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• 05.27.16 02:34 pm

Anthony and I chose Alex’s show to come out of the closet as complete fags. 


  1. Scott Bell says:

    Cumia says “We want our freedoms back.” in his support of Trump. That’s when I quit watching. Maybe 2 minutes in. Take a look at the Bill of Rights and tell me where Trump hasn’t shown his disdain either during this campaign or directly before. It’s a goddamned shame. Vote libertarian. Every office. Every race. Trump is an authoritarian egomaniac. His threat of 45% tariffs is fucking frightening. Being better than Shrillary is no great feet and not a reason to vote for anyone.

  2. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @Scott, yeah that shit is pretty funny, considering Trump is going to have to abuse the shit out of executive orders to accomplish a fraction of his campaign promises.

  3. Dave says:

    @ Scott Bell – shut up you open border cuck. More Compound Media/Infowars crossovers please.

  4. OogaBooga says:

    TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! The bill of rights hasn’t protected white males from being the only group you can legally discriminate against, so fuck off–end apartheid!!!!!

  5. Magnus says:

    Hey Gavin! Theres a Syrian immigrant in Denmark who gets child support for his 20 kids that he has with 3 wives. >My kid who has cerebral palsy has to wait 4 months for a new wheel chair.. WTF!

  6. Trojan Magnum says:

    ^ Solution! Move to Denmark or convert to Islam, vote democrat, and eventually Denmark’s socialism will take over here, and your imaginary cripple will be rolling–Mr. T-Mobile.

  7. Sarah says:

    Dear Ooga, what did I tell you. Pause…breath…deeply…smile…between your coming aneurysm.
    Instead of Trump!Trump!Trump!Trump!
    Try Trump…Trump…Trump…Trump…smile.
    You see! It’s easy and already you feel better.
    Best wishes, Sarah.

  8. Jeezus says:

    Watch how all that rhetoric designed to stir up low-information right wingers all but disappear. I can’t believe you guys don’t see it: he’s not your badass saviour, he’s just salesman/conman. Trump’s now taking campaign contributions like the rest – in other words he’s been bought like the rest. And the border wall was apparently just a “suggestion.” He’s telling you want you want to hear.

  9. Jeezus says:

    Make American Great Again is as stupid and vague as Hope and Change.

  10. OogaBooga says:

    Trump’s victory showed that political correctness/media bias is a paper tiger, and that alone is the biggest political victory in memory, and signifies change. Will he be full of shit on some things? I’m guessing he will not be the first president in history to not be full of shit on some things. So? Trump is still an Eagle Scout compared to the Wall Street/Neocon whore of all whores, Hillary, and as the GOP nominee, Trump is obligated to raise funds for the party. He SHOULD be telling us what we want to hear. When he’s president, and announces that he will NOT introduce dramatic tightening of our border, then you can talk shit. In the meantime, you’re just another lame prognosticator, like all those who assured the world he had NO chance of winning. The fact that Sarah likes to stick her tongue up your ass doesn’t make you right.

  11. Jeezus says:

    Trump’s an Eagle Scout compared to Hilary? That is insane. He’s being sued for fraud and he’s named in over 150 federal lawsuits. The U.S. Department of Justice sued Trump for an antitrust violation. Hilary absolutely sucks and would be a terrible president but that doesn’t make Donald any less of a conman. And his actual politics are more inline with Hilary’s than yours. If you sincerely take him at his word (which ever version of his policies you choose to latch onto) you’re being willfully naive. Be prepared to be massively disappointed by this obvious fraud, OogaBooga.

    One thing I do like about him is how he uses that phoney, no-content rhetoric we normally see in political debates and turns up to 11 – it’s the vaguest, most noncommittal, pro wrestler pantomime bullshit I’ve ever seen. It’s all dumb nicknames, posturing, salesman crap – classic persuasion techniques and it totally works!

    But you’re right let’s see how this plays out – I’m curious to see if the public will still buys his stuff as he shifts into this next phase.

  12. Jizzus says:

    Jeezus, the low info white male was politically the equivalent of the low I.Q. Negro, as both have kept voting for their respective partys with no return on the votes. At least the White Man woke up, first with the tea party movement, and now with the total rebellion against the Repub establishment. Trump is, as Cumia said in the vid, a symptom who even if he fails, at least was the battering ram who’s been used to expose the traitorous establishment.
    Trumps already kissed up to Adelson and he’s counting potential votes and may soon be kissing beaner, groid, and feminist ass. We all saw his recent suck up to Megan Kelly. This guy was, (is?) pure Wall Street, so we know what we got.
    Fuck you Scott, you phoney prop. Libertarians are traitorous globalists who care nothing about their fellow citizens. Your kind are Darwinian anarchist capitalists with no loyalty, love, or principles other than mindless total freedom. Give me tariffs, borders, and patriotism.
    I hope Trump proves me wrong.

