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• 03.08.13 12:30 pm

How to make a movie: Write it in 3 days. Shoot it in 12 and have the editor work on that day’s footage on the night shift so the whole thing is done from soup to nuts in 15 days. That way it’s in time for the Sundance deadline. 

After they say, “Are you insane?” spend the rest of the year submitting it to other festivals that are run by women looking for a heart-warming tale of a blind Cherokee lesbian in a wheelchair who learns how to dance using her heart and her cat. Then give up and put it up on Netflix in 2014. This is also a guide to dying with your boots on.



  1. Sniffy says:

    Set up a viewing in SF. Looks good.

  2. duh says:

    Wow this looks better than I would have expected.

  3. PARANOID DELUSION 101 says:

    Bring it to Pittsburgh. It looks like a really good movie and I still need that type of advice. Thank you.

  4. leeham says:

    looks good

  5. Jae Strongbow says:

    That shirt looked good.

  6. Curmudgeon says:

    Damn son. You done made ye’self a trailer.

  7. angelo says:

    your acting has really improved

  8. itchypeach says:

    so amazing cant wait to see an NY showing.

  9. Nice. If it makes $2 million that’s more than Tucker Max’s movie did. This movie actually looks watchable and funny, so it looks like you’re in good shape to do well.

  10. Nice job. It’s pretty incredible the way you throw these things together. Takes real balls whether or not you sent it to Sundance. I hope I’ll get to see it at some point.

  11. Frenchy says:

    Where the hell are the Nazis when you need someone to conquer France in 3 days again?

  12. paul says:

    its crazy how when you know everything and shit on everything else, you end up being the very thing you shit on, yet you don’t even know it. what’s even crazier is that if i was asked to explain that last sentence, i’d have a brain hemorrhage.

    if nobody gets this, then its a joke too right, gavin? frick off back to canada. they got it all right up there anyway, eh? “how to be a man” ha! strap on your red wings and front like you ever done a hard days work with your hands. hoser…it’s not like you spent entire summers in the northern part of Canada planting trees in a work camp or that there was an entire chapter about that in your book.

    that being said, looks watchable. by the way, i’m a fag.

  13. Cyrus says:

    looks halarious, i hope i get to see it someday…

    …i’ll probably have to wait for it on netflix though…

  14. tit says:

    looks like you’ve got a slightly more vulgar standard-issue Judd Apatow flick on your hands. congrats.

  15. waitwhat says:

    Looks good, I will definitely watch this.

  16. Pappy O'Daniels says:

    I liked it. You should act more.

  17. "Don't cry for me, I'm already dead" says:

    Try this film festival:

  18. bolo says:

    it’s basically a white guy version of Mi Vida Loca.

  19. MEH! says:

    So.. When can I see this Gem? Not seeing anything on where to buy etc.

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