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• 10.04.17 08:06 pm

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If there’s one thing people love to do after a mass shooting, it’s using the massacre for political purposes. It has to be one of the most disgusting things a human can do, using the loss of lives for their own gain.

The proper thing to do after a horrible disaster, like the Las Vegas shooting, is mourn and pay your respects. That seems like a difficult task for some pieces of shit, who want stricter gun laws or tighter immigration policies, but there’s one group of people who are always able to sniff out pain and suffering and act accordingly. Just go on Instagram and you’ll see these sexy saints doing the lord’s work.

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Say what you will about Donald Trump or the Red Cross. Whenever disaster strikes, there are hundreds if not thousands of women doing exactly what’s needed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mass shooting or hurricane, these babes are always quick to post hot photos of themselves with their condolences. They may even throw a couple of hashtags on there, too. Not to promote themselves or their businesses, of course. They only do it to ensure the proper people, who have been traumatized by the tragic event, have been reached with a calming message.

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Rather than hopping on the bandwagon and spewing hate, along with everyone else, these accounts have realized people are actually suffering from these disasters. They don’t want to polarize people even more by adding to some ridiculous debate that will never change anything. They’ve decided to actually do something by getting people’s minds off of it. Whether that’s by staring at their tits and ass or going for a stretch at the yoga studio, they understand what people want and when the perfect time to post pictures of it is. It’s not just getting people’s minds off the horrific event, these accounts are reversing time for those who are really struggling.

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Whenever disaster strikes, people are always talking about the way things USED to be. These accounts help those individuals by sharing pictures from years past. Or, just days earlier.

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It’s just so refreshing, because almost every narcissistic asshole on Instagram would have a hard time doing this. I don’t know why. Maybe because they couldn’t come up with a good enough caption, thought it didn’t make any fucking sense, or were afraid of how many likes it would get. How disgusting is that? One thing is for certain, these accounts aren’t afraid it.

That’s what makes them truly remarkable. They aren’t seeking any attention, at all. The only thing they care about is making the people affected by the disaster feel better.

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I never even would have known about these modern-day miracle workers if it weren’t for another account trying to give them and their work some credit. Unfortunately, some of them got upset over the attention and tried to get the guy shut down.

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It really is a shame because the only thing they’re trying to do is help people and we could all learn a thing or two from it.


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