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• 12.31.15 02:35 pm

This article has nothing to do with the fact that women are taking over politics and it’s ruining our lives. This is about auto repair. 


  1. raymi says:

    hot advice babe

  2. frank says:

    Meh, it’s often enough some chick who shames the men into necessary action. Boudica, Joan of Arc, Jacqueline Woodhouse, etc. It’s really not rare.

    Women have a big, important role as cultural enforcers (in the hockey sense). They will beat on people who are out of line. But in our modern world the culture is just so fucked up they wind up enforcing totally insane nonsense. That’s men’s fault.

  3. Rod Gila says:

    What a high incidence of coincidence: The transmission to my van took a shit and died literally just before this video was posted.

  4. Magnificent Ruins says:

    Mankind needs a wholesale reset to the original factory settings. If you started all over again with a maternity ward managed by droids with specific instructions to not impart anything but food & shelter to the new Adams & Eves in a totally natural environment, we’d be rid of all the cultural-nurture bad code that our self-referential software has written. When the DNA hardware is being overruled by self-aware fluid transmission genders you have a major malfunction. When cows start mounting the bulls and we start deconstructing everything from language to the basic family unit we have the makings of a self-destructive species. A mental cancer. I think too many generations of photo copies of our genetic instructions has reached the point of so many compounded errors that we’re in the expiration period. RNA at one time was thought to possibly be leftover junk of a previous usage, and like the famous appendix is beginning to reveal its secrets. The idea of defective genetic material that once worked but has copy errors is of course par for the course in the human DNA genome project and medicine. We need help as we’re one fucked up species.

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