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TV Carnage
• 10.02.08 12:22 pm

Look at this guy. He collects Coca-Cola memorabilia and is in court over his precious collection of rusting shit. Actually, I guess it is important because it is such a rare and endangered species. You never see coca-cola ads anywhere so it makes sense to turn your home into a pathetic, tacky house of warship for that fucking corporate logo. At least his wife is sane and dedicates her time and energy to porcelain coca-cola dolls. Jesus, these people make squandering a fortune on drugs look sane. Coca Cola memorabilia? You are a stupid 8 year old girl. These are the kind of turds are always the first to complain about “not making ends meet”.

  1. Gayboners says:


  2. YO DERRICK says:


  3. Gary Bang says:


  4. come on says:

    the outro music makes it!!!!!

  5. . says:

    Outro music stays.

  6. Chachi and Det. Foster says:

    She told him to reply with a yes or a no the first time, the second time he doesn’t. What a schnook.

  7. Kumptain Glatterfarts says:

    warships, i like the name of warships. warships.

  8. sarahhaha says:

    Dear “YO DERRICK”
    I assume people have realized you are shiity with the ideas, and subsequently you’re not allowed to make decisions in life, which is exactly how it should be u moron.

  9. sarahhaha says:

    music is rad. it makes everything shitty idiot sound like a force… in a tv carnage way.

  10. chublove says:

    why is she so mean? and why do people like that about her? i hate america. you are a truly soulless and callow people. some of you are cool, but, by and large, yeah – death to the great satan.

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