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• 04.18.09 04:21 pm

Gawker cannot get over Kari Ferrell. She gets about three of four posts a day and they’re so head over heels they even asked me to give my two cents

Gawker cannot get over Kari Ferrell. She gets about three of four posts a day and they’re so head over heels they even asked me to give my two cents like I’m some kind of hipster expert that can see into this bitch’s brain. As far as the actual case goes, I don’t have much to say other than the classic Matt Sweeney quote, “It’s New York. You got hustled” but as far as Grifters go, I got an idea, what if you didn’t let on you knew their whole deal?

I said this…


I realize hindsight is 20/20 but how awesome would it be if you knew a chick was a hipster grifter but didn’t let on and dated her anyways? She’d fake cry during intercourse and tell you she wants to have your babies and you’d be all, “I know Kari. I’ve never loved anyone this much.” How intensely dark and fucking weird would that be!?
You’d have to constantly avoid situations where you give her cash and you’d have to sleep with your credit cards up your ass but, as we’ve learned from seducing strippers, the more dough you put out the more you’re seen as a dolt. She’d actually appreciate the challenge. Oh what a heavy thrill it would be watching her out of the corner of your eye, trying to predict her next hustle. Anyone with a junkie roommate knows how challenging this can be. You’d have to keep your laptop at work and all your CDs would need to go into storage but cheating a cheater must make you feel like God. I bet your hands would shake at the end of every encounter.
If you don’t find this kind of idea exciting, you are precisely the sort of pussy hipster grifters prey on – and you deserve it.

Mini Sex Cops (featuring the Hipster Grifter) from JoshuaHeller on Vimeo.
(about 60% of the way in she asks an ugly guy if he’ll go spelunking in her cavernous vagina. She seems pretty low on enthusiasm for a hustler)

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  1. omg soooo randum says:

    I still dont see how this is news… bitches like this are everywhere.. how does this warrant articles like “I lived with the hipster grifter!!”? some scuzz bucket lied to you and took your money?? thats just a standard night at any commercial drive party..

  2. (?) says:

    Can someone please find this slut’s myspace page if its still up?

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    Gavin you are the griftiest grifter of them all, I wouldnt be surprised if your life is just a massive, elaborate con.

  4. idk says:

    it’s great how much she doesn’t suck. she was able to get away with everything, so she did. good for her.

  5. Jay says:

    Typical that Vice hired her ‘on the spot’ just on the basis she was asian and had sailor tattoos. I like asians, but shes not that hot. She still get a good griftin’ though.

  6. Griffin says:

    “The only meat in my mouth comes on a six foot stick”

    She is atleast kinda funny…

  7. Beefy McManstick says:

    Straight edge (SLC at that) should be the very first tip off to RUN!

  8. jim goad's uncle says:

    the dress/grey sweater combo (1st pic after the text) with the tattoo looks really shit. this is bugging me.

    also, yeah, i like asian girls more than most and she’s really nothing spesh, but i am kind of attracted to her because of the pathological liar angle.

  9. ewbacca says:

    she got caught shoplifting? what a stupid, stupid, bitch. plus there is no way she’s 107 lbs. Im 5’3 and 115 and i look way skinnier than that chunky chink.

  10. Taeil says:

    As if Korean girls didn’t have a bad rap already…

  11. I want to cum in her pussy and suck on those fat Asian titties.

  12. Anonymous says:

    excellent post.

  13. Anonymous says:

    also: why is cheating sex the hottest sex of all? how is anybody supposed to live on sex with one person alone for more than a year or so? cheating, i think, is not wrong at all. it’s necessary. and awesome. and when i;ve come clean the person i’m dating, it just ruins sex w/both and all the sex is suddenly a drag. i love cheating.

    can somebody write a post about that?

  14. Anonymous says:

    that Gawker video made me want to avoid Williamsburg for the rest of my life and i’m shaving this filthy beard off my face the minute i sober up.

