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Christi Bradnox
• 07.01.08 02:15 pm

We are officially DYING to know what this Dmitri guy looks like.

We are officially DYING to know what this Dmitri guy looks like.

(Hat Tip: Mark)

  1. :o) says:

    416 brapppp!

  2. Sharky Favorite says:

    I heard a douchier one earlier today.

  3. This guy is hilarious; listen to his interview on his website:

    First you’ll hate his guts, but then you’ll love him.


    He asked my mom if he could “hit on her friend” (me) then kissed my hand and stuff. I don’t know what possessed me to let him have my cell number, but I did. He later called me and then when I didn’t call him 6 minutes after I said I would, I recieved a 3-text diatribe about how rude I was, how I blew it with the best thing that ever happened to me, and to go back to my tastless hick men up north! I had a laugh about it.

    Thank GOD nothing ever happened with that guy.

    Anyways, if you want to know what he looks like, he’s not that great looking. The cartoon is similar in stature, but his mouth is TINY, he has kind of squinty eyes, like sharp-edges, and his hair is really curly and kind of hangs like an outgrown mushroom cut.

  5. Also says:

    I don’t know what happened when I posted, but it listed me as Dimitri the Love right after the first D the L.

    I’ll add that I called him after reading those texts, pretending like I didn’t read them yet, and he continued his rant and tirade. So, I blurted “Sorry for wanting to hang out with my mo who has cancer!” and hung up. I feel kinda used since he uses it as part of his psychotic breakdown speech.

  6. clovis quimby says:

    ‘frisco is a giant over-flowing douche bag. it’s a town filled with cocksucker white faggots. and i’m not talking about homosexuals. i’m talking about the nu-money twats and their housewhore wives pushing their stupid little kids around golden gate park in designer baby buggies. s.f. is beyond ruined.

  7. fee says:

    thank you clovis quimby, whoever you are. i don’t even care if you’re right about SF in particular .. i just got a spleen fix off of that

  8. oh, c'mon says:

    helloooo viral marketing

  9. crikey says:

    that guy seems to have a way wit da wimmins!

  10. wat says:

    yall got trolled

  11. Sick Mike says:

    man. olga missed out.

  12. Sick Mike says:

    there is a radio interview with him,

  13. Sick Michelle says:

    This Dimitri The Lover announcement is even funnier:

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