be dismissed with a few cuss words and some short-sighted platitudes, then consider me trolled.

  46. luke says:

    @puke: awesome words bro. you seem like you’ve got the type of grasp on logical argumentation that you don’t normally find on internet messaga boards. i’d be willing to bet you’ve read numerous books that many of us aren’t familiar with and are ready to supply links to them here.

    how about this, just throwing it out there: if you’ve gone out of your way to justify how you’re not racist, you are racist. there’s your definition.

  47. luke says:

    @17: these people don’t really believe what they write, it’s just about differentiating themselves through the only means they have left to seem shocking. it’s a game.

  48. puke says:

    “if you’ve gone out of your way to justify how you’re not racist, you are racist. there’s your definition.”

    You obviously missed my point. The point is that there’s no real definition of “racist” for anyone to deny “being.” It’s not an objective term. But it’s obviously some kind of pervy Scarlet Letter for you.

  49. Nate says:

    Yes, because shaming your opponents into adopting your standards of decency doesn’t create any kind of resentment at all, and ALWAYS works. Yup. God, I love these kinds of PSAs.

  50. nrrrd says:

    Luke… look here broski:

    This “STARS” group is real fucken gay. Just like that “SHARP” skinhead’s club. People react to them with revulsion. Their issues and the language they use were created solely to justify their education, which is unjustifiable.

    Arguing with them will drive you insane. If something is said in a “peer reviewed journal” or the NYT, they proceed as if it’s fact. No Indian in the world gave a fuck about Halloween costumes 3 years ago, so why the big deal now?

    Because of STARS and online-edition-liberal-troll-lace-curtain-Irish motherfuckers like you.

    Racist part:

    The latest sensation amongst Canadian Indians is this idea that white serial rapist/killers are hunting for them along desolate northern highways. With shit like that going on, how could you possible care about sitting around all day drinking and watching TV. Real people, real problems, bro.

  51. luke says:

    @puke: You are logicking the shit out of it, libertarian bro. Words, right?

    @nrrd: I don’t know anything about the Stars group, and I too am often put off by overly sensitive PC stuff of the, for example, Jezebel variety. Some people are incapable of letting the guard down for humor every now and again. Halloween, however, is fucking stupid, is trying to provoke a response by putting on a race costume, even if it’s not racist, which it may or may not be, just seems pointless and not worth it.

  52. Fight Fire With Fire says:

    What happens when visible minorities start dressing up as each other?

  53. Wtf says:

    Racism is hilarious.

  54. no says:

    I’m dressed as a stupid fat American! Who loves Halloween! Yay stupid stuff!!!

  55. no says:

    Halloween is retarded if you’re over the age of 15 / live outside of the united states…
    If you dress up like a fucking retard and offend someone coz of a race issue, I hope you get glassed in the fucking face!
    Otherwise I’m with beastie boy on this one.

  56. no says:

    (no offence to the retards)

  57. puke says:

    “You are logicking the shit out of it, libertarian bro.”

    Who said anything about “libertarian”? Why, you’re just full of dumb assumptions, aren’t you?

    I said “racism” is an indefinable smear word that’s used like “heretic.” Show where that’s wrong. Better yet, let’s see your definition of “racism.” Or even better than that, let’s see where people on this thread are going out of their way to deny they’re a word you probably can’t even define.

  58. Dumbotron says:

    I thought Luke was the one who thought it was stupid to argue on the Internet. If so, he’s been acting hella stupid lately.

  59. (not published or required) says:

    goddamn it ‘puke’, for a second there i thought you were gonna go the whole way with the “you’re assuming racism is shameful” thing, and break out the “i fucking love satan and what of it?” shit.. i would looove to see where THAT was gonna go..

    buut instead we get more ‘argument logic’ and definitions and “what do words really mean” etc etc which is actually starting to sound a tad familiar…

    you didnt used to have a little zine did you by any chance…?

    i would just like to for once see someone go “yeah fuck it im racist so what? i dont like different races too myself, i feel uncomfortable around them, i kind of hate them, i kind of hate other cultures, they seem stupid and they annoy me”
    or whatever it is thats really on your mind
    i know i do, sometimes. especially at airports. airports make me racist.

    but then i actually really like some different people from other races, i would say even i love them (not in a gay way. or not in a gay way that i would actually act on. race-gayness. is it racist if you would only screw a person of the same sex if it was from a certain race? not saying i would but if you’re gonna start really arguing inanities about whats racist then lets get gay sex involved

    also re ‘racist’ halloween costumes:
    here’s the test, if you can wear your ‘black person as a crip’ costume or your ‘muslim as a terrorist’ costume out to some random party where you know there’s gonna be a bunch of different races, and then stand there and listen to a drunk whatever-it-is guy from the race that you’re dressing as tell you that he’s fucking offended by it and why it pisses him (or her. or them) off… then fine

    but if you’re wearing it in a safe ‘whites only’ zone, then the shoe fits, homie.

    im betting if you had to actually deal with the ‘Race To Your Face’ test, then next year you’d be going down the Avengers or White Zombie route instead

    Mind you i have actually called black people the N-word to their face by accident and they totally understood it was an accident and that is why i never call white people N-word any more.

    On a more pressing note, does anyone know if you are supposed to put 2 spaces after a full stop any more or is that gone now?

