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• 09.23.10 01:02 pm

Here’s an episode of The Naturist where I catch a fish with nothing but what the Lord gave me.

Here’s an episode of The Naturist where I catch a fish with nothing but what the Lord gave me.


  1. Frankly Mr. Stankly says:

    Can you do this if you’re circumcised?

  2. Anonymous says:

    loved it.

  3. Your Dad says:

    Been there done that.

  4. mr drummond bass says:

    you saw that t-shirt with the fish blowing the fisherman didn’t you?

  5. cable Guy says:

    loved it

  6. luke says:

    Haha. Enjoyed it.

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  9. Mole says:

    Ha! That dude caught a fish with his boner!

  10. Taeil says:

    “Try to get those water spiders out of the way. They can crawl up your urethra.”

  11. Stagger Lee says:

    Oh. Hey. That was. Ah…um…funny? Well, anyway, I think I can maybe tell it was supposed to have been ‘funny’. Or maybe it was supposed to have been ‘humorous’. I imagine the silly-bearded fellow was thinking there would be some sort of ‘comedic value’? Is that why this was done?

  12. Dieter says:

    Instead of calling this “The Naturist” you should call it “Extremely Unfunny Backyard Adventures featuring Gavin McInness.”

  13. pj smokey says:

    “That’s a huge worm, guys…. in worm world….”

  14. luke says:

    Sometimes I wonder why a lot of the commenters here even come to this site.

  15. dude says:

    I use mine to deep sea fish.

  16. dude says:

    That was funny BTW. The whole series was good.

  17. fuck brooklyn says:

    hilarious…best one yet

  18. guy says:

    Knowing full well that Gavin likes to display his skinny,red,Canadian penis I clicked on this anyway like the closeted homosexual I am and was grateful he didn’t. That takes class.

  19. shit-the-bed frederick says:

    was that real?

  20. dragler says:

    luke- to lay down some serious negativity why else?

  21. Iconic Felon says:

    Do y’all take this site so seriously as to not recognize the usual double-reverse ironic praise disguised as anti-non-negativity? Or is it the other way around? You earnest champions, youse. Is youse fwustwated jouwnowists defending faggoty Canadian ghost worms, er wot?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Since watching Stand Bye Me and that whole scene in their, couldnt do dis mang,

  23. Anonymous says:

    I mean there, cant spell feel all weezy..

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