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As an entrepreneur, I’ve done very well for myself but as anyone who makes money will tell you, it’s one big win for every dozen or so failures. I made tons of money in real estate but lost tons of money to the restaurant business. I made great money in media but also lost money in media. I had a successful career writing TV pilots but, at the same time, I consider my TV career a complete failure. This episode documents my 15-years in TV making great money failing.

  1. Jay says:

    Great episode, Gavin! Actually trying to do exactly what you did here in Los Angeles. Having trouble though, any chance you could give me some further insight? Also, if you’re interested in animated sketches on your show (which I watch every day), let me know!!

  2. Nick says:

    Keep this shit up

  3. botbot says:

    “As an entrepreneur, I’ve done very well for myself” given the frequency which with this is crowed I will assume he hasn’t really made anything since the vice bucks. Rich guys don’t talk like that. Do like Felix Dennis and post screenshots of the redacted 1040s.

  4. Emily's Stupid Husband says:

    Obama captured and killed bin Laden and Trump got clowned by the failed NYC bomber. If you’re going to give Trump credit for the economy that is clearly growing because of Obama’s policies as opposed to the fact that Trump has passed NO ecomomic legislation, you have to accept this. This fucking clown is surely ushering in a new wave of lib-tardism like no other. Can you please grow up, stop your need to be “ironic” and move on? Or maybe you’re just a careerist by being a contrarian?

  5. Emily's Stupid Husband says:

    Remember the scene in Colors with the whole “run down and fuck one of those cows” vs. “walk down and fuck them all”? And how you were a shit-clown if you couldn’t understand that? Trump. Gavin, you are clearly either trying to usher in a new age of liberalism or you’re a complete shit-clown.

  6. botbot says:

    The economy sucks, same as it did under Obama. There are fewer full time, middle class jobs now than in 2000. Trump is an idiot for hyping up the economy. The stock markets are soaring because central banks are pumping out $400 billion every month. It has nothing to do with economic performance.

  7. Emily's Stupid Husband says:

    @botbot- I’m currently making a shit-ton of money and my 401k is out of control. Sorry about your situation.

  8. Emily's Stupid Husband says:

    Gavin doesn’t have an answer because he’s busy being ironic while depleting his Vice money as his wife worries about their future . I’m busy getting FUCKING RICH……

  9. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    @Emily’s Stupid Husband

    “…you’re just a careerist by being a contrarian?”

    You might be onto something here.

  10. botbot says:

    @Emily’s Stupid Husband

    is jewish.

  11. baby nasty says:

    have you ever noticed with america, anytime something controversial rears its disgusting american head. they don’t want to talk about it. i’ve never seen(not once) in social media a pro-smoking indoors article in the last fifteen to sixteen years. ever written which begs the question, what type of education are these journalists getting, tow the line or get fired.SPIN!!!!!!!!!!!!now is when you lie to cover the facts. don’t fuck;ing tal k aobut it. This is ridiucolous, the television news media, NOthing zilch absoulutely nothing. I saw something on a boston affiliated local network, that a restaruranut was thinking about giveing a shot i waited three years. until this post right now . and no follow up, i don’t live in boston, so here’s a shout out to boston people let me know is there anyplace in Boston i can enjoy a nice Newport in the comfort of a cozy establishment, or am i going to get sanctimounious coughs from aobrtions walking down the street and dirty looks . just wondering because i am planning a vacation. Or was that all bullshit just to smoke and mirrors to cover the fact you are a bunch of control freaks who won’t let us enjoy our lives

  12. The truth is says:

    Gavin you are a tedious bore.

  13. Rich guys don’t talk like that. Do like Felix Dennis and post screenshots of the redacted 1040s.

  14. Barack Hussein Obama says:


  15. Virgamet says:

    Many people are successful, but there are also many people who lose all their property on a wrong investment ..

  16. Just let me know how we can accomplish this task. Let me go find hope for this life

  17. Eric R Stanley says:

    Gavin I hope you go back to compound, that feels like your best home. Wherever you go, we will follow. Uhuru!

  18. Jill says:

    My husband and I loved watching GOML. You are such a great mixture of talent. We will be looking for you.

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