  13. Boogie Woogie says:

    It’s a pleasure to watch a dying White race circle their wagon like that black family in “Blazing Saddles.”
    How many versions of conservatives is the count up to now? 17 and counting…
    The best part is you’re your own worst enemy. You all created the very ideology (The Marx brothers) that’s turned your children into self hating cucks. Glory hallelujah! You built a ready made civilizational nest for our children to inherit, thank you, thank you very much!
    Would you all do us a favor, Angry Old White Man.
    Hurry up and die. Don’t worry about your kids. Miscegenation will take care of them. Once you go black (Brown, Yellow) you never go back.
    PS…shout out to the Yids! Thanks!

  14. OogaBooga says:

    “Kissing up” is a bit of a slant–Adelson pledged to back him with up to 100 mil, and Trump was happy about it. He’s still Trump, doubling down on the hilarious ‘Pocahontas’ line, and so on.

  15. Stinky says:

    You’ve got your head so far up Trumps ASS you actually are ignoring 100 million shekels from your new bud Sheldon? Looks like you could give Sarah some lessons in the shitty arts–Jew lover!

  16. Jeezus says:

    It’s just dumb branding, OogaBooga. Trump IS the establishment: He’s a politically connected millionaire. He’s using confirmation bias when he calls Hilary a crook and Warren a phoney – people hear some news that labels them as such and he confirms it by repeating a dumb name. And Trump is most likely an actual crook and a fraud (see multiple federal lawsuits) so it’s also to deflect any accusations. You’re not a rebel or an outsider when the Clintons go to your wedding. He’s not exposing anything, he’s selling a load of shit to scared people who don’t know any better. Political correctness sucks and Hilary is dishonest and lame. Trump isn’t going to save you from that.

  17. Jeezus says:

    And as Trump said regarding political donations: “When you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.”

  18. OogaBooga says:

    It’s dumb branding? He won the nomination and is leading Hillary in many polls. You keep resorting to fallacious argumentation to distract from your very weak position, and though it’s tiresome do so, I’ll keep pointing it out. I never said Trump was going to save me. I have said that I prefer him to Hillary in a BIG way, and I think he could beat her. Political correctness won’t disappear because of him, but he’s giving it a good beating, and anti-PC momentum is growing, in part because of the Trump phenomenon. If Trump has been phony at times in his life, it doesn’t diminish the pleasure that comes from hearing him mock Warren as Pocahontas one. little. bit. I love it, because it’s yet another example of him kicking sacred PC cows and not only getting away with it–but benefitting from it. The fact that the Clintons attended his wedding doesn’t make him a career Washington politician–obviously he’s not. He’s much less of an “establishment” politician than Bernie Sanders.

    As for you, Stinky, Trump has been saying disappointing things re: Israel for a long time now. Zionists/Neocons aren’t a monolith, and as long as Kristol and Shapiro and that whackjob caucus keep throwing hilarious tantrums over Trump, I will continue to love it and take it as an excellent sign.

  19. Dan of the Mole People says:

    Trump is the 2016 version of “Hope and Change” except he bitches about the spics. Have fun electing a moderate Democrat into office under a Republican ticket.

  20. OogaBooga says:

    Who would be better, Moleman? We’ll see what happens. In the present, I am REALLY enjoying seeing the cops drag off furious, sobbing Progressives in chains!

    Woo hooo!

  21. Angry Old Fart says:

    I won’t be happy till I see them drag off body bags!
    ^Ghetto, screw that out dated document. It was fine for awhile but is easily abused in today’s world. The Jew god lovers like sobbing Beck can worship the constitution all they want, but in the end it’s a piece of paper, not some holy writ from the clouds. This fetish the religious Right has for it is a crippling joke. The Left has deconstructed it and the Right has made it a fetish.
    In the end it’s about flesh and blood. Race. Your kind. If you don’t believe that then you’re soon to be extinct. Everyone else is racial, ethnic, tribal, and sectarian. I don’t know if your a nigger or a wigger, but if your white you better wake up and come to the Alt-Right. If your a nigger then you are most likely laughing your ass off at all the self hating White pussys.

