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• 08.27.16 07:44 pm

We know she’s mentally ill but is she really suffering from Parkinson’s? Yes she is. She’s also pissing into a catheter that’s strapped to her leg. 


  1. JR Wirth says:

    Huma is responsible for changing out the catheter….using her tongue.

  2. Max Hardcore's Golden Shower says:

    Can you just picture that rancid Cunt winning the election and then croaking on the words “I do solemnly swear to…..gulp gurgle shake rattle” and roll right off the stage as the piss bag bursts. To bad it’s not a colostomy bag.

  3. Lifetime of alcoholism says:

    If you know any women who have been power-mad and stressed out their whole life, cursing like sailors (Catholic all-girls school), humiliated by their skeevy husband, it takes a toll, this is how decrepit you’d expect such a woman to be at near-70. In between the rage binges and money-grubbing she hasn’t lived what one would call a clean life. She is comprehensively Female Nixon. Unfortunately to point out any of this does no good because it humanizes her

  4. The Chronicles of Bubba says:

    This will be fun watching her melt before our eyes as the wicked witch of the west wing. The White House will become a haunted house if she gives up the broomstick inside it. Between the fumigation and hazmat attempts to eliminate the impossible stench of the current occupants, and her dropping dead inside and that evil piss bag releasing its Pandora contents, they might as well bulldoze the place down and build a new rainbow house for the future Presidential freaks of this fucked up country.

  5. Omega-3 Man says:

    How sick?
    So sick that millions of sick minds identify with her sickness and are willing to inflict her/their madness on the World by electing her most powerful Bitch in a mad mad mad World of lunatics that believe a Pompous arrogant hypocritical pious humble looking man in woman’s cloth is the only way to a 3-headed mumbo jumbo god who is subservient to a dead Jewish lying whore who said the 3-headed god fucked here in her sleep and implanted one of his (2nd)god-heads(son) by means of the (3rd)god-head(holy ghost) into her, the Kosher Mother of god, Oy Vey! and it’s enough to give one a god damned headache and then there’s another 1 billion + kissing inbred cousins who believe in a don’t you dare depict paedophile who told them a pagan pet rock was to be bowed down to 5 times a day with their asses pointing straight up at Allah in a pose of total submission and then there’s another close to 1 billion who starve to death watching their uncles and aunts walk by in the form of sacred cows and bathe in the holy turds and half burned carcasses of their deceased relatives and their funeral pyre wives as they float by in the World’s largest open sewer, the sacred Ganges river, while monkey gods in the flesh run along the banks flinging poo and freshwater bull sharks thin the herd of the bathing Hindu’s.
    And those are the half-assed sane ones. It’s the real loonies who believe life is a linguistic social construct with infinite variable transmutable forms of self identifications that can be actualized without a moments notice as if transmigration of reincarnated souls can leap frog to buddhahood nirvana without wasting your time like Siddhartha. Trans-gender: THE true path to enlightenment. Actually the surest sign that the planet needs a reset on the order of Noahs Flood.
    That’s how sick.

  6. Surin says:

    But it’s cool for Donny Dumbshit to eat KFC and taco bowls.

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