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• 02.27.08 12:18 pm

hump day

This is what I think Wednesday looks like! No wonder they call it HUMP day… I wanna HUMP it!

  1. Derorrim. says:

    I think it is awesome, in the truest sense of the word, that this is somebody’s porn. It really makes Two Girls… look pretty *yawn*.

  2. Yaris says:

    My brother used to masturbate with our dad’s penthouses at best. Who knows what our dad did. Look at “pictures of lily” on his bedroom wall? She’s been dead since 1929 dad! I grew up with the internet and was masturbating to girls assholes before I knew they poo too. It’s been good for us. Most girls I knew lost it at 13 and were down for whatever. The internet led to more information and knowledge is power, right? My sex life as a whole has been about three times as good as my brother’s.

  3. stevienickelback says:

    DUDE! I HOPE the world is going to send you a THANK-YOU LETTER! JESUS!

  4. The Realest says:

    Does she have pupils in her eyes? I didn’t see any.

  5. The Sealtest says:

    The lack of pupils is what makes it porn.

  6. Andru says:

    Does it still count if it’s totally unedited?

  7. mr.wilson says:

    We tragically lost Andy Sedaris last year on March 9th. He was the last true visionary of the the wild west. He didn’t use sex to sell his movies, just tits, guns & perms. We lost his predecessor, Russ Meyer in 2004. The western world is looking to you Derrick Beckles to pick up the slack and let it out on our LCDs.

  8. The Cramps, anyone? says:

    Bikini girls with machine guns!

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