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John Pittsley
• 04.27.16 02:06 pm


We can all agree there’s nothing intrinsically racist about blackface, right? It’s just something people feel they need to be offended by and accuse others of being racist for doing. This shit can get annoying as fuck but all someone has to do is act like they have a few screws loose to avoid the mess.

It may sound satisfying to engage the person accusing you of being a racist, sarcastically act ignorant, and have them make an ass of themselves while trying to explain why blackface is racist to you. That’s only going to get them even more upset though and further solidify you as a racist asshole in their eyes. It’s great if you don’t give a shit and are fine with people thinking you’re a racist, but that isn’t going to help change anything. Instead of acting like a fucking badass, why not act like a retard or crazy person and maybe make a difference?

Playing the retard/mentally ill card is basically a get out of jail free card, but it shouldn’t be considered a cop out here. People aren’t too big on beating up on the mentally handicapped these days and by acting like one, you’re giving yourself a chance to avoid criticism. More importantly, you’re giving the easily offended a chance to work things out for themselves.

While people aren’t too big on retard bashing, they’re even more opposed to having civil debates. No matter what the topic or how calmly you may be speaking, it always tends to end in a screaming match. Especially when it’s about race. This may have something to do with an inability to handle conflict or maybe it’s just sheer stubbornness. Either way, talking things out doesn’t seem to help no matter how much reason or logic is involved. What does seem to work is when people figure shit out for themselves, or are given the impression they’ve figured it out on their own. That’s what acting like a loony tune and avoiding the initial confrontation does. It forces them to explain what exactly is wrong with blackface to themselves, possibly find holes in that line of reasoning, and potentially bring those questions to likeminded people.

It would be great if people could handle hashing things out without getting their panties in a bunch but it just doesn’t seem realistic anymore. Whenever I deal with retards, I just get the feeling the best way to change their minds is by acting retarded back. Even if it doesn’t work, you still get away with doing blackface and that’s all that really matters.



  1. Cannibal War Lords of Liberia says:

    Suuuuuure go to the hood in black face and and act like a tard and they’ll feel sorry for you.
    Hood rats have no empathy and love nothing more than sadism.
    The yoots see a black cat, they’ll pull out the lighter fluid and…..

    A old white grandma, and it’s knock out game time.
    Rob a poor convenience store clerk, kill em fuck it!
    Amos and Andy with Downs Syndrome will be tortured and beg for death as they are burned alive.
    You are delusional Pittsley.

  2. Curious George says:

    Black culture is blacks in black face. The Grandest Wizard of KKK couldn’t mock them better than they do themselves.
    Hip Hop and Rap and Twerking and Ebonics and all the ghetto fabulous sheeet is one big-top minstrel show.
    Eddie Murphy loved Amos & Andy and Buckwheat while growing up and had the balls to play the fool in mocking the real life caricatures that black face white actors played. But none of that can compare to the absolute idiocy of Negro behaviour today. The hood is idiocracy on roids.
    I love Uncle Ruckus of Boon Docks.

  3. Alec Leamas says:

    Blackface reveals a deeper, greater truth . . . which is that white guys acting out black stereotypes is hilarious.

  4. Surin says:

    I prefer whiteface.

  5. General Butt Naked says:

    Wiggers put on black face, so to speak, or as I’d prefer to say — shit skin.

  6. Foster Brooks in drunkface

  7. nacirema says:

    I just wanted to mention that blackface is intrinsically racist. White actors did it back in the old days because producers where too racist to hire black actors, you know, because of racism. That seems like the definition of intrinsically racist. But not so much anymore because it’s no longer necessary. Now it’s just funny because it’s so stupid.
    So is it “sexist” for men to dress up as women? Aren’t trannies doing “blackface” as women?

  8. Preachin' and-a Practicin' says:

    I’ve read John Pittsley’s stuff. Frankly, I think he should try this black face in public thing.


  9. HearMyTrannieA-Cumming says:

    The producers today are making up for the previous racism in spades by overrepresenting the Negro demographically. As good as some of those coon impersonators were back in the good ole days, there’s nothing like keeping it real in all its shucking and jiving stupidity. Free at last, free at last to be the very caricatures the racists
    did a saggy pants imitation of.
    Faggots who dress up as twisted sisters are mocking women and getting the double twist of the fag hags celebrating the joke that’s on them.
    Good point on the trannies black face.
    It’s only sexist if feminists say it is so or if someone’s in the forest and hears the tree fall.

  10. Alec Leamas says:

    “Black culture is blacks in black face.”

    Journalist author Stanley Crouch (who, coincidentally, looks like the model upon which the picaninny was based) made this point in a series of articles and, I think, a book. Soon after he was never heard from again.

  11. Mr. Negro says:

    All you bravehearts laughing your flat white asses off, come on down to the hood in your black drag face. We’d sure enjoy a little entertainment. Why we’ll pull up some 5-gallon buckets and score your performances like it was a bakkaball dunk contest. Be sure to bring your girlfriends as we’ll show them some hood hospitality while you perform monkey shines.
    If the above scenario ever played out, and it wouldn’t b/c you’re cowards, it would be a hoot and a holler. I really think it might work out where traveling troops of white baboons could make money off us cause we would laugh our Asses off. Some Jew out there is already contacting the Apollo theater.

  12. John Thomas says:

    “Curious George” hit the nail on the head as far as “blacks in black face.” It seems like everybody’s putting on airs these days. The same can be said for whites overdoing the whole “country boy” or “cowgirl” thing. Don’t get me wrong. I love the way blacks and rednecks act…when it’s genuine and not just a big show. It’s harder to enjoy people’s personalities when you don’t know if that’s really them.

  13. Mighty Joe Young says:

    “It’s harder to enjoy people’s personalities when you don’t know if that’s really them.”
    True but some of us see through the babel and recognize the usual suspect. I for one enjoy the multiple personalities which like a game of chess takes some skill in perceiving the perp. It’s like peeling off the layers of an onion, with tears of joy, when you once again see your adversary.

  14. John Thomas says:

    @Mr. Negro:
    But where would you get the money to pay for it? If you liked it, and then some white kids liked it because you liked it, then there might be some money to be made.

  15. Cheetah says:

    @John Thomas
    “…which is that white guys acting out black stereotypes is hilarious…when it’s genuine and not a big show.”

    But how would you know that they, the audience of Negro’s, weren’t thinking you were some racist who was just mocking and aping them by making Ooga Booga sounds. Your very life could depend on that perception. Well I for one know those sounds no matter what “black face” is uttering them. I know my coon in all his guises.

  16. John Thomas says:

    Is Dave Chappelle doing a white guy racist?

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