  15. lolz says:

    dudez complaining about the rise of fame of miss grifter:
    its because she has warrants out for her arrest in ANOTHER STATE, utah, for chrissakes.
    also i have yet to meet one dude who does not have total SARSbonerz for asian chicks in this godforsaken neighborhood (11211 o’course).
    and the whole part that she’s like, crazy. the cancer thing pisses me off.
    but yeah come onnnn. DUH
    you boners

  16. kat says:

    i dunno man, i’d never heard of this bitch and it doesn’t sound like news to me.
    but now that i’ve investigated, i like her. she’s got massive fucking balls in the figurative sense, and she’s cute enough to pull it off.

    if you were a good enough liar to get a sweet job, tons of cash and fuck hot dudes….
    if your conscience could handle it i defy you to find somebody who would turn that life down.

  17. church burning says:

    Awesome. SLC scamming rich kids who think they are street smart. This is totally awes.
    Good post, Gavin.

  18. corey lahey says:

    AND SHE GOT AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE: shes a hot chick who felt like it… you guys better hope the rest of these attractive bitches dont all secretly decide to rob us.

  19. dogbert says:

    she can give me a handjob with her mouth any day! (I don’t have any money for her to steal in the first place)

  20. Charlie says:

    Can anyone explain what Vice’s problem is with hiring a criminal?
    I swear it was criminals who started it out (no offence Gavin) – it’s supposed to be edgy.

    I get the whole con thing – they might be worried that she would con them out of money – but all she did was get some free DVDs and into some gigs – I thought thats the way things went at Vice. less punk, more spunk.

  21. elias says:

    her mugshot makes her look like a 6 (which she is)

    if she didnt have the chest tattoo, shed just be your standard chubby asian

  22. I'm sorry says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m just havin’ the best time right now eating this sandwich. It’s chicken and stuffing, mayo and a big slice of cheese all wedged beneth two slices of this wicked poppyseed bread. It is just straight-up hitting all kinds of buttons.

  23. Sally Jessy says:

    ^@ church burning

    I wouldn’t consider your run of the mill hipster doofus from Williamsburg “street smart”. The majority (as in all) of them ain’t even from the NY. They’re coddled transplants who are probably the opposite of said term…. meaning… they marks!

    That being said… anyone who would listen to that fat ugly bitch spew inane bullshit about her cavernous vag and not give her a two handed slap deserves to be had.

  24. sweat mouth says:

    she looks like shit. most asians are automatic 8s.

    please don’t ever post sha na na again. nightmares.

  25. 23456780987654 says:

    okay, so i know this chick. she’s caucasian. with the pixie cut and a septum piercing. and she talks in the same sure ‘love me’ wannabe cool and carefree tone that this chick does in that video when talking about her ‘cavernous vagina’ like she’s some kind of montreal indie band’s debut cbc hit and…holy fuck, do i ever want to call her on her bullshit all the time. she even has that FUCKING OATMEAL HAT. OH GOD DO I HATE EVERYONE ON THE PLANET FUCK. FUCK ALL OF YOU. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK. AAAAAHHHHHH…EVERYONE WITH HERPES GET ORGANIZED, JERK OFF, AND FUCKING CUM ON ALL PEOPLE LIKE THIS. I DON’T CARE IF SHE’S SORRY. I WANT ALL PEOPLE WHO ARE LIKE THIS TO BE SORE-Y…WITH FUCKING PUSS AND HAVE TO WIPE IT UP WITH THEIR BULBOUS FUCKING HATS AND CUT THIS SHIT OFF MOTHERFUCKER FUCK TITs.

  26. Vane$$a says:

    When are white women going to realize that Asian women rule the world and start getting slant-eye surgery and ass reductions?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Asian women strongly appeal to closeted gay men and straight guys who suck in bed and have a penchant for the pedo.

  28. Vane$$a says:

    I kind of agree with that comment^^^.

