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I’ve broken down the 3 types of indie film posters to make it easier when the Kickstarter funds come in and you have to hire a design team to make a your poster. 




These posters all have the same layout and visual style, which cater mainly to single women and hopeless romantic gay males. The design identifies 1 or 2 main protagonists with whiter-than-white life dilemmas and problems. BLOCK LETTERING, illustrated background, faux screen print style, and photo of the main character all blend in perfect art school harmony to help identify this indie genre. Most of the kids working on this film are either fresh out of improv school (which adds to the campiness of the acting) or have been in countless romantic comedies so they have a fan base. It’s very important the awards it got are featured to lure people into their web of bullshit, no matter how innocuous the festival is.


These are typically made by an up and coming director writer with a few years of film school under his belt. They are usually done grass roots style but most of the time a studio will quietly contribute to the funding. So, to keep their “artistic” integrity and not make some “Hollywood bullshit” they call upon an illustrator friend (like me) to write the title and a little catch phrase in a sloppy single line style make it look cool and lazy.


These are the ones I despise the most, mainly because I hate wes Anderson films and pretentious NYU film school graduates who copy his style. Aside from pseudo intellectual dialogue and overly ambitious cinematography, comes the poster artwork made normally by a friend of the director who wears a scarf and lives in Park Slope. The illustration and design for these films reflect what the director would call “an organic piece of stimulating cinema with a muted visual palette.” The art has to be mature yet childlike and resemble a framed piece of art in a dorm that would go next to the Shepard Fairey HOPE print. It shows you like art more than making money which is what indie films are all about.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Also, make sure the illustrator who does your drawing is a bit worse than Mike Judge and the letterer is a bit worse than that Totally Stoked chick.

  2. lil' homie says:

    “This was a great article”
    -Bill Murray’s friend

  3. mr.meat says:

    But ‘Cousin Skip’ was soooo good, how dare you!
    When he fell down that elevator shaft and sang that song about going to heaven…I get choked up even now thinking about it. Why did Skip have to die when he cared so much? The poster art perfectly captures his child-like view of life and nonjudgemental heart.
    You are cruel.

  4. a lot of DVD/BLURAY covers in your examples and NOT movie posters. nice try faggot.

  5. seandigger says:


  6. zbow says:

    10-1 this clown “loved” wes anderson films 2 years ago.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gummo IS fucking awesome. So I guess you don’t know what you’re talking about now do you?

  8. Frenchy says:

    Wes Anderson is way too mainstream. Harmony Korine is much better, underground, avant-garde. Can you even imagine if Trash Humpers was directed by Wes Anderson. What a joke. Ha.

  9. This was brilliant. This is all I have to say in response:

  10. angelo says:

    they sure do love freehand fonts

  11. yeah says:

    life aquatic is a pretty solid movie

  12. lester says:

    This is why I mainly watch porno.

  13. raymes says:

    “Gummo IS fucking awesome. So I guess you don’t know what you’re talking about now do you?”

    He didn’t say whether he liked it or not and that’s irrelevant because he DOES know what he’s talking about, retard.

  14. Anonymous says:

    @raymes I liked you better when you were fat and had a narcissistic blog that you were constantly pimping.

  15. dolphin sex says:

    I’m still hoping she’ll kill herself someday.
    Now her response goes something like: Well YOU’RE the one looking at MY blog and talking about me so I win.
    Ok, well we’ve seen your gross tits and sincerely hate you and your mindset.
    Please stop making your presence known and crawl away quietly.

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  17. lester says:

    anon/ dolphin – aren’t you guys a little too much? She’s just a hustler like everyone else in this donkey ass world.

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