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The trouble with reporting on free speech is it’s not interesting if it’s about the right to have a gay pride parade or criticize George W Bush. Only about 7 people have a problem with those things. The only time there’s nuance is when it’s about something that makes people uncomfortable. Say, pedophiles or the “God Hates Fags” guy or worse, “racial realists.” 

James Kirchick over at The Daily Beast wanted to say that preventing “obscure racist” Richard Spencer from meeting like-minded people is wrong no matter how vile their beliefs. Only, even indicating that racists are included in the right to free speech is a career killer so Kirchick used the following 15 techniques for writing about this subject.

1- Put “Gets to play” in the title so it’s clear you think of the racist dude as a child. 

“American Racist Richard Spencer Gets to Play the Martyr in Hungary”

2- In the subhead call them “obscure” so it’s clear you think they’re irrelevant.

“By banning a conference of relatively obscure racists and jailing and deporting their leader, Budapest has managed to amplify their odious views, not discredit them.”

3- Make your hypothesis interrogative so you can say, “I was only asking a question” if you’re forced to apologize.

“Should a country welcome a gathering of American “racial realists,” European far-right activists, Russia’s top nationalist ideologue, and other self-proclaimed “Identitarians” in its capital?”
4- Add square brackets and “stuff” to really drive home how silly you think these guys are. 
“over the first weekend of October to “share ideas,” “make new [white] friends,” and do other fun white people stuff.”
5- Talk about how white their neighborhoods are like you’re from Harlem. “advocates ‘a White Ethno-State on the American continent.’ Whitefish, Montana, where NPI is based, is apparently not sufficient.”

6- Reiterate how much you hate these guys by calling them “rock bottom.”

“You know you’ve hit rock bottom as a professional white nationalist when the guy who made international headlines for standing up in parliament to demand a list of Jews who pose ‘national security risks’ tries to distance himself from you for being too racist.”

7- Bring back in that “obscure” from the title and throw in an “odious.”

“Budapest has turned a relatively obscure group of racists into global martyrs for free speech, and in so doing has amplified their odious views, not discredited them.”

8- Preface any “intellectual” with “pseudo.”

“not heroic liberal democrats exchanging dangerous thoughts on the latest Václav Havel play but a bunch of racist pseudo-intellectuals.”

9- Just to be safe, throw in a “stupid” too. 

and treated like a common criminal, though his alleged crime was harboring stupid and bigoted thoughts.

10- Repeat it. 

“It’s not a crime in Hungary to hold stupid and bigoted thoughts.”

11- Make the bad guys not know they are stealing from Jewish intellectuals. 

“…this gave the process a certain ‘Kafka-esque quality.),’ Spencer wrote me. Franz Kafka lived in Czechoslovakia and wrote in German, facts one would assume to be pertinent to a self-described ‘Identitarian.’ Kafka was also Jewish.”

12- In case everyone’s retarded, just blatantly repeat that you don’t actually like the guy.

“I disagree with Spencer on pretty much everything imaginable, but I concur on this.”

13- Then call him a creep. 

“I feel at seeing a white nationalist creep experience satisfaction by posing as a martyr to the cause of free speech.”

14- If you’ve already used “stupid” and “pseudo-intellectual” add “not particularly intelligent.”

“unencumbered in silencing, arresting, and deporting a trivial and not particularly intelligent man like Richard Spencer”

15- One last time, repeat that you don’t agree with him. 

“I may loathe what Richard Spencer has to say…”


  1. steverino says:

    Excellent post from the loathsome and stupid Gavin McInnes

  2. In ‘Peanuts,’ Sally Brown said you should learn to read so you can read ‘War and Peace’ because if you don’t read ‘War and Peace’ Leo Tolstoy will hate you.

    I imagine somewhere a Grade 1 teacher explaining to a class that if they don’t learn to write, they’ll never be able to write about how racist they aren’t, and everyone will hate them.

  3. Alec Leamas says:

    As best I can tell, Spencer is a horrible thoughtcriminal for noticing what is happening and expressing some measure of dislike about it.

    I think the Kirchicks of the world don’t fear Spencer speaking because his views are stupid and insane, but rather because they might resonate with a lot of people who see what he sees and gain momentum.

  4. Trigger says:

    Its writing techniques like this that make me not read Vice anymore.

  5. Faggot says:

    The lynch mob strikes again.

  6. The Easy Way Out says:

    I just say that I hate the Jews. That’s usually pretty safe ground. :)

  7. raymi says:

    Good to know!

  8. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    Good post. What does the fact that Kafka is Jewish have to do with anything?

  9. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    Or you could write some ideas of your own, instead of having to dredge up someone “obscure” and criticize theirs so that the brown people will like you.

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