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• 07.22.16 10:24 pm


We will do anything to keep black women happy. If they’re poor, we’ll give them all the welfare they want and up it every time they have a kid. If they’re rich and powerful, we’ll give them the White House. 

Why are we so determined to keep them happy? I’m not sure. It’s either the bigotry of low expectations or the fact that they turn into the Hulk when they’re angry. Maybe it’s because I’m a Canadian but when I see y’all trying to hard to appease them for no reason, I can’t help but think, “What the fuck is your problem?” Nero is banned from Twitter because Leslie Jones might have been annoyed with a Tweet that he was mentioned in. Calm the fuck down, white people.

It’s not just liberals either. The right is consumed with separating themselves from anyone who might annoy Jones.

From right-wing Spiked, “This was straightforward, pond-scum racism.”

From right-wing, The Spectator, “vile racist abuse.”

From libertarian Reason, “a pack of ardent racists send vile and threatening messages.”

Chill the fuck out. Your’e talking about some Tweets a 13-year-old sent. Jones herself has been saying, “You call me a gorilla, I call yo mama a gorilla” for years.

My column on the subject is HERE

  1. frank says:

    I didn’t bother reading all this bitchy fag gossip but I get the impression that leslie jones is an OK person, and I even heard her performance in the stupid movie was the only one that wasn’t super annoying. Tweeting gorilla picks at her strikes me as extremely distasteful.

    You are barking up a shaky tree if you think it’s above the board to pile on her just for being black, which seems to be your argument here. Not saying people deserve bans or whatever. Just that sort of shit is tiresome.

  2. Old McDonald says:

    She’d been good slave breeding stock back in the good ole’ days. Mate her with your largest Mandingo and you’d have some Super Sized Slaves. Animal husbandry though mocked and rendered ridiculous when Jimmy the very drunk Greek made it a national joke was practiced, and why not, as for millennia that was the practice in livestock. This big sowpotamis would have produced with a farmer’s top stud the best cotton picking mofo’s in any properly run plantation. A little massa hun seed throughout the generations and you have your ultimate NFL linebacker Michael Obama.

  3. JR Wirth says:

    Christopher Hitchens once wrote an article on why women aren’t funny. Generally speaking, he was right. Also, with some exceptions, women generally aren’t musicians either.

    Sarah Silverman is a prime example. Not only is she not funny, she gives off a vibe of desperation “look at me, look at me, I’m being funny….I’m being funny right?….Please give me the validation I need.”

    Sensing this vibe, male comedians naturally pat her on the head and say “you’re the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.” If she was actually funny, or funnier than them, they would never do that, because the comedy world, like so many others, is fiercely competitive and jealousy ridden.

    Comedy, like music, is a mating game. A funny man proves to a woman that he has an agile brain and is worth mating with. Music, which is engineering in anther form, also proves that a man has an agile brain and worth mating with. These things are hard to do right, and when they are, women are generally programmed to be receptive to it. Men are programmed to be receptive to visual symmetry (beauty).

    If a woman is good at either writing comedy or writing music, you can rest assured that she has a rational, male like, mathematical brain. Dolly Parton, Carly Simon, Joan Rivers etc.

  4. Man-dong-o says:

    I bet her pussy is a bubbling cauldron.

  5. Gorilla pix are too much even for a bitch like me. Some alt right people are assholes. Duh.

    That said, what got in the water, where literally out of nowhere, ALL these (and other) right wing/libertarian sites wrote the same thing about this one (non) issue within what felt like minutes of each other? OK, the Specie IS my homepage but I seriously felt like I was being inundated.


    @gavin can i ask you something dude would you put a boner in the boners for me. God knows i haven’t seen a boner on tv movies facebook instagram wikipedia in close to ten years. Is that a problem for you ?thank you!!!

  7. dd says:


  8. meech says:

    “Judge Joe Brown”

  9. Do Not whatever you do Cross The Streams says:

    Twitter is for Fags.

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