  22. Angry Old Fart says:

    And if Trumps got the balls I hope he goes through a shit load of executive pens and declares Marshall law when the other side goes ape shit.
    If need be I hope to see a military emergency where he shuts the government down and really cleans house. Sign me up for some paramilitary duty!
    We need a TOTAL RESET.
    Ps..let me say before any faggot mouths off about keyboard warriors, that some of us, including me, would be willing to do what it takes. I’ve killed before and would gladly do it for something I really believe in, not ZOG.

  23. Jeezus says:

    I know his tactics work. Calling people names and promising to implement extreme and extremely vague policies works on low information voters. I know you like it when he calls people names, that’s why he does it. His tactics are dumb but unfortunately they work on dumb people. Trump is using your hatred of political correctness (and fear of brown people, maybe) to get elected – if you think white males are a marginalized group, you will vote from him. And now that he’s been bought he will be beholden to the same kind of people as Hilary is. Trump is exactly like every other politician except that his authoritarian demagoguery and his fragile ego are a couple of red flags. I’m still surprised you’re defending this garbage. It’s like you’re supporting him because he’s the most entertaining character on your favourite show.

    How is Bernie – an independent politician for the majority of his career and one not financed by super pacs – more part of the establishment than Trump?

  24. Dan of the Mole People says:

    All I know is Melania and Hillary will scissor-fuck by the end of the year.

    @Ooga I do like seeing lefties shit their pants, but it only goes so far for me. Unless it’s Chris Hayes, he looks like he pees squatting over a urinal.

  25. OogaBooga says:

    Yes, I love it when he calls out supposedly untouchable assholes and gets away with it. It’s WONDERFUL when he calls Warren Pocahontas. Yes, I think Progressive political correctness is destroying our culture, and I hate the fact that straight white males are the only group you can legally discriminate against in this country, and anyone who disagrees with me on this is a disgusting piece of shit.. Yes, I fear the browning of America–it’s absurd to think that Americans are morally obligated to just let their country turn into Greater Mexico. The more you talk, the more you reveal what a social justice warrior you really are. Thus, I understand why Trump makes you cry, and I fucking love it. I think he’s serous about immigration, and there was a lot of good in his foreign policy speech. If he turns out to be a disappointing president, then I’ll have to live with the fact that he prevented Hillary from leading America. I’m pretty sure it will be extremely easy to live with that.

    Here’s your fucking outsider:

  26. Jeezus says:

    No one is crying over Trump, you dummy, we’re just gobsmacked that you’re buying into his obviously fake pro-wrestling schtick. Donald is manipulating you through stupid fears. You’re eating the same kind of shit sandwich as the democrats, it’s just different branding.

  27. OogaBooga says:

    You’re gobsmacked, you fucking limey twat? Mind your own business and get back to buggering schoolboys by day and crying yourself to sleep over Trump at night.


    And that wife of his–fit as a butcher’s dog, amiright?

  28. Michaelshock says:

    Impressive how quick Jones’ team gets the appropriate clips up?

    Gobsmacked Jeezus? I agree witH Ooga. You’re a Burke. (I just called him a Cunt)

  29. OogaBooga says:

    “Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol sent out a provocative tweet Sunday, suggesting that another presidential candidate — an independent — would be entering the race for the White House over the holiday weekend. Kristol said no more Sunday evening, beyond the tweet, which referred to the yet-to-be-named candidate as “an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance.” Donald Trump unleashed a series of tweets in response, insulting Kristol, and both badgering the GOP and calling on the party to unite against this unnamed new opponent.”

  30. The REAL Ooga Booga says:

    All this po-litical talk, we gotta come together!
    I try to make a difference in the world. I am about Positivity.
    I seen a young brutha
    coming down the street
    I said “man, how do you do?”
    And he looked at me, he smiled and said
    “Ooga Booga booga booga booga boo”
    I said “Ooga Booga booga booga booga boo???
    What are you, some monkey from the zoo???”
    He said, I just do what I wanna do,
    Ooga Booga booga booga booga boo”
    Now, doncha just feel real, damn good?

  31. OogaBooga says:

    Not bad.

  32. cassandra says:

    A clown, a career criminal and a senile old socialist who thinks he’s in 1905 Russia…some choice!

  33. SpaceKook12 says:

    The troll patrol is back and his name is Pittsley. Oy vey! Street Carnage is safe again for protected intercourse so spread the word—free speech is back!!!

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