  29. bj says:

    “its new york, you got hustled” = best summary of the whole stupid situation.

    im betting she banged some guy one of those passive aggressive little trust fund fashion nerd girls over at that other site was in love with.

    yeah we hired you, you’re cool, you’re asian, you’ve got tattoos, you’ll make us look more edgy and urban and ethnic and cool – pretty fuckin sweet burn if you ask me.

  30. bj says:

    “Asian women strongly appeal to closeted gay men and straight guys who suck in bed and have a penchant for the pedo.”

    Why would an asian woman appeal to a “closeted gay” man? You know, since “closeted gay” would imply that he’s gay…You’d think he’d be more interested in the dick.

  31. Anonymous says:

    closeted gay men find it easier to be with them because it’s a win-win situation for both. most asian women won’t demand that the man be good in bed or even want sex all that much, as they are conditioned to be more passive than typical european/american white women. in return, the man won’t demand much beyond her passive agreement to stay in the relationship with him under conditions of either extemely lousy or almost non-existent sexual activity. it is a status setup. the asian woman gets to be seen with a white man and the gay man gets to be seen with a woman (“see, i’m not gay” “see, i have a white man!”) also, they prefer them because asian women do not look too dissimilar to men (esp. the beloved twink type) in terms of physique.

    i’m speaking in generalities but for the most part it’s true.

  32. Johann Ritter says:

    I’m a white man and I’ve fucked about 36 asian chicks. Word to the haters, ASIAN CHICKS ARE BETTER IN BED. White chicks have hairy assholes, moustaches, and bad hygiene. I’ll stick my tongue in an asian chick’s asshole without hesitation. Not so much for the white chicks. The thing that swore me off white chicks was when one gave me gonorrhea in my mouth. I lost 20 lbs because I couldn’t eat anything but yogurt for two weeks and the skin on my tongue and gums was falling off. Another white chick tried to pass off herpes as ‘razor’ burn. Sorry bitches, you guys are dirty.

  33. Johann Ritter says:

    FYI…chubby asian chicks are the best. They do way more stuff.

  34. wolf launcher says:

    also, anonymous, you sound like you are speaking from experience…so which are you? a “conditioned to be passive” gook or a pedophile?

  35. Mike says:

    If you think Asian chicks are the best lays in general, then you can’t fuck. End of story, dude.

  36. Anonymous says:


    by “better in bed” he means they don’t open their mouths and have honest dialogue about the low-quality sex. different strokes for different folks. if it gets you off to fuck the type that say “sooo goood, oh so gooood” to you and then bitch about how lousy you are to their friends (and believe me, asian women are as vicious in their critiques afterwards as they are inauthentically enthusiastic while in bed), more power to you. plenty of men fall into the category of wanting an easy lay and swallowing an obvious lie to protect their fragile egos. try not to judge all white women on the basis of the quality you were able to procure for a romp. my guess is that quality white chicks are well out of your league. it’s natural for your experiences w/the nastier, less discriminating ones to be colored by both bitterness and anger.

    “FYI…chubby asian chicks are the best. They do way more stuff.”

    FYI…chubby chicks of any ethnic group do way more stuff. they have to in order to get laid. that’s how it goes for them, not fair but true.

    “you sound like you are speaking from experience…so which are you? a “conditioned to be passive” gook or a pedophile?”

    neither. just a woman who has seen a lot and heard even more.

  37. lolz says:

    “just a woman who has seen a lot and heard even more”

    “just a man with a mind for victory and arm like a fucking cannon”

    go get some dick.

  38. lol@u says:

    First of all, I love this chick. I mean I’ve known a ton of people who’ve run scams on more or less to this extent, and you know, a herb is a herb will get herbed…

    Oh and this guy “White chicks have hairy assholes, moustaches, and bad hygiene. ”
    HAHAHAHA dude what the fuck??? Where the fucking hell are you finding these beasts at? In any case, you revealed yourself to be a complete loser. deal with that.

