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• 11.26.13 11:04 am


Guys, guys, guys, stop being so scared of babies. They may seem intimidating but they all have one weakness: wind. 



  1. Sniffy says:

    Lol! Holy shit that was funny!

  2. waynecountyDouchebag says:

    It’s about time someone showed a baby who is boss.

  3. just a cunt hair away says:


  4. todd says:

    and onto the dailymail in 2 hours.

  5. puggles says:

    fat baby has fuzzy head

  6. Ghetto Defendant says:

    Man, you’re slipping. Forgetting your own techniques. That’s not how you fight a baby! You showed that in your video proving there’s no such thing as a right hook. You use the rope-a-pregger technique, and box the hell out of it, while it’s in the womb, like in your other video!

  7. pantagruel says:

    stone cold stunner

  8. raymi says:


  9. AC says:

    A viral baby video by McInnes no less! Awesome. Only thing that would make this cooler would be if the NY Times editorialized (ghostwritten by a feminist boomer non-parent board member, natch) against you, Gavin, for being an abusive parent. Part of you is hoping for that-admit it.

  10. F*ck off everybody says:

    Great clip! I played with my kids that way all the time. The went through a nasty divorce and had a custody evaluator say I was to physical with my boys (5 & 7 at the time). Good thing he didn’t see that much or I would have never been able to have my kids. YOur child is loving it so tell everybody that thinks it crosses some sort of line to F*ck Off!

  11. Ecgtheow says:

    Baby Kundun held his own.

  12. Jesus Frijoles says:

    You had him in the most trouble with the tickling. He held his own otherwise. When all else fails a baby will crap itself. It’s their finishing move.

  13. j. says:

    women belong in the home. do you think it chaps your childless detractors asses when they see footage of you with an obviously happy and content baby? Shouldn’t a misogynist male ego driven militaristic conservative fag hating workaholic who pushes a hidden Freudian subconscious oedipal agenda have a fucking unhappy child?


  14. Bad Stud says:

    Part II. Toddlers and Your Groin. Why never to crouch unprotected while receiving a running child’s hug.

  15. Conrice says:

    Awesome video Gavin!

  16. archie says:

    that was awesome and hilarious. and, not to give you a backhanded compliment, but is basically the first actually funny “video” i’ve ever seen from you. keep it up!

  17. aesk47 says:

    Go see HuffPo’s piece on the clip… Just made my day.

  18. sbl says:

    I still can’t add up how cute and endearing you are in this video when compared with a dude who extensively researched the trayvon martin case to give the public detailed information on Trayvon Martin’s alleged criminal past and alleged drug addiction.

    I understand that a someone who is legally a child though physically comparable (to some extent) to a man does not warrant the same amount of affection that one would shower a baby with but it is still perplexing to me to square up these two sides of you.

    So now that the public record shows that Zimmerman seems to be an abusive and violent scumbag (ostensibly), was all your effort to detail the dark side of Trayvon Martin worth it?

    I understand that it was just a response to what you perceived as the one-sided portrayal that the case received in the media, but it still just seems over the top to me in hindsight.

    You have a beautiful family and your videos with your kids are hilarious and cute.

    Have a good day.

  19. Alec Leamas says:

    I find that the elementary principle of baby fighting is to understand the disproportionate weight they carry in their noggins, and how it affects their center of gravity (which is high) and agility (which is low). If you can entice the baby to spring at you in one direction, it usually draws the baby’s head out over his toes and with it all of that weight, causing the baby to tip over frontways. A quick sidestep and your baby assailant is flat on his face and easy to immobilize.

  20. Anonymous says:

    your baby is pure sweetness (and yeah, kind of a badass). :)

  21. Bruce says:

    SBL you might have some passive aggressive tendencies, you think? Trayvon was a sizzurp drinking hoodlum, not that that was reason enough for him to die, but he was not the angel that people tried to make him out to be. Security man Zimmerman and Trayvon’s meet up that night was not Zimmermans fault alone, and when shit got crazy Z-man stood his ground, and that was resolved in court but not your mind obviously. End of story, no matter how much trouble Z-man gets into for the rest of his life, does not make Trayvon innocent…

  22. Bruce says:

    Gavin, that wild haired baby almost had you at one point. Funny stuff.

  23. Anonymous says:

    this baby is seriously one of the cutest little guys i’ve ever seen. he could totally do commercials.

  24. sbl says:

    @Bruce, from what evidence I have seen as presented on this site (none of which was proven in a court of law, and much much of which appears to be hearsay) it appears trayvon was no angel. If I accept that, I still do not have an opinion on whether “Trayvon was innocent.” Innocent of what? He was not accused of a crime.

    ” Trayvon was a sizzurp drinking hoodlum”–that is your opinion is it not? If you have irrefutable evidence of that, then that is one thing….however, I was just stating my bewilderment over the contrast of the cute family guy Gavin (who I honestly find endearing) and Gavin the grown man who tweets his opinion about a murdered child’s alleged drug abuse history.

    I literally showed this video to my mother over the holidays as it was cute and funny.

  25. sp says:

    cool father/baby son bonding, bigfat baby (well-nourished & hearty)fights rock. keep up the good work and enjoy this special time together.

  26. yolo says:


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