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• 12.31.15 02:28 pm

My views on Bill Cosby are, “Why the fuck do I need to worry about some rapist from half a century ago?” 

If they knowingly took pills with him because they were partying and even went back for more, that was dumb but fucking a sleeping woman under any circumstances is rape. They didn’t press charges because that was the culture back then but now it is the culture so we are pressing charges? Is there any evidence? The general agreement is they’re telling the truth because, “Why would they lie?” but we live in a world where it’s cool to be a victim so there is an incentive to join the club. I don’t fucking know.

We have plenty of rapes to deal with right now. If you’re really ambitious we could delve into prison rape and even the rape culture propagated by Islam.

Why are we focussing so much attention on Cosby?

  1. Sahara Messica Packer says:

    1) Because he’s a black person the masses can publicly hate with no ripercussion;
    2) Payback for portraying a sorta-conservative black self-made-family-man;
    3) Payback for confirming that Affermative Action TV didn’t solve shit;

  2. frank says:

    You should do a chit-chat with Roger Stone on the Clinton rapes. I think he’s in New York and is always up for self promotion. You’re welcome.

  3. Sahara Messica Packer says:


    dammit cosby!

  4. Alec Leamas says:

    Cosby’s getting a raw deal. There are something like twelve days left under the applicable Statute of Limitations – the DA-Elect in Montgomery County ran against Bruce Castor, who was the DA at the time of the first report (something like a year after the incident) and declined to prosecute and won by making charging Cosby a campaign issue. That’s already greatly politicizing the process. Most of his shenanigans occurred before the sexual harassment and rape hysteria of the 1990s and 2000s (this Constand event appears to be one of his last hurrahs). Back in the 1970s they passed Quaaludes out at the Playboy Mansion and they were a ubiquitous party favor. Girls took them to get loose and relax to enjoy having sex with strangers. When a man asked a young woman to “come back to [his] hotel room for a nightcap” that was a fairly obvious and explicit invitation to an assignation – the idea that consent is some constant spoken negotiation is post hoc feminist nonsense imposed by the alleged victims on the events in question. There were euphemisms and doing certain things with a man was a clear indication of intent to engage in sex. You can see how after years have passed there could be a little creative editing of the events which turn “I was very relaxed under the influence of Quaaludes that I had willfully taken” into “I was passed out and incapacitated and only awoke at the very moment that Cosby was wiping his dick off.”

  5. frank says:

    I agree the whole legal case is bullshit but you guys are missing that a scene of dudes fucking drugged up chicks is bullshit and needs to be busted up by force. Apparently in one breath Gavin can acknowledge that women aren’t the same as men in the political sphere and call into question female suffrage and credit worthiness (ya know, banks didn’t used to throw tens of thousands of dollars at chicks), but then in the next breath it escapes his notice that in the sexual sphere maybe the tradition of different standards was also important. I guess I’m saying the feminists kind of have a point with the drunk/drugged sex consent stuff. Men need to be held to a higher standard.

  6. Hugh Hefner says:

    Hey let the good times roll and boy did they roll.
    They need to burn the Playboy Mansion down as pressure cleaning won’t remove all the DNA encrusted on its walls. It’s the perfect place to commit a crime other than a gay bathhouse.
    Beyond the feminist politicization of date rape, people need to be real with their sons and daughters. None of this shit happens if you choose the right friends and entertainment and environments. It’s not just pills as alcohol has been getting legs spread forever. Boring square people have some secret force field that protects them most of the time from the Cosby’s of the world.
    Oh and this is also beyond traditions and standards as it’s as fundamental as the birds and the bees. Men hunt, and women…….

  7. Bogs says:

    So are rock star groupies going to start on this now too..?

  8. Shirley says:

    Normally I’m against killing but this article slraehtgued my ignorance.

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  30. Keep On Trucking says:

    ^Just like immortal cancer cells some threads just don’t know when to die.

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    It’s a lot easier for the software to load the image and then save it back out in a single “default” format than it is to manage multiple formats from end to end. So this is why I guess most apps do just that.As far as Photos is concerned I think Apple is deliberately removing a choice that some users may have found confusing (“I don’t know! Just send it at the RIGHT size, dammit!”). However, I suspect the issue with image import into Mail is based on a false assumption (“we—Apple—only ever save JPEGs and PNGs to Camera Roll so if it’s not a JPEG we’ll assume it’s a PNG”).

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