  39. weekend getaway says:

    oh my god, I can’t go anywhere on the internet without seeing this bitch’s face and some rant about how Vice will hire any cute azn that walks through their doors. They’re just as guilty as everyone else for wanting to own an azn too.

  40. srsly says:

    azns r gods workers, it is only natural to enslave them.




  42. ewbacca says:

    in unrelated news, i heardz drew is on the dole. please don’t let this equal more posts from her.
    ( unless they stop sucking)

  43. miss appalachian says:


  44. miss appalachian says:

    i will not pay 10.50. i will, however, pay 11 dollars for that.

    only cus it’s a collector’s item.

  45. T-Bone says:

    In world history, has it ever occurred to New York that the rest of the world doesn’t find New York nearly so interesting as New York does?

  46. Johann Ritter says:

    @ Anonymous

    Jealousy is a stinky perfume my dear. I don’t care if you think I’m bad in bed or not. I don’t even care if the girls I’ve slept with think I’m bad in bed. Hot girls keep sleeping with me and they’ve been doing it consistently for 15 years…I don’t think it’s magically going to stop anytime soon. FYI…according to your logic, all of asia doesn’t know ‘how to fuck’ or is ‘gay.’ Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds?

    P.S. I’m sorry your pussy is all blown out and you have to let dudes fuck you in the ass to make them cum.

  47. Flaming Closet Case says:

    “Jealousy is a stinky perfume my dear.”

    Dude, stop bogarting the closet.

  48. BANANA PEEEL says:

    no homo.

    Yo but this girl aint even that slick. She just didn’t show up to mad court dates and swindled the easiest swindles on the planet. (wisconsin kids in williamsburg)

    I dont blame vaise for slaying the bitch though, fuck “being punk” if you losing $.

  49. fuck everybody says:

    @ I’m Sorry

    i want to hear more about that sandwich

  50. the Observer piece reads like it was written for 8th grade creative writing class. I posted to that affect on their page but it got deleted by the man. What a fucking retard who wrote that shit. Read a book read a book read a mother fucking book.

  51. pubert says:

    yall racist

  52. […] the Hipster Grifter news ever needed, All in one place!!!! (via streetcarnage) And it’s a wrapup from Hipster […]

  53. Goofus says:

    Stuffing IN the sandwich? Amazing. I’m thinking of a turkey sandwich, not cold cuts but real turkey, with stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, bacon, and maybe cheese, or would cheese be too much?

  54. fuck everybody says:

    ^^ now you’re talking. cheese may be a bit much. But some coagulated cold gravy would be just right.

  55. . says:

    You sound so lame when you talk about New York.

  56. Johann Ritter says:

    @ Flaming Closet Case

    I’ve never even seen The Closet, and after googling it, I can safely say that I heard ‘stinky perfume’ way before The Closet even had a script. I’m sorry to hear you actually watched that.

  57. sweat mouth says:

    (wisconsin kids in williamsburg) ? wtf is this? that’s me you fucking nigger. go learn english before you post here again.

  58. Anonymous says:


  59. LOL says:

    Anonymous HAS ME CONVINCED haha

    Anyways , i love how Gavin basically has nothing racist …erm i mean Cutting Edge to say about azns, cause hes the same nerdy small weinered bearded white guy with an azn fetish in question and would have totally be Pussy whipped/bamboozled by this same low caliber azn broad.

    Why doesnt he refer to azns as gooks or chinks, the way he calls pakis pakis? maybe his gook wife and half gook baby wouldnt appove. It wont seem so cutting edge to his gook in-laws perhaps.

    anyways, carry-on.

  60. yeah and says:

    you guys are retarded

  61. @ Anonymous

    That was actually kind of funny, but a good sense of humor doesn’t excuse yellow pussy envy.

  62. Bennycassim says:


    Gavin’s wife ain’t no azn. You’re an idiot.

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