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John Pittsley
• 12.11.17 05:57 pm

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  1. Me says:

    Love the old school Boombox. You should start a account like Ethan Ralph of The Ralph Retort. They have several methods of monetization, and are much more open to Free Speech. Nothing you say will outrank TRR in terms of offence. There are a lot of people who will follow you over there, and breathe more life into a viable YT competator. And there are a lot of people who never saw your content behind a paywall, but will support you via numerous other methods.

    You certainly have the counter-culture star power to make waves whatever you do.

    But please, no paywalls. They’re ghey & actually counter-productive. Paywalls haven’t done any favors for, “The Rebel”, or “CRTV”, and they aren’t going to save, “Blaze TV”.

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