  60. (not published or required) says:

    & one more for Puke:

    here is my ‘Definition of Racism’ for you then
    or maybe its my ‘Test If Its Racist’ test (since you asked)

    As above, if you can take your idea about whatever race it is, to a party or a bar where that race is in strong numbers (there must be alcohol involved. v.imp test ingredient) and your idea can take it (or you can take it), then cool. or not cool. whatever it turns out to be.

    maybe your real question is, is racism actually that bad?
    i would say it is, its shitty. but life is often shitty. or something
    i forgot to clean my teeth and i forgot its a public holiday tomorrow

  61. (not published or required) says:

    also: fuck you.

  62. puke says:

    Swinging and missing again, I see.

    Lemme put it another way. Some people consider homosexuality “evil.” Most gay people don’t.

    Would it make sense for those who see it as “evil” to demand, “I just wish them fags could come out once and admit they’re evil?” I mean, especially if the homosexual in question doesn’t agree with their definition of “evil”? Even if some annoyed gay guy said, “Sure, I’m evil,” he would just be acting facetiously.

    Again, “racism” is an indefinite word. It is never applied consistently, and if you ask 100 people what it means, you’ll get close to 100 divergent definitions.

  63. luke says:

    @dumbotron: I know, I should take my own advice, but it’s too tempting sometimes.

  64. puke says:

    ^ That “puke” right above isn’t me, but I can’t say I disagree.

    So you want someone to say “I think some races are better than others”? What rock have you been living under? People say that all the time. And almost everyone believes it. The argument is over what the word “racist” means—essentially nothing.

  65. Anonymous says:

    keep your race bullshit over on taki, this shit is lame. trivial also.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always tried to not be offensive on Halloween. That’s why I always dress like a dumb ghost — I wear a white sheet and a dunce cap.

  67. Anonymous says:

    “keep your race bullshit over on taki, this shit is lame. trivial also.”

    Eat a Halloween candy bowl full of dicks. Segregation is NOT OKAY.

  68. Goat My Sampson says:

    excuses are for the weak. stop bitching. every race has pros and cons. deal with it.

  69. (not published or required) says:

    no no, i want someone to say “im fucking racist” in this thread. on this website.

    i know people joke about it, and people rail against it, but then it always ends up splitting hairs and gets into this stuff about who’s morals say what and moral this and that and what is the definition of definition ad infinitum.
    such is often the nature of discussion.

    you cant just come out and say it in a public forum (not saying that you are a racist) without it descending into the above.

    i dont think racism is evil. everyone is a bit racist (its human nature)

    i think racism is ‘bad’, its shitty.

    i also think it doesnt really stand up in the real world. put to the test, it kind of crumbles in the face of its target. what im saying is if you took your ‘racist’ shit to the actual people its about, i think what you’ll find is intelligence, empathy, reasonable discussion, explanation, genuine hurt, forgiveness, humour etc etc all things that might make you go “ok that idea was wrong” (i still dont really like the way muslim women in full burqa smell weird like they never wash those things and just pour on shitloads of cheap deoderant, but thats more a cultural, laundry-related issue. i have many things about all different races that annoy me. i think im a racist and i like it.

    sorry for discussing racism and looking lame when the comments are supposed to be witty ironic quips & one-line post-hipster obscurism, but im fucking old
    i think luke & puke might be as well

  70. (not published or required) says:

    im not gonna argue semantics: ‘what does racist mean’.

    i dont do that shit like i dont do ‘politics’

    take that shit out IRL and see if it floats. if it doesnt its not a witch? idk

  71. (not published or required) says:

    eww gross i hate the little buzz you get after u write some stupid little shit on an internet argument i make myself sick
    time for coffee & quesadillas

  72. putting this out there says:

    I’m racist against hypocrisy and idiocy. If that happens to correlate with a skin color or area of living or school that people go to, then color me racist. However, I realize that such ‘racists’ must keep it within boundaries, otherwise some of those people who have more power or freedom could make life very hard for said radicals. I think it’s prudent for people to expose these double standards, but only if they are in a position to do so. Otherwise it could work against them, and their efforts would be for naught. There is power in numbers, on both sides of such equations.
    I don’t always follow this advice, mind you, but I usually learn from such mistakes.

  73. Ayatollah Bromeini says:

    How come no one ever dresses up as a Hasidic Jew?

  74. C and the MS-13s says:

    Political correctness bothers me so much. It’s a silly concept with Marxist origins with the idea of ruining American culture.

  75. luke says:

    It’s one thing to be the type of person who thinks political correctness goes over the top sometimes, and another thing to be the type of person who’s entire identity is being anti-PC.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Anti-PC only appears shocking, gratuitous, or even intentional should one swallow the bullshit canon of neo-taboos that comprise PC’s entire identity.

    Also, you misspelled “whose.” You know—”words” and everything. Even simple ones.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure that’s what the one guy was trying to get at with the define-racism thing. If you don’t find what you’re saying to be offensive, then you aren’t “trying to offend.”

  78. Anonymous says:

    In other words, if you don’t believe in equality, then it would follow you don’t think you’re being mischievous or naughty by saying things or trotting out facts that undermine the equality myth. You’re simply being honest.

  79. luke says:

    I am racist against constantly frightened, quivering pieces of shit, afraid that something they don’t have and doesn’t even exist is going to be taken away from them by the bogeyman, but maybe that’s just me.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Nah, you’re just a conformist who’s convinced himself he’s edgy and a hostile person who’s deluded himself that he’s about compassion. Pretty typical.

  81. (not published or required) says:

    ^ ‘typical’ meaning you just described pretty much every person there is.
    next insult “you have arms and legs”.

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