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Street Carnage
• 09.30.13 10:00 am

Nineteen-year-old Andrew Anderson is not the adorable skateboarding urban teen in a Cookie Monster outfit pictured above.

For starters, he’s white. Secondly, he’s not nearly as photogenic.

But he apparently fancies himself as some sort of modern-day Robin Hood character, as he was recently arrested for giving discounts totaling an estimated $4,000 to poor customers at a Florida Goodwill store.

That’s right—discounts at Goodwill, the place where poor people are already supposed to be content paying next to nothing for used clothing.

“I wasn’t actually stealing,” Anderson told a local TV station. “Goodwill is a giving and helping company, so I took it upon to myself to be giving and helping because I feel people deserve it.”

Although Anderson never took a cut of the savings for himself, we feel that he was stealing and should be severely punished as a result. If the poor, the homeless, the mentally disabled, and the downright lazy can’t be expected to show the basic decency of paying rock-bottom Goodwill prices, this is a severe impediment to them becoming self-sufficient entrepreneurs and thus a vibrant segment of our taxpaying base.

So shame on you, Andrew Anderson. May you spend a lifetime basking in shame. What you’ve done to the basic dignity of the impoverished is far more insulting and disabling than that ugly Abercrombie & Fitch dude who said he didn’t want poor people wearing his clothes. What he did was called “tough love”; what you did is simply called “enabling.”


  1. Raymi says:

    Goodwill never paid for that shit to begin with anyway so wtf.

  2. Value Shopper says:

    Eh. How much did they reasonably expect to sell that Cookie Monster outfit for?

  3. Skate Dad says:

    And I’m sure they don’t ever have to pay rent, utilities, or put anything toward the cost of doing business either. Classic liberal style shortsighted logic.

  4. Matt says:

    This is dumb. Goodwill uses their sales to help the unemployed become employable. It isn’t just a place for the poor to buy inexpensive goods. This leftwing cuntface just took money from the “disadvantaged.” Der….

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