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Street Carnage
• 11.25.17 12:58 pm


Gavin has to be the best person for explaining how to be funny. He’s been funny as shit for a bazillion years and pissing off countless retards along the way. So, he’s sort of an expert on what jokes make people laugh and which ones piss them off. He lays it all out for you unfunny folk in this week’s podcast.

  1. Emily's Cock says:

    You’re a fucking mess. You had paying gigs from which you were fired. Now you think you can make money with a subscription service for which NO ONE will pay? And this website is completely embarrassing.

  2. Proud Boy says:

    Donald Trump Jr.

  3. Emily's Cock says:

    Eric Trump

  4. Proud Boy says:

    Grab Emily By The Pussy

  5. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    You can’t really teach funny. This is especially true when it comes to SJW’s and nuns. Teaching people to be funny is like teaching dudes to pick up chicks or teaching somebody how to be a leader. Certain people can improve but the naturals will always have a big advantage.

  6. asdfsdsdfsdfsdff says:

    Oh that’s too easy, you *know* Gavin is totally with Trump on the “Pocahontas” thing, duh. That doesn’t phase him at all. Gavin’s already been doing the whole “Indians don’t mind being called ‘Indians’, most Indians don’t have a problem with the Washington Redskins team name, it’s just white liberals ‘virtue signalling’ who are the only ones offended. blah blah blah”.

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